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Gordon Edes Red Sox chat transcript

Thursday March 29, 2007
Gordon_EdesHey, everyone. Working on my tan? I was in the Sox clubhouse, talking to Mike Timlin. He threw a side session today, everything went well, he'll throw a couple more times down here, then for Pawtucket twice (Thurs and Sat) and if all goes well, he'll join Sox for home opener.
Mo__Guest_Many Sox batters seem to be struggling more than usual this spring- any underlying concerns/tension about Magadan replacing Papa Jack. Can you review Magadan's accomplishments as a hitting coach?
Gordon_EdesNo, I don't think there's an underlying tension with Mags....There's still a getting acquainted process going on, but Tito was just talking about how Mags was working his tail off.
yawcah__Guest_Hi Gordon - always enjoy hearing/reading your comments. I'm one of the old folks who, other than the '67 club and a number of other years - grew up in the "25 cabs" era. Haven't heard a lot re team chemistry this year. I know nothing will ever equal "the idiots" of 2004, but chemistry is important to win. Do you think the team has it this year? Has all the attention paid to Dice K will inhibited that? Thank you.
Gordon_Edesyawcah, feeling a few of those years myself. We were just talking with Theo, and he said one of the things that impressed him most this spring was the absence of ego. It's hard to say how these guys will mesh over the course of the year, but the Japanese guys have been exemplary, Lugo is a live wire who will create energy, and JD Drew was just telling me how much easier it was for him to join a new club than in the past
MJ_from_Maine__Guest_Thanks, for all the chats and articles I really enjoy them. Who will be the biggest surprise for the Sox this season? If JD Drew hits 25-30 homers and has 100 RBI's would that be considered a surprise? Thanks for you time.
Gordon_EdesJD has put up those kind of numbers in the past, so I don't know why it should be a surprise. Maybe 30 home runs would be a surprise, since he's only done that once in his career, but hitting behind Papi and Manny he should get a ton of chances to knock in runs
churl__Guest_Do you think we will see Jacoby Ellsbury this season?
Gordon_EdesI think it's doubtful, unless a major injury to one of the starters is involved. I don't expect Jacoby to be in Portland the whole season, though....he'll definitely move up to Pawtucket before the end of the season. With his speed, it makes an awful lot of sense for him to get a September callup
Soxaholic__Guest_Hi Gordo. It may premature but the Crisp deal of last year is not looking all that good right now. We traded a top notch third base prospect who would have looked very enticing right now with Lowell in his last year and Shoppach who would have fit nicely on this team now with both Varitek and Mirrabeli looking just awful. I guess if Crisp comes back and has a good year all this questioning will be for naught. How do you think Crisp fits on this team, does he even have any trade value?
Gordon_EdesI think it's definitely premature. Marte has some proving to do, and while Shoppach has been impressive in camp this spring, especially with his defense, I don't think the Sox viewed him as anything but a backup. I think the club is excited about Kottaras' chances of developing into an everyday catcher. We can't judge Crisp on last season because of his finger injury; there's no reason to think he won't have a bounce-back season, and yes, he still has trade value because he signed for relatively low money
keysersose__Guest_Gordon, I have a question about journalistic integrity... As you know, one of your colleagues recently wrote a column slamming not only the ace of the staff, but many of his own readers. I'm wondering what your thoughts are on journalists taking such pointed shots at the readership, and in particular what you think the course of action should be when an athlete and journalist have such an antagonistic relationship. Thanks, I know this isn't directly about the team per se, but it's a question I'm sure a lot of readers are thinking about...
Gordon_Edeskeysersose, you can use Dan's name. For those not paying attention, k-r is referring to the column Dan did mocking Curt Schilling's blog, and similarly mocked the folks who submit the questions to Schill's blog. I think Dan, as author of the column, is better positioned to answer what his intentions were. I know that people who write humor often resort to exaggeration to make their points, and while I know Dan was poking fun at Schill, I can't say whether he thought he was offending his own readers in doing so. I don't think it's a question of integrity, per se. More a question of taste and style. Dan has had antagonistic relationships with lots of athletes, and while that may not be my style, it is a columnist's prerogative to do so, just as it is the athlete's prerogative to have whatever kind of relationship he chooses to have with a writer--short of assault and battery, of course.
booyah__Guest_The New York Post brought up a potential Manny-Ichiro trade. What are your thoughts on this? Would this make sense now? Mid-season? Get Ichiro as a free agent? What other parts could you imagine being included in a trade (in each direction)?
Gordon_EdesDidn't see that. Not sure how it makes sense from a Sox perspective, with Ichiro just months away from spring training. why would a team give up a star for a guy they can get without surrendering anyone in just a few months. Usually, when teams have someone on the verge of free agency, they're happy if they can get anything for him.
Kyle__Guest_With the "revelation" that Jonathan Papelbon will be the closer of the present and possibly future, does that change the stance on prospects like Craig Hansen and Bryce Cox? Do we still view them (or at least Cox) as closer candidates, or will the team be more open to trading them? If they can emerge as closers, that certainly would allow Paps to start again, no?
Gordon_EdesThat's a very good question. Papelbon pledged that he wants to close for the rest of his career, but we all know that is subject to change. There certainly is nothing wrong with developing guys like Cox and Hansen as premier setup guys....I've said this before, but remember when the Yanks used Mariano Rivera to set up for John Wetteland. On the face of things, it would seem the Sox would be more receptive to include Hansen in a deal, but first Craig must get his act together and prove he can get people out. Cox is slated to start the year in Portland, and appears to have great closer potential, but we can't assume anything yet.
booyah__Guest_Am I right in thinking that Craig Hanson be out of options after this year? Do his four big-league games in 2005 count as an entire year as far as options go?
Gordon_Edesbooyah, I believe you're incorrect. I don't believe the September, '05 callup counts as an option, because he wasn't sent out. so this season is only his second option year; he's got one left
Duff_Man__Guest_I think the media is jumping on Coco Crisp a little more than necessary for the comments he made. As a fan, I don't feel offended by what he said. Your thoughts?
Gordon_EdesDuff Man, I wasn't in the least bit offended by Coco's comments, I just found them odd. The conversation started out oddly...his little riff on going shopping in response to a question about how he felt, but no biggie. Just a bit odd. What I found curious was why Coco said he didn't care if people thought he "sucked." Why would a guy practically invite people to tell him so if he is playing poorly? A lot of guys say they don't worry about what people think, that they can't, otherwise it becomes too much of a distraction, but to put it in the terms Coco did struck me as odd. Nothing remotely offensive about it...He wasn't insulting the fans. Just...odd.
beecher__Guest_Thanks for the time Gordon, I was wondering what the chances Mike Lowell will be back next year? also is he as nice a guy as he seems?
Gordon_EdesBeecher, Lowell is as class an act as you'll ever find in a big-league clubhouse. He treats everyone with respect, he's thoughtful, and he cares intensely about doing things the right way. That said, I suspect it's a reach he'll be back next season, unless he's willing to come back for short years or short money. He'll be 34 by Opening Day 2008, and unless he has a great year, I imagine the Sox will look at other options, either another 3B or a first baseman, with Youks moving back to third.
Dice-J__Guest_GE,Great job this spring, thanks for the knowledge. What is your impression of what the Sox brass thinks of Tito? I have been wicked impressed with him but I wonder how long of a leash they give him?
Gordon_EdesI think Theo and Tito have an excellent relationship, but it's a results oriented job. Tito is subject to the same pressures other managers face. Pause for anthem, kids
CHB__Guest_I'm curious about sportswriters' reaction to blogs from athletes. Is there any concern from writers that blogging athletes like Curt will make you obsolete, or at least less valuable?
Gordon_EdesCHB, you're everywhere! I think it's a brave new world out there, and we'd be pretty short-sighted not to expect that athletes will venture into cyberspace in various ways, including blogs. Curt Schilling is not the first voice, nor the last, to blog out there. Barry Bonds has his own website, Todd Jones writes a column, and I suspect there are a few guys I don't know about. I'm blown away by the amount of time Schill has devoted to his blog so far--he's warned that once the season starts, he likely will have to cut back---but I admit I have it bookmarked. I thought his rundown of which pitchers throw the best fastball, curve, split, etc., was a good read, and the kind of stuff fans love to hear about, even more so when they can hear it directly from the source. Schill's detailed breakdown of his outings, there's no newspaper in the world that could devote that kind of space, so it's really a good way for fans to get inside a guy's head and learn about his approach. Do I think such blogs will make us obsolete? Gosh, I hope not. I think there's still room for third-person observations as well.
Roddy_Piper__Guest_Do you see the Sox dealing Joel Piniero or keeping him as an emergency starter-long reliever ?
Gordon_EdesI could see them moving Pineiro in the right deal. Snyder can fill the emergency starter role. I'm just not sure how much value he'd bring in a trade right now, off his past three seasons
Lax__Guest_GE- How long do you think the Sox will stick with Pedroia at second, given his spring struggles?
Gordon_EdesTheo just pointed out that Loretta got off to a slow start last season--.218 at the end of April--and no one was calling for his head. That Patriots Day walkoff HR didn't earn him that much slack, did it? I think the Sox will ride with Dustin for awhile, but they have Cora in reserve.
JDKnew__Guest_Hey Gordo - get ready for the cold weather! J.D. Drew seems to be flying under the radar after a good spring - what can we expect from him?
Gordon_EdesHe has been flying under the radar. He has had a good spring, he's healthy--which is most important--and he has the benefit of not being THE guy in this lineup. He seems set up to absolutely thrive in this environment...if he stays healthy.
Mile__High_Sox_Fan__Guest_If you had to peer into your crystal ball, how many starts does Lester make for the big club this season? I, like most of RSN, am rooting for this guy big-time!
Gordon_EdesI think Lester will be with the big club by June, assuming there are no setbacks. So what does that leave him with, about 20 or so starts? I think that's a reasonable number, and Lester is one of the best stories of camp.
bill_2__Guest_Love your Stuff Gordon: My biggest concern this year is behind the plate. I love the heart and the mind of Tek but the bat skills have not been good in quite awhile. I think we need some power numbers from that position. Your thoughts?
Gordon_EdesTheo just told us this morning that he's not concerned, that Tek has had plenty of springs where he hasn't hit, and that two years ago after a bad spring, he got a big hit in the season opener and was locked in for the season. Obviously, last season's drop raises issues, and Tek himself concern, so I think you're going to have to get your power numbers somewhere else in the lineup
Tony_Fossas__Guest_With Timlin on the DL, who is the setup guy going to be in the 8th? Pineiro, Romero?
Gordon_EdesTito insists that there won't be just one guy. I would think Donnelly makes the most sense till Mike gets back
Jamie_C__Guest_Are we at all nervous about Dice-K's success against the national league teams, but his struggles against some of the AL teams
Gordon_EdesShouldn't be, Jamie. He hasn't faced an AL team since early in the spring, if my faulty memory can be trusted, and his worst outing came against the Reds this week, when he didn't have his usual command.
dalt__Guest_Coco showed some flashes yesterday. Drew looks okay. Where's Wily Mo going to get those at bats?
Gordon_EdesDalt, that's a great question. He'll be used to rest all 3 OF, but unless someone goes down, I don't see how he gets 400 ABs
IowaBostonian__Guest_Gordon, Will Tito use what will probably be the normal rotation in the opening series in KC? I am in Iowa, this may be my only shot to see the Sox this year. Opening day is sold out, wondering who'll be going Wednesday and Thursday.
Gordon_EdesIB, regular rotation....Schill, Beckett, Dice-K in that order.
Frito_Tancona__Guest_Am I the only person who isn't thrilled with Papelbon's switch to closer, which I think greatly weakens the rotation and was a decision that didn't need to be made this soon? Can I hold out hope that Papelbon may be wrong in assuming that this is where he'll stay for his career, and that instead he'll keep the mound warm for Clay Bucholz or whoever rises to the occasion, someday?
Gordon_EdesNo, I don't think you're the only one. I think Theo was torn, and in some ways remains torn, but with Paps insisting his heart is truly into closing, and with the Sox bullpen in the position it's in, hard to argue with this year's approach. I think everything's on the table down the road, though. Thanks, time we chat, the games will count!
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