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Gordon Edes Red Sox chat transcript

Wednesday, Aug. 23, 2006
He_Is_FrancomatoseWhat is going on with the Daniel Bard signing? Any luck with Theo getting it done or did he go to class today ending any hope of a signing?
Gordon_EdesWell, I haven't heard yet from the Sox this a.m. As you know, classes started at UNC today, but I'd be surprised if Bard was sitting at his desk, judging by the Sox comments. I think they expected negotiations to continue. The Sox lose their rights to Bard, of course, if he shows up for class
cg8080Come on now Gordon, all season you have been very nice to Theo. At least take a little shot at him today please. Maybe you could mention that he doesn't know how to evaluate pitching or even that he can't really cry poormouth when he signs "way back Beckett' to a long term deal. Please?
Gordon_EdesYeah, I can see where it looks like I'm nothing but a Theo apologist in the wake of the Yankee debacle, especially since Abreu and Damon did so much of the damage, and Beckett fell on his face. Does it constitute a shot to say that if Beckett defies all logic and pitches beneath his stuff and morphs into Matt Young, that Theo miscalculated? Should it be deemed further apologizing for Theo to say that the decision to extend Beckett involved input from plenty of other folks, including the baseball staff, all of whom believe Beckett is still young enough to become the elite pitcher the Sox think he will be? Or that Damon was always going to go for the highest dollar and that it would have been reckless for Theo to invest $27 million in Abreu for a year-plus when the team has plenty of other needs to address as well going forward. And that even the Yankees, with all of their money, had to run out Sidney Ponson in Friday's double-header? I'm just not inclined to bury Theo based on one horrifying weekend. Sorry
Fisk27inFairfieldCTHey, Gordon. Weekend was awful, needless to say. Tom Verducci in SI predicts that there is less than a 50 percent chance Coco will be wearing no. 10 next spring. Is Vernon Wells a real option?
Gordon_EdesI would agree, Fisk27, that there's a pretty good chance the Sox will move Coco. Because he's signed, for relatively modest dollars, there's cost certainty for any team that might want to acquire him, and Theo has shown in the past, most notably with Renteria, that he doesn't fall in love with the players he's traded for. Vernon Wells is due to make $5.6m next year and will be eligible for free agency afterward, but I can't imagine JP Ricciardi moving him to the Red Sox before the end of his contract. No one in Toronto would abide that
Coco_CrispWill I be back next year?
Gordon_EdesCC, go back to sleep. It's still too early here on the West Coast. You don't want to think about that right now.
NHSoxFanHi Gordon, thanks for taking the time to chat. While watching the Sox play, the sox channel has a promotion running that if the Red Sox turn a triple play, someone will win something (don't remember what it was). Anyway, when was the last triple play in the majors and when was the last time the Red Sox turned a triple play?
Gordon_Edeslast sox triple play was the unassisted one turned in by SS John Valentin on July 8, '94. The chat format, NHSox fan, doesn't really allow me the time to research the last triple play in the bigs.
rebels77Hi Gordon, Do you think the Red Sox would be interested in Ted Lilly if Toronto releases him?
Gordon_EdesSure they would, Rebels, but Toronto isn't going to give away Lilly. He'd have to go through the waiver process first, and even if he got as far as the Sox, JP would want a lot back. After dealing Hinske to the Sox, I don't think he can do more business there. I don't think anything is going to happen with Lilly.
Dennis_CGordon, last week I asked you about the doom-saying in the print media regarding the Red Sox chances for seeing post-season play. You replied (correctly, I think) that such articles were premature. How has the weekend sweep affected your opinion of such predictions? Is the fat lady just waiting for mic-checks?
Gordon_EdesDennis C, the fat lady has been lined up to sing the anthem in Yankee Stadium in October. It would take a collapse of unYankeelike proportions (2004 redux) for them not to win the division at this stage. Still too soon to count out the Sox from the wild card picture, though it certainly is not good news that Wakefield has been ruled out from returning Sunday in Seattle.
booyah Would you even want the Sox to make the playoffs as currently constructed? I hate to write off the season, but I'm thinking even if they struggled through and made the playoffs, they'd probably get swept in the ALDS anyway. With that in mind, would it make more sense to wave the white flag and trade David Wells to a competitor for prospects?
Gordon_EdesBooyah, let's assume Varitek, Wakefield and Nixon return to health, and Wells continues to pitch as well as he did. Even if Beckett pulls a Clement in the postseason, are you still so sure they'd get bounced in a short series? Obviously they've looked this month like a team with no business even thinking of the playoffs, but do you really want to white-flag them? How much do you really think Wells would bring as a return in a deal, a 43-year-old guy who is done after this season?
Manny_s_HamstringHi G. I love when you take questions but I am curious. Do you think that I am a convenient injury for a struggling team or am I legit? Many say Manny doesn't care about the game but did you see his reaction in the 9th inning last night on a close call at 1st base?
Gordon_EdesHammy, I ran into a veteran player at the team hotel last night, and he insisted that Manny was hurting, the injury was legit, and that Manny was worn down from chasing all those balls launched all over left field by the Bombers last weekend. Manny's 34 now, remember. The whole team is exhausted right now, including Papi. What's troubling, I think, to many folks is that while Mark Loretta stayed for hours after the game Sunday night, into the wee hours of the morning, receiving treatment so that he could play the next day, Manny did not. I found it interesting that Terry Francona said last night that Manny would probably play today, rather than hedging and saying it depended on what the medical people said. Obviously, the Sox could have used him last night
Babyrocko1908Gordon, How do the SOX fix this mess? It would be easy to blame Francona and Theo for all the troubles, but some of the responsibility has to be taken by the players
Gordon_EdesBabyrock, now there's a novel thought, players having to be accountable for their performances. You mean to tell me it's not Theo's fault that Beckett hasn't delivered in a month, or that Rudy Seanez and Julian Tavarez pitched below expectations, or that Coco hasn't been the player he looked like when he first arrived? Hey, we all thought this team was looking pretty good at the A-S break; I defy anyone to say they saw the wheels falling off. We hate to acxknowledge it, but sometimes people can have a good plan, and it doesn't work, for a variety of reasons--injuries, poor performances, bad luck, unforeseen turns. Say what you will about Theo. He remains resolute in his convictions.
pondazWhat is your take on the latest Manny situation? I have a hard time believing this all comes from some disputed single over the weekend.
Gordon_EdesPondaz, while there's precedent for Manny being slighted by the oddest things--Pedro gets to take off before the A-S break, so Manny will, too--the people I've talked to swear that Manny didn't go into a sulk this weekend. If he did, Sox fans should hope he does more often, given that he reached base 17 times against the Yanks. But I do think it is a legitimate question to ask whether Manny could have done more to get himself back on the field.
RobesFSU1Hey Gordon, do you think that if the Red Sox miss the playoffs, how hard will Theo and Co. push to sign free agent Barry Zito?
Gordon_EdesEven if they miss the playoffs, Robes, they'll investigate that, but if Kevin Millwood got 5 X $11m on the open market, what do you suppose Zito and his new agent, Scott Boras, are going to ask for?
Pete_DHi Gordon, When do you think the Sox will put Youkilis in the lead off spot again? If oe when Varitek returns?
Gordon_EdesPete, I think that's a pretty fair judgment on your part. Sox are looking at Sept. 1 or thereabout for 'Tek to return
BostonasianHi Gordon. 6 straight loss is something we haven't done since 2001. 2001 is also the year Tek got hurt and absent for rest of the season. Would you agree that it wouldn't have been this urgly if Tek weren't hurt? Also, this fiasco seems to indicates that no one else can command as good as Tek. Is front office doing something for Post 'Tek?
Gordon_EdesBA, a lot of things fell apart in '01--Pedro also got hurt that year, as I recall, there was the Jimy Williams-Carl Everett fiasco, the Kerrigan debacle, etc., so I don't think it can all be traced to Varitek being hurt. But i would agree with you that a healthy Varitek would have made a difference this month. As far as Jason's eventual successor, if he's in the Sox system it's not immediately apparent to me, but believe me, these guys have Plans A, B and C on a laptop someplace already.
really_sad_sox_fanI've been to the '78 and '06 massacres. Any words of hope that you can conjure up before I jump off the Tobin?
Gordon_EdesUm...wear a life vest?
DanielGordo, for the first time I felt that Joe Torre outmanaged Tito last weekend. Torre made sure Manny and Papi did not hurt the Yankees badly by walking hem many times. He also seemed to have his pitching staff in better order than the Sox, especially considering the Yankees played Thursday night. Is Tito losing his edge here?
Gordon_EdesDaniel, Torre was forced to scramble pitching wise, too, and may pay a price in October with how much he's had to use Villone and Proctor, after using them both (if I recall correctly) on Thursday in a blowout loss to the Orioles. Who are you going to walk in the Yankee lineup? Abreu to get to Giambi? Giambi to get to A-Rod (which they did)?
washington_heightsJim Kaat said on TV that the word around the league on John Lester is he cannot pitch inside to lefties so everyone is stacking their lineup with lefties against him. Kaat also said Lester should be in the minors learning how tto pitch to lefties, not in the majors. Your take?
Gordon_EdesLefties are hitting .397 (23 for 58) against Lester, so Jim clearly knows whereof he speaks. In a perfect world, the Sox would have liked to give Lester more time to develop; the injuries to Wells and Clement did not give them that luxury, so we're watching his growing pains here
cg8080Gordon....thanks for the response....I knew you would jump on your sword for Theo one more time regardless of the Beantown bloodbath. You are a real company man who will guarantee his employment as long as he goes with "it's not management's fault that the players aren't playing well" routine. Perhaps some day you'll hold them accountable, but that day is not today.
Gordon_Edescg8080, being a company man has its benefits. I get a better parking spot at Fenway. Listen, it would be easy to join the chorus of all those who believe it's all Theo's fault, but were you bashing Theo back when the Sox were 3 1/2 games ahead of the Yankees on July 22 and cruising despite the patchwork pitching staff? How fickle would that make me, to praise the Sox for how this club was constructed on the one hand, then bash them on the basis of a bad three weeks, which coincided with injuries to Varitek and Wakefield? Theo doesn't walk on water for me, nor does he sign my checks (and I certainly don't sign his, which makes your "guarantee his employment" line beyond my scope, trust me). You and I happen to disagree. Does that necessarily make me a house man?
jzWhy is everyone so hard on Coco? Granted he hasn't lived up to expectations, but everyone seems willing to give Lester, Beckett, Delcarman, Pena and Hansen time to develop, why not Coco?
Gordon_Edesjz, because Coco is at a stage of his career--fifth year in the big leagues, the last three as an everyday player--where he's beyond the developmental stage. Does he deserve some slack because of the way the injury sidetracked the start of his season? Sure he does. Will he play better next season? Probably. Will it be here? Maybe not.
mweis55102Is there a fractured Red Sox clubhouse right now or is it the standard level of tension that goes along with the playoffs slipping away?
Gordon_EdesMweis, I covered the mother of fractured clubhouses in 2001, so this is nothing by comparison. I wouldn't even call it fractured myself. Frustrated? No doubt. People ticked off with each other? Sure. Breaking up and splintering? I don't see it happening with this group ... Hey, thanks everyone. And stay off high places and away from sharp objects.
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