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Gordon Edes Red Sox chat transcript

June 20, 2006
Matt__DC_Gordon -- I recently saw a 1998 baseball card of David Ortiz in which he is listed as David Arias. Do you have any information as to why he dropped that name and went with Ortiz? Thanks.
Gordon_EdesHey everyone. First a note to fans of the 'Bag. I apologize for being AWOL last week, but among other things, my back went out on me, which had me sidelined a bit. But we'll have an extended 'Bag tomorrow morning, and a bonus 'Bag at the end of the week. Ok, to the questions, Matt, initially David had taken his mother's name as his last name, which is customary in many Latin countries, then reverted to the style common here. I don't recall him saying there was a specific reason for doing so.
marcelWith the addition of Snyder and the strong young arms in the system, will the Sox still consider trading a blue chip prospect for a quality veteran arm?
Gordon_EdesMarcel, I wouldn't read too much into the Snyder acquisition. I don't know if you saw my piece Saturday, but Snyder has had a long history of arm trouble, both elbow and shoulder, which kept him from ever approaching his potential after being drafted No 1 by the Royals in '99 (I believe). He did a nice job yesterday, but I don't think the Sox envision him taking on a major role. To your bigger question of whether the Sox would trade a blue chipper, I would say the answer is yes, as long as that pitcher's name isn't Jon Lester or Craig Hansen.
burnsyGordon, have you heard any truth to the Jeff Weaver rumor? Could be a good upside if the Angels would eat some $$?
Gordon_EdesBurnsy, you're going to see Weaver's name out there, because he has pitched so poorly, but the Red Sox showed little interest in him this winter, and the Angels would have to eat a lot of that dough to make it happen.
DonAm I the only fan not worried about the bullpen? It is deep and a good mix of young and old. Do you agree that eventually someone other than Pap and Timlin will step forward and it will form a strong pen?
Gordon_EdesDon, I'd say you're part of a tiny minority, if not stranded on an island by yourself! The pen did a very nice job yesterday, but both Tavarez and Seanez have been undependable so far. If just one of those guys stepped up, and Lopez proved he could get lefties out, then I'd have more faith in the pen. And Delcarmen and Hansen are both still unproven, though with high ceilings. Could everything fall into place? Sure, but it hasn't happened so far.
Eric_WHi there Gordon, still happy w/Big Papi trying to slug his way through the shift? I know bunting is a tough task for the big guy but how bout just a little slap at the ball to 3b position to get on for Manny...?
Gordon_EdesHey, didn't you see Papi show bunt Sunday against the Braves? I think in certain situations, like when the team is trailing, you will see Ortiz taking what the defense is giving him. But again, I'd hate to see Ortiz becoming an opposite-field singles hitter because of the shift.
RayCulpableGordon, why is Terry Francona so insistently loyal to relievers whose names end in Z (Seanez, Taverez, now Lopez)? I understand that DelCarmen and Van Buren can have control problems and Hansen has been seasoning in the minors, but how are these guys going to learn to deal with the pressure of the majors if they aren't given the chance to succeed ? One example is pulling DelCarmen Sunday night in favor of Lopez/Seanez after he gave up a single with 2 outs. Do we not think MDC could finish out that inning?
Gordon_EdesRC, Francona is alphabetically challenged--I don't think he's even aware of all the zeds on his staff. Besides, that question might better be put to Theo; he's the one signing those guys. Seriously, I think you'll see the kids given more chances, but Francona also will opt for matchups. He wanted the lefty Lopez in there after Manny gave up the single, and thought Seanez was his best option against the free-swinging Francoeur. Obviously, it didn't work out.
riveraulwickThanks for the time today Gordon. What is the latest word on Wells, and assuming he can't get back, how good does Lester have to be in order to remain with the big league team?
Gordon_EdesRiveraul, I don't know if you saw what Francona said yesterday, that Wells isn't even at a point where he can do any weight-bearing exercises. Personally, I think Wells has probably pitched his last game for the Sox. He's missed a ton of time already, and I think at his age and in his condition, he will decide that the effort isn't worth it anymore. As for Lester, I can't see the Sox yo-yoing him up and down. Unless he just falls apart, which I'd be shocked to see, I believe he's here to stay.
TLFGordo, do you see the Sox and Trot coming to an agreement that will keep him in a BoSox uniform? Much like Dewey, he is an important part of this team that would be sorely missed. As much as I enjoy Willy Mo, I don't think he is the answer in one of baseballs most difficult outfield corners. Also, are you joining RSN in Seattle this year?
Gordon_EdesTLF, we've got two trips to Seattle this season, and I'm counting on being on both of them, although my boss has some say in the matter. I think Trot, just like any player in his position of pending free agency, is curious to see what his market value is. If he's willing to return on relatively short money for short years (2 plus an option), then there's a chance he'll remain with the Sox. But if he can command a better price elsewhere, I think he'll be gone. Simple as that.
VegasSoxFanGordon, Love your work--beats everything out west. Have you heard anything in the organization about when Ellsbury might be promoted to Portland? Any thought in the org to him being ready next year to platoon with Wily Mo if Trot walks?
Gordon_EdesVSF, you raise a very good question. Ellsbury is tearing it up on the high A level, batting .335 with a .400 OBP. I haven't posed the question---thanks for reminding me!--but a promotion to Portland would certainly seem likely after the break, if not sooner. I think it's a reach to believe the Sox already have him in their big-league plans for next season--I would expect they'd want a full season from him at a higher classification before making that move.
Bobby_SoxGordon, what do you think is the likelihood of the Sox signing Josh Beckett to an extension before the end of the season? He's had some rough outings recently, but all things considered don't you think sewing him up for a few years now would be wise. The recent track record of the team letting these things wait until free agency kicks in hasn't been great. Thanks.
Gordon_EdesI'd be surprised if the sides are even talking now. There's certainly no reason to be talking an extension during the season, not when Beckett isn't eligible for free agency until after the '07 season. From the Sox side, I would think they would want to see if he makes it through the year healthy and what numbers he puts up over a full season; from his side, I think he'll get a better idea of his market value this winter.
beantown_2Afternoon Gordon, A big Coco fan here, but I am wondering if the Sox overvalued the speed aspect in his game considering that they are not and never really have been a "speed" team. Also with the development of David Murphy now taking a positive turn in Pawtucket, is he the best option to turn around in a July trade for pitcher, especially with Ellsbury doing well Down in the minors? Thanks.
Gordon_Edesbeantown_2, I think that's a good read on Murphy; I don't think the Sox would hesitate to include him in a deal, though I think most teams talking trade with the Sox are going to be asking for a pitching prospect, like a Michael Bowden or Clay Buchholz. As for Coco, I think the Sox liked the idea of speed at the top of the order, like they had with Damon, but Youkilis has done such a good job in the leadoff spot, Youks forced their hand into dropping Coco down further in the lineup. Don't know if you noticed, but Andy Marte, the player the Sox gave up for Coco, was just named IL player of the week and has really heated up in Buffalo. I believe he has homered in five straight games.
Lucky_LindyGordon, do you anticipate any Manny trade talk this year at the deadline, maybe to Anaheim for Ervin Santana and Brandon Wood?
Gordon_EdesBased on past history, we have to expect it, don't we? Manny obviously would bring back the most value in a deal--a front-line pitcher--but the contract shrinks the market considerably, and this year we won't have the Mets as a player in the Manny sweepstakes, now that Lastings Milledge, the guy the Sox wanted from the Mets in a Manny deal last season, has made it to the big leagues. Do I expect the Sox to deal Manny? No. Do I expect them to think about it? Yes.
No_ExcusesGordon, why does Theo get a free pass for going with Matt Clement over Pedro Martinez? No 4th year of Pedro Martinez can be worse than years 1 and 2 of Matt Clement. And it is not like having Pedro instead of Clement would have hurt the rebuilding process that Theo is so high on right now. I think Theo deserves criticism for this move. Pedro is killing it in Queens, and no Mets fan will ever say that Pedro is overpaid. The only people critical of Pedro these days are Sox fans and the Boston media, like yourself.
Gordon_EdesExcuses, how have I been critical of Pedro? I had one line in my notes column a couple of weeks ago, mentioning that he hadn't had a win since the end of April. As I wrote this Sunday, I should have amplified the note to include the fact that he'd pitched well enough to win a number of those games, but that was sloppiness more than anything else. Pedro has transformed the Mets franchise, with a little help from the two Carlos, Beltran and Delgado, terrific young players in Wright and Reyes, and a bounce-back season from Tom Glavine. But there's no question that Pedro has had the greatest impact of all. You could certainly make a strong case that the Sox would have been better off keeping Pedro or Lowe, but let me ask you this: Do you believe the Sox with a healthy Schilling would have gone deeper into the postseason last year? And who would you rather have at the top of your rotation this season--Schilling and a 26-year-old Beckett, or Schilling and Pedro?
varitek-fanVaritek has been known to get tired late in the season but he usually delivers early in the year. This year he's struggling, and I can't help thinking it's partly because of all the extra pressure on him handling a mostly disastrous pitching staff. What do you think?
Gordon_EdesVF, I think Jason's bat is coming around. He's hitting .303 in his last 18 games, with 3 bombs and a dozen RBIs. He has downplayed how much the strained gluteus impacted his hitting, but Schilling, among others, says there is no question there were physical reasons for Varitek's slow start at the plate.
JeffHHow do you honestly feel about Keith Foulke's potential for the rest of the season?
Gordon_EdesI think the Red Sox went into the season with low expectations for Foulke, and they're even lower now that he's also experiencing elbow trouble. It could be that the elbow has been an issue for some time, which would explain the drop in Foulke's velocity.
DudeWhere can I send my resume for the beat writer position? Best to Snow!
Gordon_EdesProve to us first that you can work in the front office of the Dallas Cowboys or Miami Heat, and then we'll think about it.
latbossLove your work and all the time you spend answering questions from all of us. My question is about Craig Hansen-near term and long term. Sox seem hesitant about expecting too much from him this year-do you think they see a major role for him as a set up guy rest of the way? And do they still envision him as the closer of the future that would allow Papelbon to move back into the rotation, perhaps as soon as next year?
Gordon_EdesI think because the Sox feel Hansen has such a high ceiling, they don't want to put too much on him, too soon. In a perfect world, I think Hansen becomes closer next season and Papelbon goes back to the rotation, but for that to happen I think Hansen will have to pitch some meaningful innings here this season. He'll get that chance.
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