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Gordon Edes Red Sox chat transcript

Thursday May 25, 2006
Fisk27inFairfieldCTHey, Gordon, thanks for taking my question. Matt Clement -- It's clear the management was right not to trust him in a big spot. After last night's collapse, and the rotation shuffle in New York, what are the options? Can the Sox trade him given the size of his contract?
Gordon_EdesThe options are pretty limited. The Sox offered Clement around freely this winter. They had a deal in place with Milwaukee for Lyle Overbay, but weren't willing to eat enough of the contract, and Doug Melvin shipped him to Toronto instead. as I pointed out in my column this morning, when Clement is bad, he's very bad, and it's the bad starts that stick in people's minds, and why they're not inclined to cut him some slack even on a night he gets smoked by a line drive. The Sox right now are vulnerable in the back end of their rotation, which is why they have such intense interest in Clemens.
Aaron How soon to we see Lester and Hansen in the show?
Gordon_EdesWe'll see both guys at some point this summer, that's almost certain. Lester has made nine starts so far, and unless he's used as a piece to get Dontrelle Willis--unlikely--I think we'll see him in the last two months, if not sooner. Hansen will also be up, I expect, maybe not until September, but perhaps sooner as well
scoopWill the Marlins trade Willis?
Gordon_EdesThat's a great question, scoop. Right now, they're telling everyone asking, including the D-Backs in addition to the usual suspects, that the D-Train is not on the block. But remember, Carlos Delgado was told by Jeffrey Loria that he wouldn't be traded, either, and he was dealt to the Mets. Willis is so young and one of the only marquee names the club has; you'd think they'd have to hold onto SOMEBODY to attract a buyer, but I suspect the bidding will be pretty intense at the trading deadline
Gordon_EdesThe conversation with Mirabelli concerned Doug doubting that A-Rod was looking for his home run the night before--remember A-Rod looking up, as if he might have popped up? A-Rod said he lost the ball in the lights, and I find it impossible to leave that was all an act.
WestCoastRedSoxAny chance the Sox can get a 3rd base coach with a clue? Last night's game was ridiculous. Manny (rightfully) ran thru a stop sign and the guy didn't send Pena from 3rd on a wild pitch that went clear to the backstop when the Sox were down 2 in the 8th. I've seen him throw up stop signs on other occasion when the run almost certainly would have scored.
Gordon_EdesWCRS, Whoa....not guilty as charged. There were no outs when DeMarlo tried to hold up Manny the first time, so that was a defensible decision. As for Wily Mo, he told Francona he never saw the ball. That's not the third base coach's fault
Frito_TanconaSo, if someone were to wake up Theo in the middle of the night and ask him if he wishes he could undo the Arroyo-Pena trade, what do you think he would say? (That is, what do you think he really thinks, now?)
Gordon_EdesHe would tell you he'd make that trade every time. Seriously. The early returns are heavily tilted toward Cincinnati, but Wily Mo has shown enough of an upside that the Sox think in the long run, they're going to get the best of this deal. And you know what? I wouldn't bet against them.
drew_dizzieYankees, red sox, yeah yeah yeah. Gordon, how much of a chance do you think the Blue Jays have of taking the east.
Gordon_EdesDD, I gotta tell you, I was skeptical about the BJ's this spring, but they're hitting much better than I imagined they would. Alex Rios has emerged as a stud, I think Vernon Wells could be MVP material, Troy Glaus gives them a legitimate bopper in the middle of the lineup, Shea Hillenbrand has been a tough out, and the Reed Johnson/Catalonotto platoon has been terrific. Halladay may be the best pitcher in the division--Beckett will challenge him--and while they have their own pitching issues, with Burnett and Chacin hurt and Josh Towers 1-8, the bullpen is strong, especially with BJ Ryan at the back end, and they've got some kids in the pipeline who could help. I suspect they're going to be in this thing until the end
TedGordon, thanks for taking questions and chatting with fans! I wanted to broach the subject of possibly taking Papelbon out of the bullpen. I understand that he is doing a fantastic job, but Matt Clement is a number 5 on a mediocre staff. What are your thoughts?
Gordon_EdesHey, Ted, I can't see it happening. Papelbon simply has been too terrific as closer for the Sox to mess with that formula. The Sox have Lester in the pipeline, John Henry says he remains hopeful that Clemens will come back, and Theo will be exploring all trade options
ChadHi Gordon, thanks for keeping us informed. One question I've been wondering for a while is: when was the last time the Red Sox and Yankees did business together? Certainly in this day and age the two teams would never agree to trading players but they obviously have a history of working together (Babe is the first to come to mind). Bu what about lately? What was the last trade between the two teams and who was involved?
Gordon_EdesOff the top of my head--and I just flipped thru the Sox media guide which confirms my usually faulty memory is correct--the last deal the Sox made with the Bombers was in Aug. '97, when the Sox sent Mike Stanley to the Bombers for Jim Mecir and Tony Armas Jr. That turned out to be a momentous deal; Dan Duquette packaged Tony Armas with Carl Pavano to acquire Pedro from Montreal
Fisk27inFairfieldCTHey Gordon. Any truth to the story of A-Rod counseling Manny about not , shall we say, "admiring" his home runs? Was Manny's act on Tuesday that big a deal to these guys or is this a lot of noise about nothing?
Gordon_EdesI witnessed it myself and told Chris Snow about it. A-Rod approached Manny at the cage while Ma nny was hitting, then a couple of minutes later spoke with Mirabelli, too. I asked A-Rod afterward, and he said Manny is one of his best friends and not read much into it, but Manny at one point appeared annoyed. As the Sox were leaving the field, A-Rod called to Manny and rolled a ball at him as he headed to the Sox dugout, but Manny didn't turn around. He may not have heard him. But obviously, Manny didn't do any posing last night, and I think A-rod did tell him the Yanks didn't approve the long look the night before.
JonGordon, is there any chance that the Sox can get Barry Zito. The 4 and 5 spots in the rotation have been iffy, at best, and the Sox really need to solidify either one or both of those spots to have a chance in the postseason. There can't possibly be any takers for Clement out there, could there?
Gordon_EdesJon, thanks for reminding me that Zito is another possibility, especially if the A's fall out of the race, which, given the collapse of the Angels, is unlikely. Billy Beane has repeatedly shown a willingness to move his studs in a deal--he already traded Mulder and Tim Hudson, so you obviously can't rule out Zito going, too
Utica_Blue_SoxAny news concerning Clemens?
Gordon_EdesUBS, Clemens' agent, Randy Hendricks said he believes Clemens will make a decision around June 5, a date we're rapidly approaching. As I said earlier, John Henry said he remains hopeful, and while a lot of observers think Clemens will stay in Houston, I'm on record as saying I think Roger ends up here. We'll all know, soon enough
Jbach66Gordo - Thanks for the great coverage, us transplants really appreciate it. Is there something wrong with Ortiz? He does not look himself at the plate lately.
Gordon_Edesjbach, not that I'm aware of. David had some outstanding at-bats earlier in the Yankee series, even though he went 0 for 9 the last two games, including a 4-whiff game Wednesday, his first with the Sox. the previous seven games, he was hitting .346 with 10 ribbies and a couple of home runs. RJ may have gotten roughed up yesterday, but he's real tough on lefties--he won the battle with Ortiz yesterday, as did Kyle Farnsworth in a terrific 8th-inning duel. Chalk it up to a bad night for Papi.
CAsoldierWho will go when Coco gets off the DL....Dustan Mohr or Willie Harris?
Gordon_EdesA coin flip, I suspect. Phantom injury, anyone, so one of the guys can go on the DL? Harris may have the edge because he can steal a bag; neither has hit. If I had to guess, I'd say Mohr goes
JoeliusMr. Edes, will Coco Crisp lead off when he returns? I think it would be shear folly to take Youkilis out of that spot--the guy just gets on base. Your thoughts? Is Coco the leadoff hitter a foregone conclusion?
Gordon_EdesJoelius, get ready for some sheer folly. Tito is on record that Coco will hit leadoff when he gets back, because he adds speed, too, to what Tito is confident will be a high OBP presence, too, Youkilis did a sensational job in the role, but we saw nothing this spring to suggest that Coco isn't up to the role, too. Putting Youks down in the order makes the bottom that much stronger. Hey,. if it doesn't work out, the Sox now know Youks is a viable top of the order alternative and Coco could be used in the 9-hole, as a "second" leadoff man
MattHritzIf the Sox don't call up Pedroia, how possible is a trade for someone like Julio Lugo since BJ Upton is waiting in the wings?
Gordon_EdesMatt, so far the Sox are willing to allow Gonzalez to be a black hole in the lineup because his defense has been so terrific. But I think you're dead on in believing Lugo will be on the block and that he's a guy the Sox have interest in; they made a strong run at him last winter
Boomer_of_BangorIt seems that Theo is much more reclusive this year and in the few interchanges with the media seems to be terse and defensive. Have you noticed any of this?
Gordon_EdesBoomer, I agree that Theo has kept a lower profile, no doubt as a consequence of the melodrama over the winter. I imagine he feels, with some justification, that he feels burned by the media, and is proceeding cautiously. Defensive? At times I would say that's a fair characterization. He also has made no secret of the fact that the organization will be less forthcoming with info, although I remain hopeful that with time he will relax some of those restrictions. Look, I'm sure his departure/return was a very trying time for Theo and his family, and it's a very human reaction, IMO, that he would be proceeding very cautiously on the public stage. Behind the scenes, I can assure you he's as engaged and involved as ever, with more authority than ever.
Fisk27inFairfieldCTHey, Gordon! Mike Lowell has been great - both at bat and in the field. What are the chances he'll be starting at 3B in the All Star Game? Is he on your ballot?
Gordon_EdesLowell is off to a great start, no question, but I suspect he's a long shot as all-star starter, to be sure. Lots of competition: A-Rod, Eric Chavez, Blalock. Kind of depends on what you want in an All-Star game, too--do you want to see one of the game's biggest stars, like a-rod (or even Chavez) or do you go with the guy who's having the best three months
thesewordsGordon, what are your expectations of Boomer's start tomorrow?
Gordon_EdesNot very high. I don't believe Boomer has many bullets left--43 years old, bigger than ever, bad knees. He says the knee has felt fine and pledged to be on the honor system if he can't cut it anymore, that he'll let the club know. But I suspect Friday may be a real struggle.
trappedintrentonGordon, I know he's been a great guy and homegrown product....but maybe it's time for a replacement for Trot Nixon (and Wily Mo isn't what I was thinking). Having a starting outfielder that bats about .050 against lefthanders is unacceptable...Having Dustin Mohr play right against the Yankees just doesn't cut it. Nixon's complete uppercut swing also is a liability because he lead the majors in Clutch Pop Outs. Am I alone on this one?
Gordon_EdesTinT, don't see why you've got a beef with Trot. He's played very well this season, and with Coco back, Pena will play against lefties and Trot will sit. Hey, guys, thanks for all your time and questions. I'll have a new 'Bag in place shortly, and we'll chat again soon
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