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Gordon Edes Red Sox chat wrap - Sept. 14, 2005

Gordon_Edes:hi everyone, thanks for joining me. first, want to thank everyone who showed up for my jimmy fund event in NYC last Saturday. we raised close to $30,000, thanks to your generosity. so , fire away
johnnydoyle:Q: Gordon, your take please on the NL Wild Card race. Is this really "excitement" or a bunch of mediocre teams tricking their fans into thinking they're actually contenders? I think it's the latter.
Gordon_Edes:i disagree, JD. Are they flawed teams/ Sure. But I love the drama of the last three weeks--Clemens vs AJ Burnett tonight, the Phils putting on a late push, the Nats trying to hang in there, the D-Train and the exciting Willy Taveras, the Astros rookie who is going to miss the next few games after cutting his finger while trying to bunt. Now, if you want to talk the NL West, that's a different story
JimmyG:Q: Gordon - I know the Sox batters do a great job working the count and running up the pitch count on opposing pitchers. But don't you think too many of them get into a two strike count and thereby lose their aggressiveness and have to take protective swings. Agree?
Gordon_Edes:JimmyG, once again, I have to beg to differ. How can we be questioning the offensive approach of a team that is going to lead the runs scored for the third straight year, something that hasn't been done in the AL since 1950? Believe me, their ability to wear out the starting pitchers on the other side and get into often mediocre bullpens offsets whatever defensive swings they may be taking
joe:Q: What is the deal with Varitek at the dish?
Gordon_Edes:he's hit a wall, joe, clearly....137 so far this month (6 for 37), which jibes with his career numbers .243 in September. He wears down, joe, no surprise given all the demands placed on him by this club. he'll come out of it.
pokey:Q: Gordo- with this critical stretch of games how likely is it that Hansen could be called up Thurs for the Oakland series as he is supposed to pitch tonight for Portland? His dead arm seems to be all but gone per his last appearance.
Gordon_Edes:i haven't heard any speculation, pokey, that it could happen as soon as Thursday...i would think they'd want to see him back to back first. but yes, the way he's throwing, there's definitely a chance we'll see him before the end of the season
Pumpsie:Q: In light of Timlin's early entry (seventh inning) in Monday's game, followed eventually by Papelbon (and also considering Foulke's recent weak work), do you think that the Red Sox may be somewhat surreptitiously testing to see if Papelbon can become the closer?
Gordon_Edes:no, pumpsie, i don't. Francona was emphatic that that wasn't the case, though he acknowledged that a situation like Monday is likely to arise again. if you're going to bring your best reliever into a game in the 7th, you'd better have someone you can trust at the end
DMC:Q: Gordon, I'm trying to give Fouke the benefit of the doubt...that he's just trying to find his stuff and his comments are out of frustration. Do you think he's assuming or hoping that he's not going to be here next year?
Gordon_Edes:DMC, I doubt very much that he's HOPING to be sent elsewhere, but Foulke raised the possibility that he could be traded much earlier this season. but of course, given the money he's making and the way he's throwing, what makes him think the sox could move him. That wouldn't seem plausible until at least next spring, when he might be pitching better. and if he's throwing better and getting people out, why would the Sox move him?
nomah:Q: We know how but Foulke continues to be, but no one seems to know why he isn't throwing hard and hitting spots. Your take?
Gordon_Edes:i wish i knew. catalanotto of the jays was the latest to comment about his drop in velocity, and wondered aloud if his arm was bothering him. obviously, Foulke's confidence in at its nadir, and when he can't trust his stuff that affects things like location. too. Fear of getting hit enters into the equation
nomah:Q: Hi Gordon --Hey, they still have your "old" picture for this chat! Anyway, do you know what the real reason is that the Sox did not want to re-sign Cabrera? There has to be more than "we wanted an offensive upgrade with Renteria"?
Gordon_Edes:Nomah, I gotta laugh about the photo. That's the "young" photo...The "Old" guy is chatting you up. No, I'm telling you, there is no hidden agenda on why the sox didn't re-sign. Cabrera. It was all about his low OBP (.312, .294 at the break). But he's having a good September for the angels, and his defense has been tremendous.
t:Q: Gordon, I know that Edgar Renteria is still adjusting to American League, but his defense or lack of defense is not acceptable. The Red Sox must be very nervous about Edgar costing them an important playoff game. Do you think that Edgar is too good of a player for this to continue?
Gordon_Edes:i can't believe he's still making the kind of errors he is, russa warned back in January that Edgar wouldn't like the constant scrutiny, but with the exception of BDD, Renteria hasn't exactly been getting hammered in the media. If anything, people including myself have been giving him the benefit of the doubt
TommyTwoTone:Q: Gordon, what are your thoughts about a DH winning MVP this year? I believe that it is a position just like all others, AL Pitchers have won it and they only pitch. Why are people reluctant to give it to someone who just hits?
Gordon_Edes:TTT, as you know, a DH has never won, the argument being, as you well know, that an everyday position player by definition contributes more than a guy who simply hits. But as you note, if you're going to say a pitcher cam be MVP, then the same logic dictates that yoiu have to consider a DH as well. And as Tony Maz pointed out in his column in the Herald today, a lot of sub par defenders have won MVP awards
Den:Q: Is it hard being a sportswriter? Can you write what you really think (seeing you have to be with the team every day...)?
Gordon_Edes:Den, usually people are asking the opposite, saying that being a sportswriter is not like a job at all! When you cover a team on a daily basis, the thing you should avoid is taking unwarranted cheap shots, but if you're afraid to criticize just because you're going to face these guys, then you should apply for another line of work.
BIGBOB:Q: It was very evident last night that Kevin Millar should not be in the outfield. Even though Nixon's Left handed against a lefty. Games are very important right now, Shouldn't a better defensive team be on the field at all times?
Gordon_Edes:BB, clearly a swifter outfielder than Millar would have run down that double in the second, but Damon's injury impacted on Francona's lineup decision. if JD was available, Kapler would have played right. the other option was to bat Nixon against a lefty, but he's hutting just .222 against lefties. Francona was gambling that Millar's glove would not be a major factor early in the game, and he lost
Ben:Q: Isn't there somebody out there besides Kapler that they can use in center until Damon returns? Kapler has shown throughout his career that the more he plays regularly, the worse he gets. What about Stern?
Gordon_Edes:Stern hasn't exactly been a picture of health lately...he's limited by injury. You're reeally just talking about one more game before JD returns...a split second sooner, and we'd be celebrating kapler throwing a guy out at the plate
ryan:Q: what will the starting rotation look like next year? Schilling, Clement, Wakefield, Wells, Papelbon? What about about Lester, Sanchez, and Delcarmen?
Gordon_Edes:ryan, u got that crystal ball rolling already, don't ya? your first guess looks pretty good, but what if wade miller makes it all the way back next spring? Shouldn't he be in there? Do you sign AJ Burnett if you can? Lots of variables, still. Lester and Sanchez, I expect to be in Triple-A, Delcarmen in the pen
Bertajon:Q: Do you think Randy Johnson is turning a corner, or was his outing this past weekend another sign of the inconsistency he's shown all year. For the Red Sox's sake, I personally hope it's the latter...
Gordon_Edes:Bertajon, he's strung a few good ones together in a row now, tho he did cough up a three-run lead to TB last week. How he pitches in his next start Friday will be big. Personally, i think he's relearned how to be the Unit again
MemphisRedSox:Q: Procedural question: Is there any way Hansen could make it on to the postseason roster?
Gordon_Edes:absolutely. he can replace a player who is currently on the DL, like Matt Mantei, and be activated
Jimmy:Q: Assuming we make it, who's your starting 3 for the 1st round of the playoffs? and closer?
Gordon_Edes:jimmy, depends on schill...if he pitches like he did against the Yankees, he may reclaim the top spot in the rotation. then i go wells, clement, wake, with arroyo in the pen. if schill still struggles, then he's my no 4 guy, with arroyo backing him up. but i think schill may be back
MARK:Q: Is Manny going to show up this month or is this the best we can expect from our $20 million man?
Gordon_Edes:One more thing for Jimmy...Timlin will be the closer. As for Manny, he's been hitting the ball hard the other way lately, which usually signals that he'll be locked in again soon. i expect he'll heat up again. pretty good bomb he hit here two nights ago
D_Wayne_Johnson:Q: Gordon.... Any chance the Sox can trade Manny and a portion of his contract to the Marlins for Miguel Cabrera in the off season. A lot of people don't know about Cabrera but he's a great player.
Gordon_Edes:D_Wayne. Manny makes $20 million. Cabrera is making $370,000, or thereabouts. Why would the Marlins ever want to trade Cabrera, who IS a great player?
VT_Soxaholic:Q: Do you see Francona getting a big contract offer this winter?
Gordon_Edes:depends, VT, I suppose, on how deep into October the Sox go. i think once the sox announce that theo has re-signed, they'll address terry's contract. he's way below market right now
Batman:Q: Millar season has been a mixed bag to say the least. What are his chances of re-signing with the Sox when his contract expires? At what point does his "clubhouse presence" become more important than his performance?
Gordon_Edes:i'm guessing it's Cowboy Over and Out after this season, though i think Millar's contributions while he was here should not be belittled. he helped to transform what had been a crappy clubhouse atmosphere
diehardfan:Q: Didn't Trot used to be an everyday player? Why is he never asked to start against lefthanders? Kevin Millar in right last night was a disaster.
Gordon_Edes:DHF, this team lives by the numbers,. and the numbers show that trot is hitting .223 against lefties
JD:Q: JD from Texas- Is it me, or am I missing why a clutch hitter like John Olerud is not playing everyday as we head to crunch time? he is simply a gamer, not a rah rah type.
Gordon_Edes:JD, thanks for checking in from Texas....i think the results have justified Francona using both Olerud and Millar at first these last weeks. Both guys have been hitting
kevduce:Q: gordon, who do you think will be the Sox closer in 2006?
Gordon_Edes:Duce, that's a great question. foulke's performance this season has raised an awful lot of doubts, and if he isn't appreciably better come spring i dont think Theo would hesitate to go in another direction. Too soon for Craig Hansen? ask K-Rod, Chad Cordero or Huston Street
tstrom:Q: Hi Gordon, Has the team lost confidence in Manny Delcarmen? I don't recall seeing him much since Sept. 1, and with Foulke's struggles Manny would seem to help out the back end of the bullpen...
Gordon_Edes:tstrom, they've definitely backed away from using Manny in key sitiations...i think they view him as a work in progress, but with a nice upside and his best days ahead of him
Batman:Q: You said something earlier about Theo being re-signed. How difficult will that be?
Gordon_Edes:IMO, a mere formality. I wouldn't be surprised if they already have an agreement in place, but because of company policy are waiting until after the season to announce it
sarki:Q: Do you think the media/fans have cuased certain players to perform badly this year - Embree, Foulke, Renteria, Bellhorn, and even Manny at times?
Gordon_Edes:bellhorn, without a doubt. Embree? I don't know, he was booed pretty bad in '03 during the dread committee experiment and bounced back nicely. edgar might be trying too hard to justify the big contract. Manny? Naaah. Nothing bothers Manny that i've ever detected
willycups:Q: Is hanley ramirez the answer in centerfield next season? If not what are some potential options for replacing johnny damon if he does not re-sign?
Gordon_Edes:no, i think hanley is a year away, and when he does make it, it will be as a SS. the sox very much want damon back, but if that doesn't happen, they say they have contingency plans. pretty slim pickings out there...a trade may be the most likely option. Milton Bradley, anyone?
shepdaddy:Q: Do you think or has there been talk in the clubhouse regarding Giambi being back on the juice or HGH? Hawk Harrelson said openly that he believes Giambi is on HGH based on look and performance the last 2 months?
Gordon_Edes:That's pretty reckless of Hawk, if he really did say that... I've heard more suspicions voiced outside the clubhouse than inside. I talked to one Sox player on that very subject yesterday, and he insisted he thinks giambi is doing it naturally, that he rediscovered his approach at the plate and got his confidence back. It would be awful news for baseball, which would easily dwarf the palmeiro scandal, if it comes out later that Giambi was cheating despite regular testing. we all know however, that there are some things baseball isn't testing for, or can't test for.
Lisa_Astor:Q: After last night loss, Yankees win and only a 2.5 game lead, what do you think our real shot at the post season is?
Gordon_Edes:barring a total bullpen collapse, i think the sox will be playing in october, and could still be playing on halloween weekend
biggreenmonster:Q: There have been rumors that the Sox are interested in resigning Mueller to a short term contract. What are the chances that Mueller would be willing to sign such a contract?
Gordon_Edes:i haven't talked to Mueller about it, but he knows he isn't going to get a long-term deal anywhere, so i would think he'd be open to it. I do think the Sox believe Youkilis is ready to be an everyday player, too, and are likely committed to a changing of the guard.....
Stan_Belinda:Q: Gordo - if the Sox miss the playoffs does Francona get fired / Sveum reassigned to another position either way?
Gordon_Edes:Francona's not getting fired, and while Sveum's position may be more tenuous, I think he'll be back, too.....
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