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Gordon Edes Red Sox chat transcript

April 27, 2006
sbchampsThe Sox are obviously giving games away when Wakefield pitches (due to the lineup) and DiNardo pitches. How long will they wait in DiNardo's case before they make a move to replace him in the rotation?
Gordon_EdesHey, everyone, No sprints required to Kinko's for this chat, like I did in Texas. Lenny gets the ball again Saturday, and while I think it would have been too soon to pull the plug on him after just two starts, I think the pressure will be on against the D-Rays in St Pete. Lenny has options, of course, and with Abe Alvarez pitching doing well in Pawtucket--he pitches again this afternoon--and Matt Ginter, the Sox have options, though with Ginter a non-roster guy the Sox would have to make a roster move.
Frito_TanconaRight now, the Red Sox have 13 wins, 8 losses. Do you think they would have won more games if they'd had Crisp in the lineup all 23 games? If so, how many more?
Gordon_EdesFrito, is this a trick question? you say 13-8, which is correct, but then ask me what their record would be if Coco had played in all 23 games. They've played 21! Shoot, I don't know. You imagine it might be, given the lack of production the Sox have gotten from the guys who replaced him, but I can't say that for sure. Only Gammons can!!!
CAsoldierAny new rumors about the Roger Clemens sweepstakes? What are the odds of this happening?
Gordon_EdesCA, I bet a dinner with Jerry Trupiano on the air last week that Clemens is coming. He thinks Clemens will most likely retire or stay in Houston, and it doesn't help the Sox cause that the Astros are off to their best start in 20 years. As I wrote this week, Al Nipper, the Sox pitching coach and a close friend of Roger, has stayed in touch with Clemens, and so has Curt Schilling, and you can be sure the Sox are putting on the full-court press. Money won't be an obstacle, we know that, so it all depends if Roger wants to write a storybook ending to an already magnificent career. I say he does.
smac42any chance we could get Mirabelli back for Seanez? what would it take?
Gordon_EdesSmac, Ain't happenin'. I think the Sox feel that Seanez, though he has been up and down so far, will prove to be a useful reliever this season, and I think they'll try Huckaby or Corky Miller before they reach for the phone and try to get Mirabelli back. True, he's not playing much for San Diego, but I don't think they can count on Piazza carrying the load all year.
chad5207Do you think Tim Wakefield threw the fastball on the 2-strike count to Peralta in the first inning because of his lost confidence in Josh Bard to catch the ball with men on 2nd and 3rd?
Gordon_EdesNo, Chad, because the runners were on first and second. Sizemore singled and stole second, and Michaels beat out an infield hit to short, Sizemore holding second. Wake occasionally tries to throw a fastball, but this one ran back over the plate and as he said, 'I could have hit it out of the park.'
jpDo you think the Sox will send Josh Bard down and call up another catcher? I know that they may not be any better but it seems pretty obvious that Wakefield needs to have another catcher to pitch to.
Gordon_EdesJp, that is under discussion. The Sox have a couple of options, as I wrote about this morning. Ken Huckaby, who went to Florida during the off-season to work on catching Wake, comes off Pawtucket's DL tomorrow. They also just signed Corky Miller, who did a good job catching Jared Fernandez's knuckler when both were with the Reds. Miller can't hit a lick--he's 1 for 55 in the big leagues dating back to 9/18/03--but I wouldn't be shocked if he got a look. Huckaby may get first call, though. I just find it hard to believe the Sox will run Bard out there against the Yanks on Monday, but both Wakefield and Francona are standing by him publicly
Roger_ClemensGordo, Clem here. Question for ya: what are some of the reasons you think I might consider coming back to Boston to finish my career, and if you were a bettin' man, what would you say the odds are?
Gordon_EdesRocket, I always knew you were a closet fan of the 'Bag. Look, you'd be coming full circle by returning. You break your tie with Cy Young for most wins ever by a Sox pitcher, and after you retire we lobby that the change the name of the Cy Young Award to the Roger Clemens award. The Duke is gone, JWHenry will give you unlimited use of his yacht, you'll make Pedro a distant memory in the eyes of the fans, who will lose their minds if you come back. Your good buddy Nip is the pitching coach, and your pal Eddie Miller will invent a whole new line of Clemens souvenir wear over at Twins. What better way to ride off into the sunset than by celebrating on the Fenway hill in October?
soxfan7hey Gordon, i was just wondering why the sox don't call up Hansen up to the bigs? I saw he was dominant in double a and has recently been called up to triple a, but he was successful last year in the majors and can be successful now. bringing him up would allow Papelbon to get into the rotation and allow us to have 3 legitimate aces on the staff.
Gordon_Edes7, the Sox have laid out a very specific plan for Hansen. They've been pitching him two and three innings at a time because they want him to work on refining all of his pitches, instead of just coming in and blowing everyone away for an inning. He's scheduled to throw three tomorrow for Pawtucket. Papelbon has been so dominant as closer, you'd have to be nuts to mess with that right now. In time, 7, in time.
JonIs there any word of how long Wells is expected to be out for? Should we assume he's done?
Gordon_EdesJon, there hasn't been any definitive word on when the Boomer will be back. He's due for his last injection of Synvisc, the lubricant he's been using in his knees, very shortly, and after that he should be allowed to resume some activity. There's a chance, of course, that the knees won't respond to the treatment and Wells will have to call it a career, but I wouldn't assume that just yet.
Pete_MoneyAny chance that Coco's injury will sideline him past the mid May timeframe given by Francona?
Gordon_EdesNo reason to think so, PM. The timetable is pretty consistent with what the hand specialist I talked to said. Believe me, the Sox want him back as soon as he's ready. Youks has done a nice job out of the leadoff hole, but the whole lineup is stronger when Crisp comes back and Youkilis goes back to the bottom third of the order.
chipThe Sox have had a good start -- so far. But we all know it ALWAYS comes down to the Yankees. Big series coming up; how do you think they will do? Do you think this will be an accurate barometer of how the Sox will fare this year?
Gordon_EdesWell, Chip, it's only a two game set, so I don't know how much of a barometer it will be, especially since Monday night's game will be one of the all-time circuses with Johnny Damon coming back. Hey, don't dismiss the Blue Jays, who have a much-improved lineup, and you got to worry about the Tribe and White Sox in the Central. No guarantees that the wild card will come out of the East. The Yanks have been up and down so far and need to get their pitching straightened out.
JgamsI'm curious as to how you feel about the Willy Mo/Arroyo deal now that some time has passed and Arroyo is doing so well. Willy clearly has an upside, but he is also a work in progress where as Arroyo was/is a proven veteran pitcher who can win you 10+ games a year or work from the bullpen. I realize that hindsight is 20/20, but how could management not predict the demise of Well's and the potential need for starting pitching?
Gordon_EdesJgams, I don't think enough time has passed to make a true evaluation of the deal. Arroyo has been great for the Reds, no doubt, but do you really think he's on the verge of becoming a 20-game winner? Let's see how he does his second time through the league. Wily Mo showed again last night why the Sox are drawn to his potential, and while the Sox had reason to question whether Wells would hold up all season, I don't think they saw him going down this soon. I think Theo believes that he has options if Wells doesn't come back, filling with DiNardo and/or Abe Alvarez, possibly scoring a coup with Clemens, and Papelbon as a long-term solution. The Sox don't have guys with Pena's power potential in the system. I'm not going to condemn this deal; I said at the time and I reiterate that I believe the deal was worth making. The Reds were ready to play Pena every day in left field this season. Give it some more time
NHSoxFanWith the stellar defense of Youk. is there any chance of the Sox cutting Snow loose and bringing up Choi to add some punch on the weak bench?
Gordon_EdesThat's not unreasonable to speculate, NHfan. Choi is on rehab assignment with Pawtucket right now, and has hit 3 home runs, I believe, already. His rehab assignment ends May 3, at which time he can be optioned to Pawtucket. I believe that's the course the Sox will follow, but if Choi gets hot, I think the Sox would like to have a LH power bat on the bench.
mistereGord--are the Sox brass worried at all over Lester's slow start at AAA?
Gordon_EdesNot at all. Again, they are proceeding very carefully with him, keeping him on a very strict pitch count, but the consensus up and down the organization is that he is a special pitcher.
trotfanGordon, I'm a big Trot Nixon fan because of the way he plays the game and the way he is the ultimate team player. I know it's a business, but I'd like to see the Sox offer him a contract extension. However, the Willy Mo deal makes me think the Sox have other long-term plans. What are your thoughts on Trot's shelf-life and whether or not we can expect to see Trot in a Sox uniform in the coming years.
Gordon_EdesTF, your guy is off to an excellent start, and while he is a free agent after the season, I don't think the Sox have bequeathed the position to Pena by any means. He's still an unproven commodity. Re-signing Trot will depend on what he can command on the open market, and what he'd be willing to accept to stay. Sox pegged Johnny Damon's value at 4 X $10m; Damon valued himself higher, and the Yanks have him $52m. If Nixon were willing to sign a two year deal w/an option or a 3-yr deal at the Sox price, I could see him staying. But it also depends on who else is out there, too.
JoeDo you think it's possible that Alex Gonzalez is wearing the wrong shoe size? If he switches to a bigger size, can we expect some offensive production?
Gordon_EdesJoe, I assume you're making a reference to Kevin Mench, who has hit HRs in six straight games since discovering he was wearing shoes that were too small. Hey, we all knew Gonzalez wouldn't offer much offensively; t'ain't the shoes.
kdebHow is the clubhouse atmosphere so far? I was a bit concerned with Damon not being there and more importantly Millar. Do you think Theo wanted all that looseness that we saw the past couple of years to go away and shift into something more "professional"?
Gordon_Edeskdeb, The true value of Millar and Damon in the clubhouse came when the club was losing. This team hasn't been tested yet, but while this is hardly a wacky bunch, there are still some strong personalities here--Varitek, Schilling, Backett--and lots of guys who know how to win and go about their business the right way--Timlin, Ortiz, Wakefield, Loretta, Lowell. And Youkilis doesn't need anybody to tell him to Cowboy Up to get ready to play.
HealzAre you going to cheer or boo Johnny "traitor" Damon when he comes to Fenway. I personally can never cheer for anyone in pinstripes (except Bellhorn as I did not see him as too much of a threat)
Gordon_EdesHealz, it's not for me to cheer or boo Damon when he shows up Monday. That's for you all to decide. That old adage, "No cheering in the Pressbox" still applies, except when someone shows up with a fresh batch of doughnuts.
showmanDoes Craig Hansen's promotion to Pawtucket mean we'll be seeing him at Fenway Park this summer? What are the chances of that happening?
Gordon_EdesShowman, I certainly think it increases the chances. I do expect to see him at some point this summer, unless he should struggle in Triple A.
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