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Don Orsillo Red Sox chat transcript

May 1, 2006
JDDid the Sox just reacquire Doug Mirabelli? What do you think about that?
Don_OrsilloIf it is indeed true, it will be a great relief for Tim Wakefield, who this affects the most. For whatever reason, Mirabelli has mastered catching the knuckleball.
ACNortheasternHey Don, A fellow Northeastern grad to another, can we expect to see Coco Crisp back in the lineup perhaps sooner than mid-May? Also any truth to the rumor that Wally is also an NU grad?
Don_OrsilloNo, unfortunately, mid-May may be the most optimistic because he's missed so much time and has not done anything baseball-wise and likely needs a rehab stint.
PCRedsoxfanHey Don, how long before we bring up some arms from the system, Lester? Hansen?
Don_OrsilloI think all of the young arms the Sox have at Pawtucket will see time in the majors this season, which is certainly exciting. If the bullpen does not correct itself, we'll see them sooner rather than later.
mmiller220How does Manny like playing against the Yankees? Does he get into the rivalry as much as everyone else?
Don_OrsilloI sat with Manny last night on the plane, and I think the rivalry is much more intense for the fans than it is for the players. That said, I think these guys love playing each other. Sometimes it's tough to tell what drives Manny, but the crowd excitement certainly does.
redsoxblogIs Doug Mirabelli a member of the Red Sox again? If so who is out of town?
Don_OrsilloWe don't know officially, but if it is Cla Meredith, then you had to sacrifice something to get Mirabelli back., Yes, he's a young arm, but there is some depth in that area. And Mirabelli affects the major league roster. Bard would likely be released so...doesn't matter.
mmiller220How do you think the new additions to the team will perform in big games like today's against the evil empire?
Don_OrsilloI guess we'll find out in a hurry. I think the guys who came from the Florida Marlins and have playoff and World Series experience will be fine. The book is out on the rest.
Johnny_Demonhow can people condone not booing johnny damon after what he did
Don_OrsilloIn my opinion, he should be cheered once, based on what he did in a Red Sox uniform. Beyond that, he's in the pinstripes now and can not be viewed as just any visiting player.
bwHow hurt is TEK ?
Don_OrsilloIt is something that has bothered him since spring training. Basically his backside stiffens up, and somedays are better than others. We have clearly seen it when he's running. He will need time off which highlights the Mirabelli situation.
PawSox34How do you feel about David Wells this season? Can he make a positive impact at all or is he a lost cause?
Don_OrsilloI think he could. I think if anybody can come back and pitch at a high level, it's David Wells, who has re-created himself over and over again in his long major league career. No word yet on a rehab stint for Wells, which would definitely have to happen.
mirabelli_on_routehey don, looks like the bard experiment is over and they didn't have to give up too much
Don_OrsilloI feel really bad for Josh Bard because it was a no-win situation. But clearly, this was a major issue. Nobody makes catching the knuckleball looks easy, and that includes Mirabelli, but it also appeared that Bard was pressing.
JonHas Josh taken any steps to bounce back from the disaster in preparation for tomorrow's game?
Don_OrsilloI don't think he's done anything preparation-wise differently. I don't think he's had too many outings remotely close to his last one in Cleveland. I can't imagine him having another one like that again. He's too good a pitcher.
SoxInTheCityDo you think Damon will be a genuine impact player in 2008 and 09? People need to remember that the Sox didn't sign him because they didn't believe his body would hold up to the tune of $13million each of those years. You can't run through walls, play hurt, and be productive forever. Time to get over him!!
Don_OrsilloMy greatest fear, and I think the fear that the Red Sox has, was definitely the back end of the deal. The way he plays the game is great, but takes its toll on anyone's body. Had the deal been a three-year deal, I believe he would be in a Red Sox uniform.
TOCI recognize that Coco being out is clearly going to affect the lineup, but I feel like the current weak offensive output suggests that the balance is too tight. It seems risky that if one person goes down the wheels should fall off. Thoughts?
Don_OrsilloI think the impact of having Coco Crisp in the lineup makes the bottom of the lineup tougher. Obviously Youkilis would not be leading off and would help toward the bottom of the lineup and help roll it over to the top. In my estimation this lineup is not as deep as years past.
bestprguyAfter seeing Cleveland and Tampa, who is the best young hitter you've seen so far this season?
Don_OrsilloI would have to say I am very impressed with Jonny Gomes and maybe the most underrated hitter in baseball: Travis Hafner. You don't hear a lot about either one, but both have been great.
robby_boyHow much does having Mirabelli back translates into actual wins? It seems Wake was a victim of lack of scoring than Bard.
Don_OrsilloI think Wake has had a tough season himself. But you have to wonder how comfortable he really felt with his batterymate. To me, hopefully, that will translate into wins.
natedogHow many more chances will DiNardo get to prove he belongs in the rotation? Who do you see taking his place? Can Abe Alvarez succeed here?
Don_OrsilloI would say that they will keep a short leash on this situation. Alvarez is a similar pitcher and it is tough to tell how much more success we could expect.
FaithfullI think having Wakefield in the second spoy on the rotation has hurt the Sox. Wake is a great pitcher but he gives up 4-6 runs per outing, this years sox have trouble scoring that many runs against any other teams # 2 man. Do you think the Sox can tweek thing so Beckett can have the #2 spot on the rotation?
Don_OrsilloThey could. I have never believed in the change of pace in having Walefield as the No. 2. But I think more of the problem is scoring runs. Whether it be against a No. 2 or a 4 or 5 pitcher.
CecilA.G. at SS is giving away an out each time he bats. Would you agree that it would be better to have someone who may be more of a liability defensively, but could provide some offense, and not be an automatic out?
Don_OrsilloIF the rest of the lineup was hitting consistently, this would not be an issue. You're talking about the No. 9 hitter. I have been surprised that he has not hit better but it is tough to quarrel with what he brings defensively.
scottybtnrDo you see Toronto making a legitimate run for the playoffs this year?
Don_OrsilloYes, in my eyes they are legit. Like everybody else, it will rely on the health of their pitching. The A.J. Burnett situation has set them back some. But I feel that it is a three-team race again.
BoSoxBashaHey Don, nice work. Was Meredith really ever in the Sox long-range plans after last season's disaster?
Don_OrsilloHis situation was one of the classic rush to the big leagues that ended badly and set him back. Not to say that he may not recover and have a great major league career, but to have it start the way it did certainly set him back as it would for any young pitcher.
jCDon, how is the rivalry with the Yankees perceived from a broadcasters view? Do you guys get caught up in it with the Yankee broadcasters or is this just a "fan" level thing?
Don_OrsilloNo doubt. I think it's exciting for us all. The games are so much more intense than your average Tampa, Kansas City, or any other opponent. We get just as excited because of the importance of the season series. It's like a playoff game every night when you play the Yankees, and since we don't get to do the playoffs, these are our postseason games.
hawk1DO--do you sense Willy Mo is the type of player who is going to thrive in these big games one day? Seems like he is struggling, but could make it happen one day.
Don_OrsilloThat's tough to tell. I think that he's sort of finding his way right now. He is adapting to the big stage and had a rough beginning. If he can go on a home run streak, his comfort level will change drastically. It's too early to tell.
mpgDon, I am a big Renee Russo fan and have been since her unbelievable performance in Major Leagues. In watching the telecast a week or so back, it seemed like sparks were flying. Is she a Indians fan or a Sox fan?
Don_OrsilloApparently she got wrapped up in the championship season of 2004. She was a Dodgers fan until then. She now has the MLB package and is a devout Red Sox fan, thus her trip to Fenway this season. I, too am a great Rene Russo fan, and even more so now.
funksnoggleHi Don. The possibility, however remote, of getting to call Roger Clemens possible return to Fenway as a member of the Red Sox must be really exciting for you. What are your thoughts on that situation?
Don_OrsilloDefinitely, like everybody else, I would love to see the storybook ending in a Red Sox uniform. I think it is a remote possibility, but one that we all hope for. Can you imagine Schilling, Beckett, Clemens in any kind of series?
shaneDon, being around the time as much as you are, how is the chemistry in the clubhouse compared to the awesome chemistry the team had in the 3 previous years?
Don_OrsilloTotally different. It is so far the quietest of the six Red Sox clubhouses that I have been around. Sometimes it takes until the middle of the season to find some identity, and so far they have not.
BW_2Don, is there still a chance that Papelbon would be moved into the rotation later in the season if Wells can't come back and Foulke continues to pitch well? Are Red Sox stepping up their pursuit of the Rocket due to the wells injury?
Don_OrsilloI think they will be very reluctant to move Papelbon this season. In listening to Terry Francona, they do not want to mess with what could be a Hall of Fame career, early in it. This is clearly working, why would you change it now. However, it is my belief, in future seasons that Papelbon will be a front line starter.
BBWhat's up with Loretta? He seems to be really struggling at the plate. He's too good of a hitter to be hitting .200.
Don_OrsilloI think he's just going through a tough spell of getting his feet on the ground. He is a career .301 hitter and will likely come around.
angieFIt seemed that Manny was coming out of his slump, but he looked pretty bad yesterday. Any cause for concern... yet?
Don_OrsilloNo. I never worry about Manny. There were periods over the last few years when you wondered whether Manny was done being Manny only to find out that at the end of the year his 40 home runs and 140-plus RBIs are there.
Dougie_MirabelliDo you think the lack of identity makes it harder for a team to bounce back after a rough stretch? For example losing 6 of 9 on the road.
Don_OrsilloGood point. I think that was one of the strengths of the past few teams, the resiliency to bounce back from seemingly crushing defeat. This team has not found that identity yet. It amazed me how many times the 2004 team was able to come back.
chatterThe spring-training buzz on Lowell was that his bat speed wasn't there do you think he looks at the moment?
Don_OrsilloI think he looks very good. I also wondered in watching him in spring training whether he would have another offensive season like he did last year. I think his low offensive production last year has served as a motivator this year. He's been great.
NHSoxFan_2Don, I heard you and Rem-dog talking the other night about the fact that nobody ever visits with Rem-dog at his house. He said that if he sees someone coming up his driveway, he goes and hides. Have you ever been to his house? Invited or spur of the moment visit?
Don_OrsilloI have not been to his house but we have eaten and done a great many things over the past six years. He has been great to me. But I will stay away from his house.
bosox2121Seinfeld said it best when he said fans today are only rooting for laundry. How do you feel about todays game with free agency especially on a day like today with Damon making his return to fenway in pinstripes?
Don_OrsilloI think it's harder today on the fan. I love the fact that when I was a kid the players on the team you loved were there year in and year out. I understand the need for free agency, but that doesn't mean I have to like it.
billygDo you think we will see Gabe Kapler in a major league uniform this season?
Don_OrsilloI would say, yes. I think it is possible and something that he is striving for. I had the chance to talk with him during spring training and his biggest problem was going too fast and trying to get back too quickly.
LaurieDon- are you excited to be hosting the 25th anniversary PawSox luncheon for the longest game?
Don_OrsilloYes. I love the Pawtucket Red Sox and all of the people who work there. I spent five years with the PawSox and feel very connected with their organization and I'm honored to be part of that anniversary event.
weaver53Al Nipper has seemed to fit in well with the Sox coaching staff. Do you think he is helping any?
Don_OrsilloI think Al was put in a very tough situation, having to learn the staff on the fly. But his knowledge of the minor league pitchers that he had worked with in recent years is a great asset. While the team has missed Dave Wallace, Al Nipper has done a good job.
Brendanf860Do you think Manny had a chance the other night at an Inside the Park home run if he would have ran all the way. And also is he afraid of sliding into home. No matter how close the play is he just runs through home like he is running through first. It is high comedy to watch that though.
Don_OrsilloI think he did have a chance for an inside the park home run. But you can not say that he is the only guy who watches what could be a home run - or a foul ball.
dapDo you still see a need for JT Snow on this team seeing how KY has done so well defensively?
Don_OrsilloYes, I do because Youkilis can play other positions and should there be an injury at third or even second you're able to move him and still have a Gold Glove first baseman.
JonDon, are you nervous about today's matchup? The Yankees have been run-producing machines this year, and the red sox... well.. haven't. We've yet to break 10 runs in a game. Do you think tricky Wake will be enough to down the Yanks today?
Don_OrsilloI think it will be up to Wakefield to decide whether or not the Red Sox have enough tonight. There are few holes in the Yankees' lineup. The Red Sox pitching needs to find a way to stop them from scoring many runs. Furthermore, the Red Sox desperately need some timely hitting. It'll be fun to watch.
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