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Gordon Edes Red Sox chat transcript

April 4, 2006
BostondotcomWelcome to today's chat everyone! Gordon has checked in from Arlington, Texas, and is ready to answer questions about your 1-0 Boston Red Sox. So fire away! Gordon, the floor is yours ...
Irishloki21Where you surprised that Schilling was allowed to throw so many pitches in the season opener? It seems like you would want to limit his pitch count, especially in the first game when you are up by a couple runs.
Gordon_EdesI was mildly surprised, only because of the heat and because the Rangers hit some balls hard in the sixth inning.
RJAfter Adam Stern's 17 days of ML service are over, will the Sox use him as trade bait?
Gordon_EdesNo, I think the Sox want to keep Stern and see what he can do with 500 at bats in Triple-A.
BostondotcomHey everyone ... just wanted to give you a heads up that we're experiencing technical difficulties over here. Gordon is having computer problems, but that's not going to stop him! He is running to Kinkos as I type this to log on to a computer there. Hang with us, he should be back online within 10 minutes.
MurrWas it a suprise to you that Dustin Mohr was not traded ?
Gordon_EdesHey, I'm back, a little sprint to Kinko's--hey I'm not as fast as Coco, and getting on their computer, but we're dealing. Anyway, a little surprised, I s'pose, that Mohr wasn't dealt. I thought Phils would pull the triugger, but they made a better deal for Delucci from Texas. I believe Mohr had some opt-out language in his minor league deal with Six, if I remember correctly, but he must not have been able to line up anything
HoyapaulMike Lowell had a nice home run yesterday, but I'm still concerned about the rumors of his slower bat speed. Do you think he'll get back to the Mike Lowell of two years ago?
Gordon_Edeshoyapaul, trust your eyes. Lowell swung the bat better at the end of camp and took that into the opener yesterday. True, some scouts were saying hat Lowell's bat looked slow, but I looked at his spring training numbers the last few years and they were all pretty bad.
pedro_s_ghostPlease tell me they will have a short leash WITH Foulke... I know its just one outing but with last year they really need to make the decision early. Your thoughts?
Gordon_EdesMan, I better start typing better on this keyboard. Yikes. Anyway, Foulke did nothing yesterday to allay fears he'll never be what he was in '04, but frankly, I'd reserve judgment. The good news was his velocity was better than any time in camp--88-89 yesterday--and let's take his word for it now that he was not terribly concerned about location because of the big lead. But with Papelbon available as Option B, I can assure you the leash will be short.
rocket_returnHello Gordo ... what do you make of this Clemens situation? Was yesterday's comments just a side show? What do you think the chances of Clemens actually returning to Boston are, percentage-wise?
Gordon_EdesAs side shows go, RR, it was a beaut. Rocket being romanced by John Henry and Tom Werner on one side of the field and by Tom Hicks on the other. I was very skeptical early on that there was any chance he'd come back to Boston, but now I'd give it a 30-70 shot, with it 70-30 that he retire. If Houston wants him back, they'd better be in contention come June 1.
DavePGordon, how disappointed was the Sox management team with Tavarez's suspension? If he runs into trouble again during the year -- and he does have a history -- will they try to move him to ensure that he doesn't become a bad apple and bring down the team?
Gordon_EdesDaveP, for what they signed him for--two years at $6.7m total--this will not be an easy guy to move. You notice no one in Sox management came out and ripped the guy, or even offered mild criticism. Shoot, with playoff spots likely to be determined by one or two wins by the end of the season, they can't be happy but obviously they were willing to make this kind of tradeoff for his ability, having to put up with conduct like he showed at the end of camp. Maybe they thought he'd matured or calmed down, but obviously there's still a hair trigger involved.
CAsoldierWill the Red Sox bring up Craig Hanson any earlier than expected, if Foulke runs into trouble?
Gordon_EdesCAsoldier, I doubt that's the plan. It wouldn't surprise me if they called up Delcarmen sooner than Hansen, with Papelbon serving as closer. They really want Hansen to gain some pro experience, and preferably not in the crucible of Boston. Not yet.
CAsoldierIs Rheal Cormier still a possibility to be in a red Sox uniform again (maybe for Dustin Mohr?)
Gordon_EdesNo, Sox never had any interest in Frenchy, from what I'm told. His performance really dropped off badly the last couple of seasons.
JPDo you think Roger Clemens is going to demand a full year salary ($20 million) even though he will pitch less than a full season?
Gordon_EdesJP, you know Roger ain't going to do anything on the cheap. Twenty million? That may be a little high. Hey, if teams are lucky, he'll pro-rate last year's $18m.
PFitzGordon... I enjoy reading your work everyday. Do you see the Red Sox prolonging Big Papi's extension talks? I realize he is basically signed through 2007 but locking him up long term seems to make a lot of sense. Thanks for the time Gordon!!
Gordon_EdesPFitz, yesterday was the first indication I'd gotten all spring that negotiations might not be going as smoothly as we might have all assumed. David seemed disappointed to me that a deal didn't get done this spring, and said he didn't want to negotiate during the season. But remember, he signed his last extension in May, so there's precedent for talks to continue. JWH said he wants to lock up Ortiz long-term, Papi says he wants to stay, but as he said yesterday, it's not in his control. We're operating a little in the dark here. we don't know what Papi is seeking, nor what the Red Sox are willing to pay.
TommyLI haven't seen much of Mark Loretta over his career, but is what we saw yesterday typical of him? It was a Mueller-esque type day, working the pitcher, fouling off pitches until he got something to work with.
Gordon_EdesThat was vintage Loretta yesterday, facing a total of 31 pitches in his AB. He didn't hit .330-plus two years ago by accident, and he appears fully healed from the thumb injury that wreaked havoc with his performance last season. He's ideal for the No 2 spot in the lineup.
DoubleD82Gordon, do we have enough offense this year or is it going to dependent upon Ortiz dominating again and being a top 3 MVP candidate? Can Ortiz keep this up, is his bat the same looking one as the last few years? I think our pitching is there this year and am worried about balance on the offense.
Gordon_EdesD-D, the Sox last season became the first team in over 50 years to score 900 or more runs three straight seasons, and it's probably too much to expect them to duplicate that this season. This lineup isn't as strong as the one the Sox had when Billy Mueller, the defending AL batting champion, was batting ninth. There are lots of question marks, and a couple of obvious holes. That said, this team isn't just the Manny/Papi show. There are some good hitters up and down the lineup--let's see what Coco does hitting in front of those galoots, or what happens if Mike Lowell regains his stroke and Trot Nixon stays healthy.
NappaBesides Timlin and Papelbon, which other option out of the bullpen does Terry Francona have the most confidence in?
Gordon_EdesHow many options do you need? Obviously Seanez and Tavarez are new here, so the degree of Francona's trust in them will rise and fall depending on how they pitch for the Sox. Riske is more of a long man, and because he was lit up in camp, Sox probably view him as risky business, at least for now. I think Terry likes having DiNardo on the staff as a lefty option, tho to be honest I thought there was a good chance he'd be in Pawtucket's rotation.
melrosianHey where's the streaming video of Gordon running to Kinkos? Chariots of Fire, Gordon! You can make it!
Gordon_EdesMel--film at 11. It won't be as good as Remy's bloopers, but close!
the_green_monsterdo you think wells will still get traded?
Gordon_EdesTGM, negative. He fits nicely as the fifth starter, which means you're not quite as dependent on him if he breaks down physically. But Sox won't want to deal another pitcher, although check back in July....we'll see where Hansen, Papelbon, Foulke et all have shaken out by then.
mattWhat happened to Juan Gonzalez?
Gordon_EdesJuan Gone was Juan Never Came as far as the Sox were concerned. Obviously, the trade for Wily Mo Pena persuaded Gonzalez that a trip to Fort Myers from San Juan wasn't worth the airfare. ASnd after Cleveland's experience with him, when they paid him $600,000 for one at-bat because of injuries. I think most clubs are persuaded that Gonzalez, like Sammy Sosa, is better suited for the beach than a big-league roster
RobbieHey Gordon, just wondering how you felt about Kevin Youkilis yesterday, he went 0-4, do you think the Red Sox should worry?
Gordon_EdesHey Robbie, Barry Zito got lit up by the Yankees last night in the shortest outing of his career....should A's fans be worried about him? Easy, big fella. Let's not judge Youks on the basis of a single 0 for 4, just as we shouldn't conclude that Mike Lowell is back to being a masher on the basis of one home run.
NickHow much weight will the Sox attach to base stealing this year with Crisp, et al? I think Boston forgets how potent base stealing threats are, even after Roberts in the '04 ALCS.
Gordon_EdesNick, I think we've all figured out that these Sox just don't believe in giving up outs, which is what you're doing when you're trying to steal bases and don't succeed. Cocoi said this spring he could trade 50 bags if given a steady green light, but that's not going to happen, not when guys like Manny and Ortiz will soon be in the on-deck circle.
yaykobMatt Clement has had a history of good first halves and lackluster finishes. Do you think after last season's implosion he can at least put together a solid stretch early on this season?
Gordon_EdesYaykob, my personal observation this spring is that I didn't see any pitcher work harder than Matt Clement. I think you can count on 200 innings and 13-16 wins from Clement; I think most clubs would be happy with that from their No 4 starter.
NickHow much of the Clemens show, do you think, was just his ego, and how much was him being dazzled at the prospect of being on the same staff as Schilling, Beckett, Papelbon, etc.?
Gordon_EdesNick (and tell Mrs Cafardo I said hello), I don't think Clemens is the least bit dazzled at the prospect of pitching with the guys you mention. I suspect he'd tell you that you got that backwards--they should be the ones dazzled at the prospect of pitching with HIM.
G_in_VAGord -- Think Schill is back to his 2004 form? Loved the fist-pumping, a good sign don't you think?
Gordon_Edesg, for one day in April he certainly was, and as I reported all spring, the signs were all encouraging in Florida as well. You still have to allow for the possibility that age will take a toll at some point, and I still think Francona will try to preserve him with a quicker hook than in the past, but Schill has every reason to be pumping his fists, and so do Sox fans.
hibriccGordon, what are the plans at the Globe regarding coverage of Barry Bonds this season? Any chance of completely ignoring his chase of Ruth & Aaron?
Gordon_Edeshibricc, you know, I haven't had that conversation with my bosses, though I doubt the intention is to ignore him. But whether we assign a staff writer when he approaches Ruth, I can't tell you. I imagine we'll have to have somebody there if he closes in on Aaron. The one thing we won't do is ignore it, but I appreciate where that sentiment came from.
BostondotcomThanks for stopping by everyone, and thanks for chatting Gordon! Send us the bill from Kinkos!
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