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Gordon Edes Red Sox chat transcript

Tuesday June 19, 2007
Gordon_EdesHey everyone...greetings from Atlanta, where the skies are ominous and the radar suggests we may be in for a soaking tonight
Get_Salty__Guest_With McCann, seems like the Braves can trade Saltalamacchia - Sox could really use someone like him, even now as a quality bat off the bench and an offensive option to give Varitek a blow. I think I heard that the Braves would move him - is there any interest you have heard on behalf of the Sox?
Gordon_EdesGreat speculation on your part, salty, but I suspect the braves may prefer to look at saltalamacchia at another position--he's been playing a little first--before moving him. but definitely bears watching
Stevorino__Guest_Gordo, what, in your opinion, should the Sox do about the Lugo problem? Would it be better to bench him and let Alex Cora start at shortstop? Cora is a better fielder, and surely he can't do any worse than Lugo at the plate.
Gordon_EdesStevorino, I understand the logic of your move, but that ignores the fact the Sox have made a four-year commitment to the man. They have to give him a chance to play his way out of this
HiltonHead_Sox_Fan__Guest_No catchers out of the system since Carlton Fisk, no impact outfielders in years, no middle infielders I know about the Ramirez trade.
Gordon_EdesHHSF, that's the byproduct of some bad drafts, losing draft picks by signing free agents, by not making player development a top priority despite paying lip service to doing so. I truly believe this is shifting. Pedroia represents a triumph of the scouting/player development system. Ellsbury will be here soon, a homegrown product with potential to make an impact. Kevin Youkilis, drafted by the previous regime. Young arms like Lester, Buchholz and Bowden on the way. guys with the potential of Lars Anderson and Jason Place, and there's a kid shortstop at Greenville that reminds some people of a young Edgar Renteria and Alex Gonzalez. The Sox are outspending everybody in the draft, and the results are coming
jamesinnashua__Guest_Barry Bonds probably used steroids, he's the biggest jerk in sports, blah, blah, blah. I get all that. But you know, it's been that way for five years now. And I know this was his first trip to Fenway, but were the asterisk signs really necessary? I guess the fans probably felt they had to do something, but does anyone really think Bonds saw those asterisk signs at Fenway and though, "gee, maybe those Fenway fans are right." I don' t know, it's just kind of unoriginal. Not really a question, I know, but just my two cents and I'm hoping you can comment on Bonds's weekend at Fenway as a whole.
Gordon_EdesJames, i'd rather see someone holding an asterisks banner in the stands than throwing a battery at Barry. Sox fans don't miss a chance to provide commentary on a visiting player--as we all saw with the "princess" masks worn when the Yanks came to town in the aftermath of the "Stray-Rod" business. I thought the weekend was pretty riveting theater. Say what you will about Barry, you can't ignore him, and while Sox fans didn't want to see Bonds beat their team, I think they wanted to see some evidence of his power. Two long fouls on his first at-bats Friday and Saturday, then going long Sunday, he didn't disappoint. And Dice-K and Oki winning their battles with him, they didn't disappoint, either
ChatmeMAMA__Guest_Please Please Please Please talk to the team and tell them to reconsider their nostalgic faith in Mike Timlin. I have tremendous respect for the "artist formerly known as Timlin" but a la Alan Embree, he just doesn't have it anymore. Time to cut loose the praise for efforts in 2004 and win today!
Gordon_EdesIt should be previous obvious by now, MAMA, that Mike has not been handed his old job back. And there are no sentimentalists in the Sox front office who are going to keep Mike around just so there be some kind of Mike Timlin Farewell Tour. Mike's spot on the staff is not guaranteed, by any means. If he can't get people out, decisions will be made. Tito actually thought Mike threw pretty well last night, except for the cutter he left out over the plate for Thorman. But the manager isn't kidding himself, here, and neither is the GM
Hub__Guest_Hey Gordo...thanks for stopping in. As of right now, if you were Theo, would you be inclined, or disinclined, to extend Schill for next season?
Gordon_EdesHub, probably not a fair question in the aftermath of last night's start. Schill's inconsistency this season was probably foreseen to one degree or another by the brass, which is why they elected to let this season play itself out. I think it's pretty obvious they won't deviate from that course now.
seamhead__Guest_Shouldn't amnesty be part of the whole war on steroids? I mean, let's face it, there's no way records are going to be removed from the books, it's virtually impossible to punish someone retroactively on this. Can MLB just say, look, we're all to blame here, what's done is done, let's move forward. We'll give amnesty in exchange for a reasonable amount of openness, so we can learn from the past and move on. Any thoughts?
Gordon_EdesSeamhead, you make an eloquent and persuasive argument--and in about 1,000 fewer words than i would have used to make the same point. The going forward now is far more important than what happened in the past. I believe there is some merit in casting some light on the past to see what lessons can be derived, but as you point out, the great abuses took place before baseball put its prohibitions in place, so after-the-fact discipline is pretty fruitless. the Giambi thing appears like it will come to a head on Thursday, the deadline for deciding to speak with the Mitchell investigation. If he does talk, it will be interesting to see what the ground rules are--what immunity is granted, etc.
JerseyRip__Guest_G - I'm unhappy with a number of players performance so far, but last night I SCREAMED at Lugo for looking at another called 3rd strike. It is apparent that I HATE this player so much that NOTHING he does in the field is gonna make me forget how pathetic a hitter he really is. HOW LONG A HONEYMOON do we need to give this guy, or is the honeymoon over? I long for ANY of the last three SS's that played there before him, in no particular order! Since it appears that this latest installment of "Who's playing Short" has not worked out, where do you think the braintrust looks as a replacement for next year (and God, please don't say A-Rod)?
Gordon_EdesJerseyRip, easy, bigfella, sounds like the blood pressure is still skyhigh hours after the game. Hey, there's no denying Lugo is a mess right now; he was a mess in L.A. at the end of last season, and wanted out just a few weeks into his stay with the Dodgers. but as i said before, the Sox have made a 4-year investment in this guy, and moving him might be a little tougher than unloading Edgar was.
Jeremy__Guest_Gordon- I've heard lots of talk about Jon Lester being nearly ready to join the big league club, but with Tavarez filling the role nicely, why rush him? If Tavarez continues to pitch well, and there are no injuries to our rotation, would they keep Lester in Pawtucket for most of this year?
Gordon_EdesJeremy, the Sox obviously have not rushed things with Lester, but I still think we'll see him sooner than later. As I think I've said on numerous occasions, even if they bring him up at the end of July, it will be the equivalent of Theo making a trading-deadline deal for a starting pitcher, and it's doubtful Theo would find one on the market with Lester's ceiling.
CTSoxFan_2__Guest_Mr. Edes, I am a huge fan. I love your work. Thank you for so many late nights. My question is in regard to the Sox and the media. I have heard in the past that Jim Rice (I am a big fan) is having trouble making the Hall of Fame due to his lack of communication with the media. With Coco and Manny limiting access, do you see problems in the future? I don't think Coco will every be mistaken for HOF Caliber, but could this hurt Manny's chances down the road? All I hear is that he is a shoe in, but I don't know. Thanks for the thoughts!
Gordon_EdesCSF, thanks for the good word. I hate to think that Rice's issues with the media are keeping him out of the Hall; I'd like to believe that those who vote against him believe that his period of excellence was not long enough to warrant induction. I disagree; I have voted consistently for Jim. Is it naive to believe that some people refuse to vote for him because they didn't like him? Maybe it is. But in Manny's case, his personality is so benign that I find it hard to believe there are writers who harbor personal animosity toward him. For myself, there have been things he has done that I sharply criticized, but there is no doubt in my mind that he is a first-ballot Hall of Famer. I just wonder what he's going to do for a speech in Cooperstown...but I hope I'll be there.
LAJamieC__Guest_your take on the Chris Young-Derrick Lee fiasco? I like a Royal rumble from time to time, Major League sports are getting wussified, well expect hockey but lets face the team in the Hub ain't special these days.
Gordon_EdesLAJ, I'm no fan of two of the game's best players throwing punches at the other guy's head. I can't imagine two less likely candidates to go toe to toe; Young is a cerebral Princeton guy and pretty easy-going by all accounts; Derrek Lee is one of the best-liked people in the game. It's a major relief for both the Cubs and Pads that neither guy got hurt in the rumble. Hey, such skirmishes are going to come up from time to time, but I'm with baseball trying to put the clamps down. When it's brawling you want, go to Ultimate Fighting.
CMac1973__Guest_Gordon, what's up with Coco's refusal to talk to the media? Don't tell me he's mad about you guys quoting the whole thing where he said he didn't care whether people liked him? Does he really think this is going to help his cause in this town?
Gordon_EdesI kind of expected it last night, CMac....He's been hot and cold about talking--mostly cold--all spring. I talked to Coco last week after Drew was booed so badly, and he talked a bit about his own struggles. Maybe he didn't want writers making a fuss about his home runs on a day that Schill got his head handed to him. Let's see whether he talks pregame today; until then, I have to give him the benefit of the doubt.
WESTMASSBOB__Guest_How are you Gordon? You on that dreadful road trip? That's 2 in 3 weeks. Not right. Everyone seems to be talking about the lack of offense, But I think we need to shore up the pen. No 7th or 8th inning power guy from the right side. Love Timlin, but shoulder is a major red flag. Is Hansen getting any closer to contributing or are they going to have to go get someone? Any chance of bringing home somebody on that road trip?
Gordon_EdesWMB, the trip isn't as bad as you make it sound. Going to San Diego and Seattle, we're talking about two of the best cities in America, and Turner Field is a real nice ballpark. Don't want you to think we're suffering. If I'm the Red Sox, I'm ticked only because of the no-DH rule in the NL. But it's not as bad as the last trip, where the team flew all night after a grueling late game with the Yanks, then played the next night on the Coast. The team got here at a reasonable hour Sunday night, they have an off-day to travel to San Diego, and they have a day game in San Diego Sunday before they fly to Seattle. A lot of miles, yes, the promise of some jetlag, to be sure, but rougher than usual....Naaaaaah
Buck_Weaver__Guest_Is Lugo injured, or is there another reasonable explanation for his terrible hitting?
Gordon_EdesI haven't heard anyone, including Lugo, hint that an injury might be involved, Buck. He's just in a funk, and he's going to have to find a way to get out of it.
Lefty__Guest_Gordon, Sox face Hudson, Young, Maddux, and Peavy on this trip without the DH? Could they "hide" Youk in right (with JD in center) in one of the games to get Youk, Ortiz, and Lowell into the same lineup?
Gordon_EdesThat's asking an awful lot of Youk. Yes, I know he volunteered to play LF last year when Manny was hurt, but RF is a different animal and I just can't see it. Coco getting 4 hits a night would help
Vin_Jack__Guest_Will the Sox go after Ichiro, Andrew Jones, Vernon Wells, or Hunter before July 31st?
Gordon_EdesAndruw Jones is getting booed like crazy in Atlanta, where he's hitting just above the Mendoza Line and has been dropped to No. 6 in the order. He's a Boras guy, so any deal would have to be a rental; gotta think he'll test free agency this winter. Can't see Sox wanting that scenario. Wells just signed a seven-year deal with the Jays; he's had an off-year but he's not going anywhere. Twins think they're in the race in the Central; can't see them moving Hunter (yet). Ichiro, that one intrigues me a lot, but the M's have a winning record, they have a Japanese owner, and he's a free agent this winter. Sounds like a reach to me
davesox__Guest_Hi Gordon, With Lugo struggling, do you see Tito playing Cora a lot more or Theo making a significant trade for someone like Tejada?
Gordon_EdesIf Lugo remains in his funk, Cora is an obvious alternative, and yes, I think his playing time would increase. Tejada? I can't imagine Angelos trading him within the division. I'm not exactly privy to what Theo is thinking tradewise these days, but I suspect that's not going to happen.
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