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Gordon Edes Red Sox chat transcript

Thursday July 19, 2007
Chowdah__Guest_Why is Francona insisting on leading JD Drew off? It seems that whenever he starts to get hot he then has to be pulled from the game and missed the next few starts. I don't like him in the five spot either because Lowell is far more productive and better protection for Manny. Why not put him in the 8 spot where, he can drive in some runs and set the table for the top of the order?
Gordon_EdesI didn't think Terry is absolutely married to the idea, but for the time being, with JD drawing his walks and getting on base, the team is much better served with him leading off than in the 5-hole. JD told me after the game last night that his hammy is grabbing him some, which might mean he'll be sitting again soon. Lowell, BTW, has hit in the 6 hole most of the season. it has been Youks when it hasn't been Lowell.
Louis1ma__Guest_Gordon: Is it me, or is Dave Magadan a big part of the problem. He was let go by the weak hitting Padres. He made his "name" as a player by hitting singles and walks - not a good mix w/ current Sox players.
Gordon_EdesI'm not inclined to pin this one on Magadan, especially at a time when the guys who had been slumping, like Coco and Lugo, are coming around. If you want to blame Magadan for Drew, why not credit him for Pedroia, with whom he worked a great deal when Dustin was buried in a bad slump? Do we attribute Ortiz's drop in power numbers to Dave Magadan, when he has had leg problems all spring? Feel free to do so; I'm not going there. And it's not as if the Pads offense suddenly became a juggernaut after Magadan was let go.
mjmaine__Guest_Have you thought about running for president of red sox nation? Who would be your first pick?
Gordon_EdesMJ, I haven't....Idea strikes me as a bit silly, to tell you the truth, and the kind of thing that invites ridicule from parts of the country that see no need to identify itself as a Nation, and certainly that doesn't require a president of its fandom. But if I had to pick one, I'd say the logical choices are Remy or Peter Gammons, although it might be fun to discover some child savant who knows everything about the team.
damonmaniac18__Guest_Hey Gordon, what do you think is going to happen with Mike Lowell at the end of the season? I think that the Red Sox should try and keep him. They aren't going to find another player as well-rounded as him.
Gordon_EdesMy colleague Tony Mazz of the Herald had a nice column this week addressing that issue, and had some of Lowell's teammates endorsing the idea that Lowell should be back. I personally think it's a bit of a long shot, because Mike will be looking for a multiyear deal, the Sox may want to go younger, Youks is an option at third. But Terry Francona loves the guy, and I wouldn't rule it out. Much will depend on the market.
dapperdan__Guest_Hey Gordon. Thanks for chatting with us. Is Kevin Youkilis pressing too much because he is in the 5th spot? It seems that his statistics are considerably better when he was in the 2nd spot. Also, when Schilling comes back would it be more feasible to take Tavarez' spot instead of Gabbard's? I'd hate to see Gabbard be sent down right now.
Gordon_EdesBoth good questions. Youks' splits would certainly suggest you're onto something: .351 in the 2 hole, .240 in the 5 spot. Youks has scuffled this month, hitting .191, and I think some of his problems have been related to health. His quads have been an issue a couple of times this season. Youks is a maximum effort kind of guy on every at-bat, regardless of where he's hitting in the order, so it's hard to know if he's pressing, but I'm sure he feels the responsibility. Manny getting hot would help, I think. As for Schill taking Tavarez' spot, I would imagine that's a possibility, but as Tito cautioned, let's not send Kason to Cooperstown just yet
dfwelch__Guest_Would you trade Buchholz for Teixeira (assuming the Sox are able to negotiate a 4-year extension to his contract)?
Gordon_Edesdf, very tempting, I admit, but everything I hear about Buchholz argues against it. I wouldn't do it. You're looking at a potential rotation going ahead of Daisuke,Beckett, Buchholz, Lester, and possibly Masterson or Bowden or even Papelbon. that's a foundation of success for some time to come.
Lloyd_Braun__Guest_Gordo, I see a major move, a la 2004, in the next 2 weeks. My prediction is Texeira. Lowell goes for prospects, then those prospects, Crisp and Bowden go to Texas for Texeira and Lofton. What do you think? I also wouldn't be surprised if a big arm goes for Saltamacchia.
Gordon_EdesLloyd, that's pretty creative thinking on your part, and I say that in a complimentary way. It doesn't jibe with what I've been hearing from the Sox, but Theo did tell Tina Cervasio on NESN last night that the Sox are being aggressive. I keep hearing they're looking to tweak the bullpen and add a right-handed CXF type to the bench. If Schilling is healthy and pitching effectively, that will have a significant impact at the deadline, but I think we all learned in 2004 that Theo isn't afraid to be bold
Shoeshine__Guest_Gordo- My question for you today is if you know why Youk has changed his approach at the plate from last season. He used to draw a ton of walks get high pitch counts on pitchers, get on base and create havoc. This year however it seems he has changed his approach and now he swings at everything it seems like and rarely gets walks, his average dropping quickly is proof of this. Do you know why the change in approach?
Gordon_Edesshoeshine. Don't think so. He's still seeing 4.2 pitches a plate appearance, just slightly below his number last season, and takes the first pitch almost 91 percent of the time
crazyloyal__Guest_What's the mood in the clubhouse after last night's loss?
Gordon_EdesCrazyloyal, one thing I think Sox fans need to understand is that we are no longer privy to seeing a lot of stuff we used to. In the past, the players would be in the clubhouse after the game, where they would eat their postgame meal and talk to reporters. Now, they have off-limits lounges and all where they linger for quite a while. Some guys come out long after the game, some guys don't come out at all. Last night, I thought a number of guys made a point of making themselves available--Coco, Lowell, Ortiz, Jason, Dustin among others. I think the effort was made to remind people that this is a good team and they're hardly in panic mode, regardless of how well the Yanks are playing.
Crenshaw__Guest_Hi Gordon. I like how Manny is playing left field in Fenway. The TV guys are constantly commenting on how shallow he plays. He catches the ball. He throws runners out. What else would they want?
Gordon_EdesBY and large, Crenshaw, Manny plays left field pretty well, and certainly has learned how to play the Wall. But it became clear that Manny was playing TOO balls should not be falling on the warning track in LF. If you notice, Manny played normal depth last night, and caught two balls in the early innings that otherwise would have fallen in
soxin04__Guest_Why do the Sox seem content to leave Lester in the minors for the whole year ? Certainly he can't do any worse than Tavarez has done the last month.
Gordon_EdesSin4, I think they have really made the commitment to allow Lester a full year to recover from the trauma of chemotherapy. They look at his strikeout numbers, and realize that he has not been as dominating as he was in '04, and believe energy and stamina have a lot to do with that. I think they probably deserve to be commended for resisting the temptation to rush Lester back.
Dave__Guest_I read somewhere that J D Drew was a devout Christian but I don't see how that could possibly be true, considering how eager he was to steal seventy million dollars from the Red Sox.
Gordon_EdesDave, a little harsh, don't you think?
Dauber23__Guest_Gordon, thanks for taking my question! With 7 All Stars in 2002 and off to a great start, it looked like the Sox were headed to the post season. They never got there. Is the 2007 team reminding you of the 02 team? Is this team different? Or was that just an aberration the Sox had 93 wins and missed the playoffs?
Gordon_EdesIn the anxiety surrounding the recent play of the Sox and the surge of the Yanks, let's remind ourselves of what's good about the team: Terrific bullpen, dynamic starting pitching, especially if Schill comes back strong, Ortiz-Manny in the middle, a kid having an exceptional rookie season, veteran grinders like Lowell and Manny. This is a better team than '02, IMO.
Qui_Que__Guest_Mr. Edes it's a pleasure, with that being said, please tell us what it would take to get Ken Griffey or Jermaine Dye here?
Gordon_EdesQui-Que, the pleasure is mine, but sorry, don't think that's going to happen. Dye will be traded, but indications are that he'll be sent someplace where he'll play every day. Griffey can't play CF every day anymore, and Sox aren't going to give up the kind of prospects it will take to get him.
CajunSox__Guest_Hey Gordon - Who is the offensive "sparkplug" for this team? Dustin Pedroia is the only player I see who attempts to fill this role everyone else seems listless. They need a shakeup don't they?
Gordon_EdesCS, Listless? Do you really think Youkilis and Lowell and Ortiz and Manny look listless? That might come as news to them
TheGreenMiles__Guest_I hear the general consensus in Boston is that the sky is falling, but isn't it really great to be seven games up on the Yankees in late July with Schilling and Lester on the way back?
Gordon_EdesThat was the point Mike Lowell was trying to make last night. And as he reminds, and the Tigers and Cardinals proved last season, it's the teams with the hot hands entering October that usually play well in the postseason. Sox just have to make sure they get there.
nickdog__Guest_We dont' seem to hear much from Theo of late - how do you feel he's done to date this year.
Gordon_Edesi think he has scored big with Daisuke and Okajima, and with his faith in Pedroia. The sample size remains too small with Lugo and Drew, though JD is raising serious questions about how he was valued as a $70m player. I think the expectation was that he'd make a far greater impact than he has. We in Boston tend not to allow a guy time to make the adjustment to a new environment. Look at how well Edgar Renteria has played since leaving Boston. Was that because he left Boston, or would he have done as well with a year behind him? we'll never know.
soxin04__Guest_Have you ever seen a Sox team so incapable of coming back in the late innings ? Even when the Sox have been mediocre, they always seemed to have comebacks in them, especially at home. This year it seems if they aren't winning by the 5th inning, it's over.
Gordon_EdesI would agree, soxin4, that the dramatic comebacks have been for and far between, as we've been reminded a couple of times this homestand, when the Sox had Ortiz and Manny up at winning time and both went out against the Jays, and Ortiz singling with two out in the ninth an d Manny popping out to end last night's loss. They're definitely overdue for some drama. Maybe in combination with the White Sox bullpen, that'll happen this weekend.
wentz__Guest_So, the Sox are 3-7 in the last 10 while the yanks go 8-2, the lead is down to 7 games (6 in the loss column), and we just lost 2 of 3 to the lowly Royals. How worried should we be?
Gordon_EdesWentz, for a lot of Sox fans, it's already white-knuckle time. It's going to get closer before it's over, and remember, these teams still play each other head to head six times. But in the course of a long season, every team flattens out, often for a while. the Sox just need to go on a tear of their own again. They're not going to disappear from this race, I assure you.
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