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Gordon Edes Red Sox chat transcript

Monday May 14, 2007
David__Guest_Hi Gordon -- Great coverage and especially Sox insights. When do you think the Sox begin to bring Bucholtz and Gabbard into Boston's pitching mix? How about the timeframe for Ellsbury to roam centerfield? These guys are coming hard!
Gordon_EdesDavid, Buchholz has been tremendous at Portland, but the indications I'm getting from the Sox is they're content--for now--to allow him to continue his development on the Double A level. As for Ellsbury, he's been bumped up once already, to Pawtucket, and with the way the big club is performing, I don't think the Sox feel any urgency to promote him further
Barb__Guest_Hi Gordon: It is likely (and perhaps prudent) that Beckett skips out his scheduled start on Friday. Who do you think will replace him? Also - how do you see the chemistry on the team? Given that winning is like chicken soup - it couldn't "hoyt" the you think there is a genuine camaraderie among the teammates? Thank you.
Gordon_EdesI would think Kyle Snyder is the logical guy to get the call....the other feasible option, I suppose, would be to send Javy Lopez back and bring Hansack back for the start, since he's stretched out more. Winning makes for great camaraderie....i think this clubhouse is a particularly tight group
carlsox__Guest_The Sox have their highly touted prospect Clay Buchholz in Portland who was just recently working on a no-hitter. He has that sharp 12-6 curveball, a slider, and he throws that fastball 95-96 with movement. Is this 22-year old headed for Boston with a bullet and if so does a possible 2008 rotation of Beckett, Dice-K, Wakefield, Lester & Buchholz possibly mean that Theo will not tender a contract to bring back Schilling for another year?
Gordon_EdesCS, that's obviously a very plausible theory, although i wouldn't rule out the Big Schill just yet. The Sox have time to make that decision. If Curt has a big year, I certainly wouldn't rule out a return, though I suppose it will cost them more, and they may not want to do that
deweyevans__Guest_I am disappointed in Roger. I thought he realized this was a great way to bookend his career. The sentimental support has never been higher for a return to Fenway. Is he done after this year and would you rule out a return to Boston next year?
Gordon_EdesDewey, i think we can finally rule out Roger in a Sox uniform again. He's no sentimental fool, the Rocket. If he was a sentimental, he would have stayed at home for the hometown 'Stros, and the possibility of pitching with his son, or coming here. He bottom-lined it, which of course is his prerogative
chollly__Guest_Can Papelbon be a healthy, effective closer for the entire year?? what happens with Taverez when Lester joins the rotation??
Gordon_EdesCholly, the Sox clearly believe Paps can and will stay healthy. He's monitored every day--strength of shoulder, rotator cuff, elbow. So far he's pitched with few restrictions. Good question re Tavarez. I wouldn't be surprised if somebody suddenly developed a sore shoulder or hammy to buy the Sox some time, DL a guy now, work out a deal later. I think Julian is prepared for the possibility of a trade, but he's more than willing to go to the pen
armfred__Guest_Gordo; What baseball rule requires a baserunner to return and touch the bag after a foul ball?
Gordon_EdesYou mean, if a runner is on first and goes past second, he has to re-touch second before he returns? Not to my knowledge, AF. Don't think there is such a rule.
andybutt__Guest_Mr. Edes. How you doing? What is the red sox infatuation with Mike Timlin? For the past three years, he has been mediocre at best. Any other pitcher would have been released or sent down. Your thoughts?
Gordon_EdesAB, I'm doing fine, even after two hours at the dentist this a.m.--Dr. Jim Stein rules--but I would disagree with your characterization of Timlin. Until last season, when he had shoulder issues, I think he played a huge role as bridge to first Foulke then Paps. The fact that his shoulder isn't responding to treatment now raises red flags, but I think the Sox would be scrambling if Okajima hadn't stepped in to do such a great job
dannymoe__Guest_Gordon, I really think its a forgone conclusion that Todd Helton will be traded to the red sox, where do they put him, and what do they give up? Youk and Tavarez? Maybe Wily Mo?
Gordon_EdesForegone, DM? The way Youkilis and Lowell are playing now, do you think the Sox feel a great urgency to pull the trigger on Helton? Hey, maybe you're right, though the Rocks walked away from the deal once and may have bowed to public pressure to keep their best player.
kp__Guest_Isn't it weird how JD Drew barely seems to register at all after all the off-season hoopla? I mean no one is focusing on him at all and with Nixon off to a good start with Cleveland-Why no controversy here?
Gordon_EdesI think it's easy to explain, kp, why there is no controversy. The Sox have the best record in the big leagues. That tends to keep a lid on controversy. If the Sox were two games under .500, like the Yanks are, then I assure you, the talk shows would be buzzin' with what's wrong with J.D. talk?
RedMangler__Guest_Gordon, that skin issue with Beckett appears to be something that might continue on for a long time without resolution. Has anyone expressed that fear?
Gordon_EdesRedMangler, even if it hasn't been expressed, that doesn't mean the fear isn't there. I think, given Josh's history of blister/finger problems, there are definite grounds for concern. Pitching depends so much on feel--obviously the tip of his middle finger is critical to his ability to throw his curveball.
DC_Surfer__Guest_Hi Gordon, I love your work! If you were Theo and could make one move to strengthen the SOX what would that move be?
Gordon_EdesDC, I'd sign Clemens...oh, sorry, that one has gone by the boards. You know what I'd be concerned about if I was Theo? What would I do if Jason Varitek went down for any length of time. Doug Mirabelli can't carry the full load, and George Kottaras has struggled both offensively and defensively at Pawtucket. Varitek is indispensable, IMO
boots__Guest_Hey Gordon, thanks for taking my question. Any idea what the sox's plans are for Jon Lester? Do you see him joining team right away when he comes off the DL or do you see them sending him back to Pawtucket or Portland for another rehab stint?
Gordon_EdesBoots, the Sox say they absolutely will option Lester out when he comes off the the DL. They were prepared to option him to Pawtucket until he developed the cramp, and I believe that remains the plan
the_green_monster__Guest_Hi Gordon: Any thoughts on what the Sox are thinking about 3B over the long-term? Is there depth in the farm system that will be ready for next year or is it likely that they will try to extend Mike Lowell?
Gordon_EdesTGM, Lowell is certainly playing like a guy making a strong case for being re-signed, isn't he? He sat out yesterday, but was second to Papi in RBIs and led the club in hitting with runners in scoring position (.400). The Sox are light in big-league ready 3B prospects, so almost certainly will go outside for a new 3B if they don't re-up Lowell. Other than A-Rod, who will cost the GNP of Burundi, Lowell is the best FA third baseman out there. The Sox retain the option, of course, of moving Youks back to third and signing a 1B, but for now Lowell is a nice problem to have, isn't he?
Johnny_Mac__Guest_Hi Gordon, I enjoy your coverage of the club both in print and on NESN. That said, how concerned are Theo and the rest of the front office about the continued struggles of Craig Hansen & Manny Delcarmen?
Gordon_EdesWhen I've raised the subject, Mac, they've said to me, 'That's why they call it player development.' Obviously they're not thrilled with the results, but they're a long way off from giving up on either guy. Of course, they're not going to bad-mouth guys they may wish to trade, either, but I still think they like the arms. But with Bryce Cox coming, and Buchholz bidding for starter status, the Sox will have some options.
Oakland_via_Weymouth__Guest_Wouldn't it be great if Roger Clemens gave up the record breaking homerun to Barry Bonds when the Yankees visit the Giants in mid-june?
Gordon_EdesI like the way you're thinking, O-v-W. Certainly better than seeing the Big Schill give it up to him in the Fens!
MattHr__Guest_Will Wily Mo get traded before the year is out?
Gordon_EdesMatt, how much of a market do you think is out there for WMP? If he goes, I suspect it would have to be part of a bigger deal. He certainly isn't untouchable, but I think whether he gets dealt this summer will depend solely on what the Sox needs are at the deadline and what the Sox might get back in return. I know you were probably looking for a more definitive answer, but I don't know how I can give you one
the_green_monster__Guest_Gordon: Is Jerry Trupiano announcing anywhere? We were sorry to see him go. We miss him.
Gordon_EdesTo my knowledge, tgm, Trups has not landed another gig. I know he did the NCAA Division II hoops final back in March, but he definitely isn't doing anything on the big league level--to my knowledge.
cmjnova__Guest_Question about the future Hall of Fame Left Fielder: How serious is the tightness in his hamstring? I guess we never know with him until we see the lineup card.
Gordon_Edescmj, if you find out, please drop me a line at I can't imagine it's too serious, or Tito wouldn't be talking about him being back in the lineup tonight.
jeff53__Guest_All Yankees fans point to 2005 where the Yankees started 11-19 and still won. What they don't point out is the Yankees won 10 straight which made them 21-19. Do you think the Yankees are in real trouble this year?
Gordon_EdesIn a word, Jeff, yes. The day will come when Mariano Rivera can no longer be considered automatic. Has that day arrived? There's evidence to suggest it's a lot closer than it was, and in the meantime, the rest of the bullpen has been way overworked. Their everyday lineup is great, but Damon is banged up, which has to be a concern, and 1B still has a chance to be a black hole. A rotation of Wang, Mussina, Pettitte, Clemens and Hughes would seem to give the Yanks a chance to win every night, but health obviously is a big issue, just as it could potentially be for Schill, Wake and Beckett. I think this thing is going to get a lot closer, but if the Sox take another five of six from the yanks end of May, first of June, the Bombers will be in big trouble.
pfitz1970__Guest_Gordo....why is everyone continuing to talk about the Yankees pitching? The real problem they have is hitting i.e. Damon, Cano and Abreu. Do you expect the Yankees to make changes with any of their position players.......or is it to early? of my all-time favorite people was my neighbor, Pete Fitzgerald, one of the great Sox fans of my childhood. I mentioned Damon being beat up, but you're right about Abreu, it seems like he's become a singles hitter. Cano is going to be OK. He's too good not to come out of it.
Nader_Sidhom__Guest_I am a huge Mirabelli fan.....I was a second rate catcher in high school as you see his role expanding past just playing when he catches for Wake???
Gordon_EdesNader, I'm confused. First you say you're a big Mirabelli fan, then you use the term "second-rate?" I assume you meant second-string or backup. No, I don't see his role expanding much beyond that. If he catches Wake, that's 30 games Jason gets off, and beyond an odd start or two that Doug may draw, I think the Sox feel Jason is still capable of catching 120-130 games.
GaSox__Guest_How much interest do you think our pitching is drawing by teams that are struggling now with injuries to there pitching staffs. Do you see any trades happening?
Gordon_EdesGaSox, believe me, the scouts are watching, but I'm not sure how many teams think either Tavarez or Snyder would represent a significant upgrade over what they have already. They'd love to get their hands on some of the kids, like Buchholz or Michael Bowden, who has been lights out in Lancaster, but that won't happen. I do think there are plenty of clubs that would still take their chances with Hansen or Delcarmen, but I think it's too early still to project much movement
carl_in_NC__Guest_Just caught the quote from Johnny Damon about giving up the race for AL East. Can that kind of comment from a superstar player demoralize a team or help to revitalize the team spirit.
Gordon_EdesCarl, you're ahead of me on that one. I find that hard to believe he said that--that would be pretty foolish in May--and totally out of character for JD. I'm going to jump out of the chat for a second to see if I can find that quote.
Coachlam__Guest_So has the season been way to easy or are the Yankees and other that "down"? Can we expect this to continue?
Gordon_EdesHere's the quote from Johnny: “If the Red Sox keep playing the way they are,” Damon said yesterday, “nobody is going to catch them.” To me, that's a long way from saying the East is a lost cause. If the Sox KEEP playing like this, it's true--nobody will catch them. But I'm sure JD is hoping they cool off and the Yanks get hot, which is the way things usually go in the course of a season
cooldawg__Guest_Hi Gordon -- Do you think the win yesterday says more about the sox' refusal to lose or Sam Perlozzo's inability to know when to keep his pitcher in?
Gordon_EdesCooldawg, I think it says something about both. I know there are a lot of managers who would have done what Perlozzo did, especially with a young kid, but the situation certainly seemed to beg for him to go at least one more hitter before pulling him. and the sox don't quit, we've seen that time and again.
Leo__Guest_Gordon, any concerns with Okajima being overused. Even in the 8-0 game the other night, Tito still used him. I don't want him to be burned out by the All Star game.
Gordon_EdesDon't think you have to worry. Okaji is used to pitching a LOT. If anything, he was irked earlier in the season that Tito wasn't using him enough.
Heath__Guest_What are you thoughts of an 2009 rotation consisting of: Beckett, Matsuzaka, Lester, Bucholtz & Bowden? I would like nothing more than for them to hang on to both Bucholtz and Bowden.
Gordon_EdesHeath, I assure you that somewhere in Theo's laptop, you would find that projection. A potentially beautiful thing to contemplate, no? But there's a long way before we get there. And shoot, Wake may be still winning 15 games a year then!
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