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Gordon Edes Red Sox chat transcript

Thursday July 13, 2006
Bob_SoxGordon: How would you rate Terry Francona's performance as manager this year? Personally I have a growing confidence in the way he handles the team, particularly the pitching staff. When you look at the box scores you generally see good decision-making in how the pitchers were used. Of course you have to have the talent at your disposal to make it all work, but I feel that Francona perhaps doesn't get the credit he deserves. Would you agree or disagree?
Gordon_EdesHey, everyone. At the risk of coming across as a house man--and I know there is no more enjoyable pastime for many Sox fans than bashing the manager--I think Francona may be doing his best job of managing this season. He's integrated a number of new components into the lineup and the clubhouse, players acquired in trade and kids, plus handling the always delicate Manny situation, and has done so with unqualified success. There's a tremendous amount of preparation that goes into every game, and while that doesn't mean every decision he makes is necessarily the right one, he always has a reason for why he does something.
JKIs Kyle Snyder the answer for Monday vs. KC? Who else, barring a trade could they use Monday? Why would they have any interest in Bobby Abreu considering his contract & when Pena comes back - 5 solid OF's?
Gordon_EdesAll signs at this time, JK, is that Snyder will be the guy who gets the call on Monday. Do the Sox need to make a deal for a fifth starter? Given the way Lester has pitched, I would assume that once Matt Clement comes back--assuming the Sox can't make a deal for him--he is a better alternative than they could get in a trade at this point. The Abreu stuff has never really made sense to I think they talked? Absolutely. Did it get far? I don't see it.
Nick_PHey Gordon, any concerns with Papelbon's workload potentially catching up with him down the road? I'd hate to see him get burned out come September as some of the Yankee relieves have been in recent years.
Gordon_EdesNick, Papelbon has made 40 appearances, which puts him on a pace for 75-80 appearances, which could morph into close to 90 if the Sox go deep into October. That's a lot, obviously, but Papelbon has thrown 46 innings, exactly the same number a much older Mariano Rivera has thrown, and the Sox have been extremely judicious in monitoring Papelbon's workload in terms of pitches thrown. He threw a total of 52 in back to back appearances this weekend, which was a season high, but was more than he'd thrown on the three occasions where he has pitched in three successive games.
TomFromHooksettNHHello Gordon, Tom from Hooksett, NH. The Sox are in dire need of another starter, but they could also use a #5 hitter as well. Do you see them putting in a strong effort to address both needs? Thank you ..
Gordon_EdesTom, As I just mentioned, maybe Clement is a palatable alternative as a No. 5, if Lester holds steady (the only worrisome thing with Lester is 20 walks in 32 innings), but the No. 5 spot does loom as a potential significant problem. Varitek is hitting sub-.200 with just 6 RBIs in that spot, which he has occupied against lefties. The Sox, I suspect, are hopeful that a healthy Wily Mo is the answer. there, oth
Frito_TanconaIf Matt Clement ever returns, and the Red Sox don't trade him, do you think that the team would refuse to make him a middle reliever solely because it would look bad to have such a highly paid middle reliever - even though he might be a very effective one (because of the low pressure situations and Clement's success the first time through an order)?
Gordon_EdesFrito, the Sox wouldn't ignore the economics of the situation--you can't be paying $9 million for a middle reliever--but I think the primary reason they wouldn't do it is that Clement has pitched exclusively as a starter and I think there would be some questions about whether he could handle the daily grind of a reliever, especially given his current health issues
CTfitzGordo......good to talk to you again. Why did the Manny story become so huge? I admit he should of been there.....but almost every single media outlet made it the biggest story of the All-Star game. Correct me if I'm wrong but hasn't Manny pulled this routine before?
Gordon_EdesFitz, for me the big story while we were in Pittsburgh--the reason we played it on the front page--was Will Carroll's report in Baseball Prospectus that Manny had a small meniscus tear in his right knee. Because the Red Sox, citing HIPAA regulations, refuse to divulge any info about Manny's injury, Manny doesn't talk, and his agent hasn't responded to questions, this was the first report of "hard" information about the extent of Manny's knee condition. Neither Will Carroll nor Baseball Prospectus be lumped into those web sites that print every rumor they hear; BP is well regarded in the industry and read by most big league teams. Carroll has many contacts among medical personnel with big-league teams, and if you've followed his coverage of the Mark Prior/Kerry Wood health issues with the Cubs, you'll see he's been on the money a good bit of the time. We didn't give the story the play it got simply because of the BP report; we got enough information from people with direct knowledge of Manny's condition that gave it added credence, but we also published information from another first-hand source that the Sox have not administered an MRI, which would be the best (but not the only) way to confirm a meniscus tear. While Sox officials say the reports are "erroneous" time may still prove Carroll right. It also signals, I think, that I don't believe Manny's injury is bogus. He has soreness in his knee, but it hasn't kept him from performing at a high level. That's a different issue about whether he should have gone to the A-S Game. When the commissioner publicly criticizes a guy, that's news.
all-the-guysGordon, how do you think Wily Mo will be utilized the rest of the way when he comes off the DL?
Gordon_EdesA-t-g, I think he'll platoon in right field with Trot, and be a right-handed bat off the bench. I don't think we'll see him play much first, but he'll occasionally spell Coco and Manny, and the Sox hope that he'll be a presence in the No. 5 hole against lefties, I suspect.
Nick_PGordon, everyone talks about Wells, Foulke, and Clement. Any word on Lenny DiNardo? I know that he wasn't great shakes as a starter, but it would be nice to have a second lefty in the bullpen. I haven't heard any updates on him in a while.
Gordon_EdesNick, I ran into Lenny at Logan on the day the Sox embarked on their last road trip--he was headed to Fort Myers to rehab his neck injury. "We've got to take care of this,'' he said. He's obviously not pitching in games yet, so he's still weeks away from coming back. I suspect Tito will offer an update tonight.
crassG.E......Love your columns.......Two questions:.....First....Are the Sawx involved in any "big splash-type" deals ? and : Two: What players/teams are they involved with ?
Gordon_EdesCrass, you can never rule out the possibility of a big deal, not from a GM who traded Nomar two years ago, but I can honestly say that other than the Abreu talk that surfaced the last week, and didn't appear to have legs, I heard nothing in Pittsburgh that suggested the Sox are involved in a big deal. You're going to hear some big pitching names out there--Jason Schmidt, Greg Maddux, John Smoltz, Livan Hernandez--to name four--but I don't think Theo would surrender the kind of prospects that would be required to make that level deal. With so many teams still in contention, there has been little talk to date, though the TB deal, sending Aubrey Huff to the Astros, may start things moving
all-the-guysGordon, this is a little random but is Curt Schilling a definite Hall-of-Famer to you?
Gordon_Edesa-t-g, I guess you two for the money today, but no, I think even Curt has acknowledged on numerous occasions that he may fall short of Hall credentials. Three hundred wins, except in rare occasions, is often used as a benchmark for a Hall pitcher; what gives Schill the right to be in any conversation about the Hall is his great postseason record. If he does it again this October, that will become an even more important element to consider
steve_2Hello Gordon. Any concern in the Red Sox front office that Pabelbon and Lester could become the next Mark Prior and Kerry Wood? Great young pitchers whose yearly number of innings pitched rose too fast and resulted in numerous trips to the DL?
Gordon_Edessteve deuce, I don't think the sox approach anything with that level of pessimism, but I think we've seen that they are extremely judicious in their handling of young pitchers. Lester's pitch counts were monitored closely throughout the minors. But I think we've all seen that even being careful is no guarantee that a pitcher will remain healthy. Throwing a baseball remains an unnatural act, but I think the Sox do as well as anyone, and better than most, in protecting their young arms.
NHSoxFan24Hi Gordon, thank you taking the time to chat. My oldest son and I are big Sox fans and we want to plan to watch the Sox play on the road next year (easier to get tickets to see the Sox on the road than it is to get home tickets) and wanted to know which NL League (East, Central and/or West) we will be playing in interleague next year?
Gordon_EdesNH24, well, the Sox played the East this season and the Central last, so I'm guessing that it's time for the NL West again. Keep an eye on the Globe in the coming weeks. It's that time of year where I start nosing around about next year's schedule.
ValidlyteWord on the street is that the Reds have a "huge" deal (with more shock value than the A-Rod trade)in the works. Have you heard anything about this rumor?
Gordon_Edesnot a word---other than trading griffey and/or adam dunn, what could be bigger than an A-Rod deal? what street are you moseying down?
CosmoGordon: Isn't it time we started talking about keeping Gonzalez and Loretta for next year? Thanks.
Gordon_EdesWhat's the rush? Loretta is 34 and it's not as if there are going to be tons of teams lining up to throw money at him. Gonzalez is just 29, but again, there's no reason for the Sox to make a move now. Wouldn't it be better to see what Gonzalez's offensive performance is the rest of the season before making a determination about his future?
lincolnGordon: Do you expect the Red Sox to make any significant deals at the trading deadline this year? They seem extremely solid, but they might think about adding another dependable reliever. What are your thoughts?
Gordon_EdesLincoln, I've been saying they need another reliever--especially if there are any concerns that Mike Timlin is wearing down--but given the emergence of Hansen and Delcarmen, and Lopez as a reliable lefty, the solution once again may lie within. If Tavarez, who did an outstanding job in Sunday's 19-inning epic, or Seanez, can step up, the Sox might be OK. You don't need both of 'em to step up, just one.
BostondotcomHello again everyone ... Gordon has time for just a couple more questions ...
gideonGordon, just saw the Astros fired Gary Gaettie and replaced him with Sean Berry. Is this THE Sean Berry? Have the Stros gone from one former sox Immortal to another?
Gordon_EdesYes! But I am in awe, Gideon, that you remember Berry's storied career with the Sox. He played one game in 2000, went 0 for 4 with two whiffs, and was never seen again in a Sox uniform. The ultimate easy come, easy go. He's been in the Astros' minor-league system, first as a hitting coach for Round Rock (Double A), then their minor league htting coordinator
Lars_EvansGordon, wondering if you've read the Mnookin book, and if so, your overall impression of it.
Gordon_EdesLars, I did a speed read of the book last week in order to highlight some of the stuff I considered newsworthy. I think the Sox obviously didn't foresee the Theo-Larry Lucchino cage match or otherwise they would not have given Seth the kind of access he enjoyed. I'd rather give the book the full reading it deserves before I weigh in.
BostondotcomThanks for chatting Gordon! And thanks for dropping by everyone ... reload this page in 2 minutes for a complete transcript.
nctHey Gordon, How much interaction do the GM and manager have with each other when a particular player is really struggling. (i.e. does Theo say to Tito "I'm working on a trade to get Tavarez and Seanez out of here so hold tight"). If Tito only has those two guys for middle relief who take the blame for their inconsistent results: Theo or Tito?
Gordon_Edesnct, that's an interesting question. In the case of Theo and Tito, I think the communication is constant, and the hypothetical conversation you use as an example is precisely the kind of things that would be said. I think if you asked him, Theo would shoulder the responsibility for the fact that the Seanez/Tavaraz acquisitions have not worked out
TJGordon, what is the latest on Peter Gammons?
Gordon_EdesTJ, the word my Globe colleagues are getting from Peter's wife Gloria remains positive, that Peter continues to make progress. he's speaking some, etc. The outpouring of concern for Peter from Sox nation and baseball fans everywhere has been extraordinary, and deeply appreciated by the family. I think there are plenty of reasons to hope and pray for a full recovery. Adios, everyone. Thanks for all the questions. Gordon
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