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Jerry Remy Red Sox chat transcript

Tuesday Nov. 7, 2006
NESN analyst Jerry Remy, a Somerset, Mass., native, played second base for the Red Sox from 1978-84, with a .286 batting average in that span. He will be inducted into the Red Sox Hall of Fame when the class of 2006 is enshrined Thursday Nov. 9 in Boston.
AlHi, Jerry. Congratulations on your induction to the Red Sox HOF. How do you think Papelbon will bounce back this year?
Jerry_RemyI think that there's still a lot to be decided upon with Papelbon, we saw that first hand as a closer this year. It's always difficult to see a guy leave the mound with his arm hanging. But apparently all the news since then has been good. There's no question in my mind that he was one of the best closers in the AL until he got hurt. All reports since the injury have been positive. Now he has to make the transition back to being a starting pitcher. To do that he is going to have to refine third pitch. I have no doubt in my mind he will make that adjustment back to being a starting pitcher. We'll see how that develops during spring training. If he does become a starting pitcher, that brings a little youth to the rotation to go along with Josh Beckett.
ChrisRemDawg, which current Red Sox player would make the best color commentator when his playing career is over?
Jerry_RemyI think Curt Schilling obviously is a very knowledgeable guy, but I don't think he would have much interest in doing that. With all the experience he has had throughout his career, I'm sure he would be excellent at it, but I think he has other aspirations.
BlakerHow's it make you feel to see Wayland football playing so well?
Jerry_RemyThey have a fantastic team, and am happy with their success. They have a nice little turnaround. Now that I don't have any children involved in sports in Weston, good luck to Wayland.
ChrisRemDawg congrats...Name one big name you think is most likely to become a member of the Red Sox this offseason.
Jerry_RemyI wish I had an answer to that, and I really don't. I'm sure that since the season has ended, there have been many plans going on at Fenway. They have been very tight lipped about their intentions, as they should be. It's really impossible for me to predict that, I don't know what their game plan is, but I'm sure they have a number of them right now. A lot of it depends on the Manny situation. What are they going to do with Ramirez? Once that's decided, that will help them develop their game plan. As far as big names go, would I like to see Zito in a Sox uniform? Absolutely, but a lot of other teams feel the same way.
NHSoxFan34Hi Jerry, thanks for taking the time to chat today ... if you had control of the Red Sox checkbook, would you be willing to write a $20+ million dollar check to get Roger Clemens back into a number 21 Red Sox uniform?
Jerry_RemyIf money was no object, then absolutely. But I wouldn't want it under the situation he did it last year. In other words I wouldn't want it to be halfway through the season. I understand his age and maybe physically it would be difficult for him to hold up though a whole season. That said, they could monitor him and give him extra time when needed if something physically did happen to him. I have no doubt he can still win games for the Red Sox. But I would like to see a full season scenario. It would be a wonderful conclusion to his career to finish where he started with Boston and it would energize the fan base. But that's a tough decision. He is going to command a lot of money. Is it worth putting the money into that instead of spreading it around to other places? From your heart, you'd love to see the guy finish in Boston.
NHSoxFan34Hi Jerry, congrats on the induction into the Red Sox Hall of Fame, what is your typical day during the offseason? Do the baseball withdrawals bother you?
Jerry_RemyActually for the first week or so yeah it does because you are in such a routine during the season and it comes to an abrupt end. By the time 2 pm comes around you are supposed to be going to the ballpark and you're not. It's a pretty strange life, from mid-February to the end of the season you're going every day, then all of a sudden when the season is over everything shuts down immediately. It takes adjustment, but I enjoy the time off. Makes me look forward to the hot stove talk and next season. As far as my daily routine, I work out in the morning and then whatever happens happens after that.
RedJerry, with the passing of Red, I was wondering if you have any stories dealing with you and Red, and if so which one was the best/funniest?
Jerry_RemyI actually met him twice. Once was very briefly in the hallway at the old Boston Garden, it was just "Hi how are you?" The other experience was when the Celtics were playing in the playoffs vs. the Lakers. I happened to go into practice with ML Carr. I went in to the clubhouse and saw guys like Bird, McHale, etc. Someone introduced me to Red Auerbach and his only comment was, "I think I could post you up," and that was about it.
nopepperIs it easy to spot a ballplayer who will flourish under the Boston microscope? Conversely, can you see disaster coming when a ballplayer is afraid of the spotlight? Any examples?
Jerry_RemyI think one of the nice things about the championship team in 2004 was they did have a number of guys who were oblivious to a lot of what goes on around here, and that helped them be successful. This is, along with New York and Philadelphia, the most difficult market to play in. But that group of guys flourished in this atmosphere. People like Millar, Damon, Pedro, Schilling, Ortiz, and on. They liked the heat of playing here. It's hard to predict who will or who won't survive under these type of conditions. It's a gamble. You really don't know until someone goes bad, and when they go bad, you find out very quickly whether they can survive in a place like that. It's hard to find a player that when things aren't going well can still play in this atmosphere.
mDo you see the Sox bidding on Matsuzaka?
Jerry_RemyAgain, some of the numbers I'm hearing about this guy are incredible. If I have this right, it's somewhere in the neighborhood of $30 million just for the privilege of negotiating with him? He better be damn good for that price. I did see a little of him in the World Baseball Classic ... he looks impressive, and there are a number of teams that feel the same way. Are the Red Sox are one of them? Again, they are very tight lipped about things like that. But anyone that needs pitching and can afford the ridiculous requirements to get him will be interested. The reports from those who have scouted him are glowing, and some baseball folks think he can be a No. 1 guy. But again the dollars. I'm not too familiar with the business side of baseball, but $30 million just to talk to him? Hell, you can give me $30 million and can talk to me all you want.
arseniohallDo you think Craig Hansen will be able to take over the vacated closer role at some point?
Jerry_RemyI think at some point yes. In the near future? No. I love his talent, but a lot of it needs to be refined. Keep in mind he is not far removed from pitching in the Big East. No question the talent is there, it's just a matter of refining that talent to the major league level. I think he is more than capable of doing that. I think one of the pitches he has to work on is the slider. He has a tendency to get underneath it sometimes and it becomes not a useful pitch for him. The more consistent he becomes with that the better he's gonna be. Of all the young pitchers they have (Papelbon aside), he has a chance to be a real good one. But I think we need patience. He was thrown into a bad spot this year. With more fine tuning, I think he can be a star at the major league level.
kurtHey Jerry, doesn't it seem like Wily Mo is on the verge of being a star? seemed to be getting more patient at the plate as the year went on. Do you agree?
Jerry_RemyI have my doubts about Pena. It just seems to me that he is a bit undisciplined a the plate, strikes out a lot. There's no question he has a lot of power. When he makes contact, the ball just jumps off his bat. The question is how much contact can he make? I wonder if he was given an everyday role would he hold up his end of the bargain. He is very talented, but has a lot of work to do to be a top notch major leaguer. I would have reservations having him as an everyday outfielder at this stage of his career. The strikeout numbers would be very high. I think he made some progress during the season, but I don't think it's enough to name him an everyday starter in the outfield. I think the best possible scenario would be some type of platoon situation with him. Defensively he also has a lot of work to do. That's it for today everyone, thanks for chatting!
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