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Gordon Edes Red Sox chat transcript

March 21, 2006
DingoWhat are the ramifications of the Arroyo trade? Do they hold on to Clement and Wells now? Could Nixon possibly be dealt? And to whom and for what?
Gordon_EdesHey, everyone. We're rolling, and Dingo cuts right to it. Yes, Arroyo being traded means a rotation of Schill, Wake, Beckett, Clement and Wells, in that order. Papelbon to the pen, either as setup or closer, depending on Foulke. Trot, I believe they keep. I'm sure we'll be discussing this further in the chat
NickI'm not sure trading a proven quality starting pitcher for what would seem to be a backup player in Pena behind Nixon. So my question is, are the Sox going to move Nixon possibly in a package deal with Graffanino?
Gordon_EdesNick, I think the Sox see Pena as much more than a backup, especially down the road. He's only 24, has terrific power, and if he puts it together he could be a middle-of-the-lineup presence for years to come. But he's never played every day, which is why Theo calls him a work in progress. It's also a question of how big a defensive liability he is. I don't think the Sox have any plans to trade Trot at this time. The All-Star break, depending on how Wily Mo is playing, that's a different story
bostonAKGordon, Can we still trade Boomer or are we stuck with him?
Gordon_EdesbostonAK, they won't move Boomer now. They're just keeping his fingers crossed that he stays healthy. Yes, Papelbon could step in, but I expect the Sox to add a veteran pitcher on the Triple-A level as insurance.
dfitz33With the acquisition of Mr. Pena, why on earth did Boston sign Juan Gonzales? Would they put him at first base and send Youklis back to third if Mike Lowell bombs?
Gordon_Edesdfitz33, there has not been a Juan Gonzalez sighting yet today, and I'm guessing he may never show. He'd be just spinning his wheels
Condor57Gordo - Do you think Wily Mo will be used in all 3 outfield positions? With the way Manny likes to take a day off it might be a big chance for him to get some playing time other than the platooning in RF.
Gordon_EdesCondor, that's a pretty good supposition on your part, tho scouts have told me that since Wily Mo has gotten so big, he's taken a step back defensively. I wrote about that brutal series he had in Fenway last year, and Jerry Narron, the Reds manager, said the Reds will be better defensively with Adam Dunn in left instead of Wily Mo, and given Dunn's limitations, that should tell you something
damiendomenicHi Gordo, do you know if the sox are already working on an extension for Ortiz, if not-what are they waiting for?
Gordon_Edesdamiend, they're keeping it way under the one's addressing it publicly, but I'm sure there are ongoing talks. I expect this will not go deep into the season before it's resolved
mapleI see positive feeling in the club house as critical to long term success. The Arroyo trade does add emphasis to the "business" nature of the Red Sox. Will this be a long term problem for the spirit of the team?
Gordon_EdesMaple, think of all the losses---Damon, Millar, Mueller, Lowe, on and on. Those guys in there understand it's business. The Sox just have to be mindful of bringing in guys with a winning mindset to replace them, and it appears they've done so
tonyfrigoWill the new Mo be like the old Mo?
Gordon_EdesHe'll never be the Man in the clubhouse like Mo Vaughn, if that's what you mean, and he probably won't hit for average like Mo, but the Sox hope he does some serious damage to the Wall--and beyond
COBuffsWhat is Foulke's status, and will he be the closer on day 1?
Gordon_EdesWe may know a little more after Thursday or Friday. Tito said it's probable Foulke will throw in a game by then. I think they go into the season with him as closer, but will be prepared to switch to Papelbon if he falters
Go_Sox_GoGordon, I like Wily Mo Pena (Who's mother must have shared spelling tips with Jimy Williams' mom), but couldn't the Sox have done better than an iffy 4th outfielder for a serviceable 4th or 5th starter and $1.5 mil. cash?
Gordon_EdesIt's all about the ceiling. It's not often you can get a potential impact player, at Pena's age. I can tell you that there are other teams that had a lot of interest in Pena, including the Orioles.
McSoxBronson Arroyo sounds so upset - don't you feel the front office took advantage of his being a stand-up guy?
Gordon_EdesYou know, McSox, we talked to him this morning, and he calmly discussed the situation. Yes, he is deeply wounded, but he did concede that he did not feel betrayed. If they wanted to guarantee that he wouldn't be traded, he said, they would have given him a no-trade clause. His agent wanted him he wouldn't throw a pitch in Fenway this season. His only hope was that the Sox would trade Wells or Clement instead
Wily_Mo_Better_BluesGordon, if I were Trot, I'd be a little upset by yesterday's trade. Does this serve as a shot across the bow for our boy in right?
Gordon_EdesTrot's a big boy. He understands the situation. He knows the Sox will strongly consider cutting ties with him after this season, because he will be a free agent (depending on the market), but at the same time he still should get the majority of playing time in right this season.
youWhat about Alfonso Soriano? What about the rumors that he might be headed to Boston, maybe for Wily Mo?
Gordon_Edesyou (You?), I exchanged e-mails with Jim Bowden today, he said he had heard nothing from the Sox. Pena's people have been told that the Sox have big plans for him, so the rumor about the Sox flipping Pena to the Nats in a Soriano deal appears unfounded, though Bowden has loved Pena since he traded for him when he was GM in Cincinnati
MScaliaPapelbon really pitched great the other day, but having the other 5 starters it seems like he'll be stuck in the pen to start the year... Do you think this is the case?
Gordon_EdesMS, yes, for the time being, he looks to be a bullpen guy, but a lot of things happen in the course of a season. You know, especially given the age and health issues of the starting staff, that Papelbon will be called upon to start at some point this season
shalHi Gordo, do you think the sox would have any interest in Carlos Pena if Detroit releases him??
Gordon_EdesMinimal. I know he played well after returning from the minors last season, but he's really struggled this spring. Too bad. A great kid with a big upside...just hasn't put it together. There was a reason Billy Beane let him go
JasonHicksCan David Wells continue to be a part of this team after his comments towards Tito? And why is the phrase "idiot" so common on this team?!
Gordon_EdesYou may have noticed that you didn't read about the 'idiot' business under my byline for the last week, and that was not by accident. I think the whole thing was a manufactured attempt at controversy created by a reporter who began the week with a sensationalized story about Wells not in camp, implying that he was unhappy. Turns out that Wells had an excused absence to attend a charity event on the other side of the state, which the reporter eventually got around to reporting. Then, IMO, he misrepresented some stuff that Francona had said to Wells-- who we all know has a big mouth anyway, and Wells popped off. The whole thing was bogus. In any event, Wells met with Francona and apologized. The one thing that was true is that Wells didn't want to get skipped over in the rotation, but now he's accepted that his first start will come April 12.
MacPhistoDo the Sox have the option of sending Willy Mo to AAA to get at-bats?
Gordon_EdesNo, MacPhisto, he'd have to clear waivers first because he's out of options--Yanks signed him to a big-league contract when he was 17
Willy_MoObviously Dustin Mohr is the odd man out, I hear The Phillies are interested, what do you see happening with Dustin Mohr ?
Gordon_EdesI see Dustan going elsewhere. Not good news for Kapler, either.
YazGordo, thanks for the insight. How do you think Manny is going to react when the Sox cut Enrique Wilson? So far he has been quiet this Spring?
Gordon_EdesYaz, question of the spring... Manny has been with Enrique throughout camp. Sox will have to handle that one with care, but both players have to know what's coming.
RedSoxNationWhat do you see in the future for Adam Stern. is the front office high on him?
Gordon_EdesRSN, how 'bout the props David Ortiz gave the Canadian Babe yesterday. Sox like Stern for his glove, his speed and his energy, now they want to see what he can do with 500 ABs in Pawtucket.
Jro54Who do you think is a good comparison to what Wily Mo will become?
Gordon_EdesCould go one of two ways, I suspect, Jay-ro. He becomes a Kingman, or he becomes a Big Mac (Mark MaGwire) type slugger.
llmbGordon - Do you think the majority of fans would agree that baseball is just a "business"? Do you think the Red Sox intentionally set out to disband the Idiots for a fresh start or simply a matter of individual moves equaling a new team?
Gordon_EdesLimb, No, I don't believe it was a conscious effort to disband the Idiots. Theo doesn't operate that way. This was a dispassionate series of moves that Theo believes will make the club better. Hey, Theo couldn't have enjoyed picking up the phone to tell Bronson he was traded. The two shared a lot of things in common, especially music.
PaulHas Dustin Pedroia recovered from his injury earlier this spring? When do you expect him up in Boston? Does he start the 07 season?
Gordon_EdesHe's still being held back because of his left shoulder injury. He's here in big league camp, doing everything but hitting. You have to figure he's a year away from being with the Sox, though he could always be a midseason call up.
ncsGordon -- You hear more or less rumors about Roger Clemens, is there any buzz down there, or is this going to be a subject until June?
Gordon_EdesNCS, lots of buzz lately, because I think the Sox are dead serious about making this happen. Roger's agent, Randy Hendricks, said Roger won't pitch in April and May and will reevaluate in mid-May. I think he'll look to see how the races are shaping up, but I've gone from pooh-poohing the idea to believing that it could happen.
Mr__PibbWhat's the over/under on Wall-Ball singles for Pena before he figures it out?
Gordon_EdesMr_Pibb, how about the over-under on how many times Wily Mo gets tossed at second, like he did last year when the Reds were in Fenway?
arntzvilleGordon, do you think the Sox are looking at any catchers in particular, now that Josh Bard is the only available backup? Is Mirabelli definitely out of reach?
Gordon_EdesArntzville, I don't think you'll see Mirabelli back in Sox uniform. I think the Padres need him, and the Sox have turned the page. Huckaby will start the season in Triple-A. He gives them some insurance, but they're casting about, They were looking at Koyie Hill with the D-Backs.
mattGordon, If Arroyo is a chess piece, which piece is he?
Gordon_Edesthatz an easy one, matt. a pawn
MJRAnother thing, Papelbon in the pen. Don't you want to see this guy get 200 innings instead of 70 or 80?
Gordon_EdesMJR, That's what Schill has been lobbying for all spring, and believe me Tito and Theo like the idea, too. But with Foulke's status uncertain, Papelbon has value in the pen and as I noted in an earlier question, he'll be needed before the season is over as a starter, when you consider the age and health of Sox rotation.
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