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How the runs scored

RED SOX -- Drew grounded to first. Pedroia flied to right. Ortiz singled to left. Ramirez homered (12) to left. Youkilis doubled to left. Lowell struck out. TWO RUNS, THREE HITS, ONE LEFT.

BLUE JAYS -- Wells struck out. Johnson was hit by a pitch. Rios doubled to right, sending Johnson to third. On Tavarez's wild pitch, Johnson scored and Rios took third. Thomas walked. Glaus singled to right, scoring Rios and sending Thomas to second. Overbay singled to right, scoring Thomas and sending Glaus to third. Hill forced Overbay, third to second, scoring Glaus. Zaun doubled to left, sending Hill to third; Hill was out advancing, left to shortstop to catcher. FOUR RUNS, FOUR HITS, ONE LEFT.

RED SOX -- Drew doubled to left. Pedroia grounded to second, sending Drew to third. Ortiz lined to shortstop. Ramirez singled to left, scoring Drew. Youkilis safe on third baseman Glaus's error, sending Ramirez to second. Lowell tripled to center, scoring Ramirez and Youkilis. Varitek struck out. THREE RUNS, THREE HITS, ONE ERROR, ONE LEFT.

BLUE JAYS -- Zaun grounded to second. McDonald popped to catcher. Wells walked. Johnson doubled to right, scoring Wells. Rios doubled to left, scoring Johnson. Timlin replaced Snyder. Thomas flied to center. TWO RUNS, TWO HITS, ONE LEFT.