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Gordon Edes Red Sox chat transcript

Nov. 23, 2005
Gordon_Edes:Hey, everyone...thanks for showing up. I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to a little high school football today and tomorrow. For me, that means Lunenburg-St Bernard's tonight, Fitchburg-Leominster tomorrow (If I don't wimp out because of the weather). But I know you've got other things on your mind, so let's chat.
fiskforever:Q: Hi Gordon, thanks for taking the time! What is the likelihood that Gabe Kapler will return to the Sox next year? I assume a lot has to do with how a Ramirez deal might work out, but given his popularity with his teammates, it'd be nice to see him back.
Gordon_Edes:FF, I for one hope Kapler is back. He's progressing well with his rehab--he thinks he could be ready to play again early in the season, and wants to come back. I suspect the Sox would consider signing him to some kind of minor-league, make-good deal.
wesley1971:Q: Two Questions, Gordon: 1.) Love the Beckett deal. But why do I have this nagging feeling it could fall through? And 2.) How do you think the Mets getting Delgado affects the Manny situation?
Gordon_Edes:'71, not to worry. Dr Thomas Gill is spending the day reviewing Beckett's medical records, and I believe the Sox will be satisfied with what they see. Even if the shoulder might require a procedure down the road, it's worth the risk IMO... As for Manny and the Mets, Omar Minaya's checkbook has to max out sometime, doesn't it? They get Delgado, they want Billy Wagner, they've traded Mike Cameron, it's a little tough to envision them adding Manny, too.
JGams4924:Q: Gordon, I listened to Jayson Stark last night on the radio on the possibility of Manny staying due to his diminishing list of candidates for a trade? What do you think will happen and if he stays, what will the clubhouse environment be like?
Gordon_Edes:JGams4924, I thought Tony Maz made a good point in the other Boston metro today. Manny has expressed unhappiness intermittently and has still performed here. Has his unhappiness achieved a new level? Evidently, because the Sox are seriously exploring all trade possibilities. But Tom Werner was emphatic in saying the Sox would not make a bad deal just to satisfy Manny... if Manny remains, how will that affect the clubhouse? I suspect a lot of guys will be happy to see he's still in a Boston uniform....You just don't know if he'll check out altogether. That's the concern.
JT_LosAngeles:Q: With the acquisition of Mike Lowell from the Marlins, what do you expect the future of Kevin Youk to look like? Do you see him starting at First? Bouncing around (like last year)? Or involved in a possible Manny trade?
Gordon_Edes:JTLA, you can't get me a ticket to the Rose Bowl, can you? What about Youks--good question. He can either platoon at first--anyone like Adrian Gonzalez from the left side?--he can continue in the utility role, or he can be dealt, and not just in a Manny deal. My hunch is that he stays and platoons at first, but obviously you can't rule out a trade.
Fibbiyhooha:Q: Can't find this anywhere, does Lowell have any speed to maybe be a late inning replacement to play defense and run the bases for Youkilis?
Gordon_Edes:Hooha, you don't pay a guy $18m to pinch run and serve as a late inning defensive replacement, especially a Gold Glover. Here's my prediction: Lowell hits .260, 25 HR, 90 RBIs and plays great D. This guy isn't going to drop off the face of the earth.
Fisk27inFairfieldCT:Q: Hi, Gordon, thanks for taking my question. Are the Sox officially out of the BJ Ryan stakes? If not, what's the latest?
Gordon_Edes:Fisk27, here's how I look at the Big Gun free agents: None of them--Billy Wagner, Ryan, Konerko, Burnett--are going anywhere until they hear from the Sox first. I predict all three pitchers will be visting Boston--soon--before they make a decision.
RJ:Q: What's up on the Johnny Damon front, and if the Sox are unable to re-sign him, who will be playing center next season?
Gordon_Edes:RJ, Mr. Boras has let it be known that he wants seven years for JD. I would say no way, but I've also learned never to bet against Mr Boras either. Sox won't go past four years, IMO. If there's a much better offer out there, adios Johnny, though I believe he wants to stay and if the offers are relatively close he might take less to remain in Boston... RE: who plays center if Damon goes, shoot, that's a good question . Pickings obviously are slim. Personally, I'm intrigued with Corey Patterson, who has been a bust with the Cubs--and the sabermetric numbers are bad--but still has the chance to be a very good ballplayer in the opinion of a lot of good baseball people. I can't see the Sox going for Milton Bradley, and Juan Pierre probably is headed elsewhere, so I'm going to have to dig deeper on that one.. Anyone for Brad Wilkerson in center, or Vernon Wells, if Toronto decides to go after Manny? Just wondering....
skysox:Q: Gordon - know you covered the Marlins - any way of salvaging that team and/or fan base?
Gordon_Edes:Sky, I covered the Marlins from their inception until the end of '96, and covered their World Series titles in '97 and '03 for the Globe. I feel like I would lose a part of me if the Marlins left south Florida. It seems their last best hope is Wayne Huizenga, the owner who blew up the club after '97... he still owns the Dolphins, he's developing the land around Dolphins Stadium, and according to what I read, if he supports building a new ballpark with a retractable roof next door, and throws in some dough, too, the Marlins might yet stay. But it doesn't look real promising.
kell:Q: What do you think Craig Hansen's role will be in 2006. Given Foulke comes back to his 2004 form, any chance Sox will put him in a setup role or is that Timlin's line of work until he decides to hang 'em up?
Gordon_Edes:Plenty of room for Hansen and Timlin to share the setup role, and don't rule out the possibility of Hansen closing and Foulke setting up
arch:Q: Gordon, do you Papelbon in the starting rotation next year, or in the bullpen? It would seem with Schill, Beckett, Arroyo, Wake, and Clement that he we would be more of an asset coming out of the pen . Thanks
Gordon_Edes:Arch, I think there's an excellent chance that Papelbon is in the rotation, and Arroyo shifts to the pen. I suspect that's the way the Sox hope it plays out
sweendogs:Q: What are the chances the sox will have Jon Lester up with the big club for the 2006 season?
Gordon_Edes:Dogs, I think the Sox would prefer Lester get a full year in Triple A, but if he knocks everyone's socks off in spring training, you can't rule it out.
Carew31:Q: Hey Gordon. Any idea why the FO won't give Dodger's asst. GM Kim Ng an interview? Thanks.
Gordon_Edes:C31, from what I understand, Kim made it clear she preferred to remain in LA, but I could be wrong. Personally, I expected they would be giving her an interview. They've been so tight-lipped during this process, I can't tell you their reasoning with any certainty.
themick:Q: Do you think Larry L. should consider Jed Hoyer for the GM instead of going outside?
Gordon_Edes:TM, I think they value Jed a great deal, and in the end they could still go that route. I thought they might ask Bill Lajoie to slide in as an interim GM and school Hoyer for one more year, but Bill's age and health issues come into play in that scenario. Where's Mike Port when you need him?
emma_watson:Q: So who do you think the Red Sox will end up with as their GM?
Gordon_Edes:Emma Watson, is she the great Irish actress who played opposite Daniel Day Lewis, or am I all confused? I gotta say, I've enjoyed the Dirt Dogs list of GM candidates, everyone from Dukakis to Nelson de la Rosa... All right, here's how I'm handicapping things right now: I keep thinking Dave Littlefield, who worked with John Henry in Florida will get an interview. I know Beattie made a good impression on LL, and you can't rule out Bowden, not when he's had two interviews. And then there's the new young gun, Hoyer, which is the way LL went the last time. Maybe, in end, LL prevails upon Lajoie to stay on an interim basis, or asks Beattie/Bowden to consider an arrangement similar to what Tampa has with young Andrew Friedman and Gerry Hunsicker. Emma, my best answer: I honestly don't know at this stage, and if Theo walks out from behind the curtain at the end, I'd be surprised but not shocked.
joenepo:Q: Whom should we expect to get for Wells?
Gordon_Edes:Jnepo, your grammar is impressive. Not much, I'm afraid, because whoever takes Wells is taking on a load salary wise: $2.5m base, but a chance at $9m total. I think he does end up in SD, with Dave Roberts and a pitcher coming back.
Jon:Q: Could Manny go to the Dodgers for JD Drew and prospects?
Gordon_Edes:Interesting thought, Jon...the sox did have interest in Drew last winter. Ned Colletti is focused on hiring a manager, but that bears some watching. I like your thinking there.
elvisc:Q: There' word that Manny would accept a deal to Seattle and Anaheim? What could the Sox expect to get in return? I suppose Felix Hernandez or Felix Rodriguez would be out of the would Santana I assume?
Gordon_Edes:elvisc, you reading that other paper again? We've written on more than one occasion that while Manny likes Anaheim, Anaheim doesn't like him back. And Seattle? Why would any right-handed power hitter want to play in Safeco. after the M's spent a bundle on Beltre and Sexson last winter, I'd think their priorities don't include another big righthanded bat.
cmrun:Q: I don't understand what Manny's problem is with Boston??? Please help me understand..
Gordon_Edes:CM, for $20m a year, you'd think you'd find a way to make Boston palatable., But hey, a lot of people, from David Wells to friends of Theo to Curt Schilling have echoed Manny's complaints about the fishbowl existence you live here. Manny loved Cleveland.... he should have stayed there
Bob_Zupcick:Q: How do you balance the reader's need to know in a very competitive media market versus journalistic credibility and accuracy of sources?
Gordon_Edes:Bob, you ask a question we could probably spend another entire chat discussing. I've got a lot of thoughts on the subject; it hits very close to home. I'll share a few... First of all, this is baseball, not politics or the military. IMO, some baseball people get overly obsessed about being secretive. They've forgotten the enjoyment they used to get when they'd read all the hot stove rumors. They've also evidently forgotten how good that is for their business, too...what a great way to keep your sport in the news and relevant, discussing this trade or that free-agent signing. Reams of free publicity, IMO... Accuracy? Every journalist should strive for accuracy. But some of the people making the most noise about inaccuracies what it both ways. They refuse to confirm anything, saying it's private, then belittle as inaccurate some of the reports that do not come out. Hey, I hate to be responsible for the publication of inaccurate info, and I have a responsibility not only to be as accurate as possible, but not to be reckless with publishing info if there's some question about its accuracy. I made mistakes in the course of the Theo coverage, none bigger than writing that the deal was done when it wasn't... But there were a lot of things I wrote that were accurate, too accurate for some people's comfort. And I will also say there have been some ridiculous accusations about us being "spoon-fed" info by the Sox because of the NY Times Co investment in the Sox. have you heard of anyone more unhappy with the media coverage than John Henry? Does that sound like the Sox have been spoon feeding the Globe stuff? Every good reporter has sources--I had sources, and I used them. That's what reporting is all about... OK, I can climb off my soapbox. I love the passion of the fans here, I love knowing that many of you folks care about what we write and what we say about the team. It's what drives me, and I thank you for that. No one is more upset when I've let you down with a faulty story, and I assure you, my colleague Chris Snow is just as fiercely committed to getting the story right, and telling it well, as I am. Have a great Thanksgiving all, and thanks for listening. G
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