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Red Sox chat transcript -- Globe baseball writer Gordon Edes

September 2, 2005

johnnydoyle:Q: Gord, what's with the new headshot? Looks a little Bob Dylan-esque. Your idea or the Globe's?
Gordon_Edes:you'll have to ask my webmaster, took 10 years off my life, i hear....schilling was skinny when that picture was taken
VT_Soxaholic:Q: Will John Paplebon be in the rotation or bullpen next year? It still seems that the managment is undecided on what role he should take for this team.
Gordon_Edes:there's no doubt in my mind tha the plan is for papelbon to start. he's in the pen now because they don't want to overdo his workload. they doin't like their young pitchers to throw much over 150 innings in a year
BosoxBob:Q: Hey Gordo, do you think that maybe the way the Sox pitchers rebounded after rough starts the past 3 games, that maybe there is a glimmer of hope of them having a good month of September and carrying that on into the playoffs?
Gordon_Edes:you look for hope wherever you can find it, BosoxB. don't underestimate how huge it was for wake to right himself the way he did and save the pen. But overall, i think we're looking at one of those years where the sox are going to have to slug their way to a title
VT_Soxaholic:Q: Will Wade Miller be tendered a contract for next year? He hasn't been bad for coming off a serious injury and missing most of last year.
Gordon_Edes:that's a good question, which i address in mailbag, too. the sox got miller for cheap money this year, a mill and a half, and with miller a year away from FA, they cointrol him next year, too. But I think at this stage they wish he'd had a procedure done on his shoulder, which would have left him healthy by next spring. Now they're not certain, and I think it raises very definite questions whether they tender him. I think they'll listen to their doctors in making that decision
paparazzi:Q: What do you think about Renteria's improved play in the last few weeks? Maybe the rumors are true, and he really does play his best ball in September through the playoffs.
Gordon_Edes:paparazzi, i just looked it up. renteria was hitting .248 on may 15, .303 since, with an OBP of.366. I thinkj we don't allow players time to settle into a new situation, but yes, I do believe that Renteria will increasingly have big hits as we move into october
Veejane:Q: Gordon, I've heard talk of care for Papelbon's inning count, in this his 2nd year of pro ball. He's at about 135 now, right? Where will the Sox cap him, or will they?
Gordon_Edes:v-j, i just referred to papelbon's inning count earlier, and while i don't have the exact number he's pitched so far this season, they do want to keep his workload to around 150
Sox_Lifer:Q: Do you think the Yankees picking up Mark Bellhorn was a good move as Petter Gammons has suggested?
Gordon_Edes:it was a no-risk move. Bellhorn is a capable veteran defender who can back up robinson cano and will play if cano continues to struggle at the plate. Two months ago, I quoted bellhorn in the paper as saying that the booing in fenway affected him, and maybe if he gets off to a decent start with the Bombers an d isn't booed i n the Bronx, he'll help there. Those three home runs Bellhorn hit last October were not a mirage
jagr:Q: Hey Gordo: Wathcing Schilling as much as I can from here in Los Angeles he just doesn't seem like the same pitcher. It's not just a question of location, he doesn't seem to have good stuff. Do you think it will come in time?
Gordon_Edes:i f i could answer that with certainty, jaromir, i could book my October already. Schilling has had a lost summer, and getting whacked around by the likes of the royals and d-rays doesn't bode well for his next two starts, which are against the white sox and yankees. he can't expect to survive without throwing his splitter, which he stopped throwing after his first couple of in nings against the D-Rays. The Big Schill is the Great Unknown.
ace:Q: hi gordon, i keep hearing that w/o curt schilling bosox can' t win the world series. well, i don't think that is the case. what' your take on that?
Gordon_Edes:ace, it'll obviously be harder without him, but hey, this team is what, 24 games over .500 w-out him, so you can't quit on 'em just because they don't have schill. Wells, clement and Wakefield are all capable of coming up big
Papi:Q: Gordon, I've read articles recently saying Craig Hansen has been shut down indefinitely with a "tired arm." Is this something serious, or will we see him this October?
Gordon_Edes:papi, we'll know shortly. i think hansen is supposed to start throwing again today or tomorrow, and the sox will re-evaluate in a few days whether to start him up again or shut him down. i can assure you, they won't take any chancesy
champsin05:Q: What should we expect from Keith Foukle down the stretch run?
Gordon_Edes:champs, i can tell you that the sox are scared to death that ffoulke won't give them anything down the stretch. those 3 rehab appearances against lowell offered very few assurances that foulke is throwing any better than he did before he got his knee scoped. shoot, the guy didn't get class a hitters out, he was thropwing only 87, and his comments weren't exactly brimming with confidence. Closer? Fat chance, at this rate
BoSox_Bob:Q: Is there any consideration from mgmt to make Timlin the permanent closer and Foulke the setup man?
Gordon_Edes:the sox may have no choice but to cast timlin in that role, which o course leaves a gaping hole in the setup alignment. Sox aren't sure that foulke can be effective even in that role; that may be a best-case scenario
Jayne:Q: What is your opinion on Harville and Perisho? Also, do you know if Foulke plans to have surgery on the other knee during the off-season?
Gordon_Edes:jayne, look at this way: both of those guys come from contenders, harville from the astros, perisho from the marlins. do you think those teams would have allowed either of those guys to go, given the shortage of arms in the game if either guy could get people out? I think it's a fingers-crossed sitiation for both of them
ramboisapunk:Q: With Kevin Millar starting to heat up, and John Olerud already playing well, what do you think the sox will do at 1st base for the stretch?
Gordon_Edes:i think olerud will get a majority of starts against righties, Millar will start against lefties and will match up against certain righties, dependinbg on the numbers
L_I_Ken:Q: if the playoffs were next week who would the Sox feel most comfortable w/ as their #1 starter?
Gordon_Edes:i imagine, l-i ken, it could depend on who they play in the first round, but my guess is it could be mr wells. he's been on the big stage an awful lot, certainly much more so than clement. schill, of course, if he finds himself in the next month, but i wouldn't hold my breath
CursedNoMore:Q: Do you think the A's and Angels will overmatch the Sox with better starting pitching come October?
Gordon_Edes:they certainly could, tho the sox have done a number on some very good pitchers this season. ask garland and buerhle. but ervin santana looks like he could tip the balance in the angels favor, if he keeps throwing like he is. he pitched great against the sox in anaheim
Cape_Cod_Bob:Q: Based on recent performances, if the playoffs were to start next, who would be your first three starting pitchers for the Sox?
Gordon_Edes:wells, clement and wakefield, in that order
bw:Q: Hi Gordon, who do you think will end up on the postseason roster (hopefully) with the Mantei exception? My feeling is Delcarmen...
Gordon_Edes:not a bad guess, BW. if DiNardo pitches well in the next month, sox might prefer to keep another lefty. that's my guess
tepp:Q: Could this be the best offense the Sox have ever had. They just won 18 games in a month where their team era is over 5. Is this also a sign that Theo is much better at evaluating hitting than pitching.?
Gordon_Edes:tepp, tough to fault theo's evaluating pitching in a summer that both schilling and foulke went down, but yes, as i pointed out in a featurea couple of weeks ago, this offense is about to lead the league in runs for a third year in a row, something no AL team has done since sox of '48-50
vmessenjah:Q: How likely is it that the Yankees will actually pick-up Sidney Ponson? Have the Sox shown any interest in this clubhouse cancer?
Gordon_Edes:ponson a yankee? Fat (and I use that word intentionally) chance. I haven't asked theo about him, but i'd be shocked if the sox had any interest. i expect him to end up with a team like the rangers, but it's just as likely no on e will touch him for the rest of this season
Steve:Q: Were you surprised the sox did not make a trade during the month of August? Were you surprised at the lack of trades during this month?
Gordon_Edes:no, steve, from what the sox have told me, there was an awful lot of chess moves made, in which teams blocked other teams from making waiver claims. The Sox would have loved to have helped their bullpen, but it just wasn't going to happen
dowdyrowdy:Q: What do you expect tonight when Palmeiro makes his first apperance at Fenway since the positive test?
Gordon_Edes:i bet he doesn't play....and if he does, they haven't invented earplugs effective enough to block the sound of the booing he'll hear in fenway. toronto will seem like a lovefest by comparison
Seidy:Q: Are we (red sox) just a mirror image of Manny's former team, Cleveland? A great slugging team with average starters and a weak bullpen? As we know from the past those teams just don't win in the playoffs....
Gordon_Edes:seidy, that's a very interesting perspective you offer, and has some validity. we wouldn't even be thinking that if schill were schill and foulke foulke
donrom:Q: What is Graffanino's status? Is he scheduled to play this weekend?
Gordon_Edes:the hammy was supposed to be just a day to day issue. haven't seen a lineup yet, obviously, but i expect he'll get in the next couple of days
ryanatgateB:Q: gordon what was the deal with the traschel deal? i heard minaya had second thoughts or did traschel have any injury to his arm?
Gordon_Edes:no i njury, gateman, trachsel pitched great last week after missing most of the season with a back injury. the sox asked about his availability, which got all the rumpors churning, but Omar never serious considered dropping him
BostonDotCom:One more question, everyone ...
mtoro9:Q: hey gordo, just wondering if you forsee any possibility or scenario of schilling getting sent back to the bullpen and papelbon getting into the rotation down the stretch or into the playoffs?
Gordon_Edes:mtoro9, the sox would do that only with great reluctance, again because they don't want to overpitch papelbon this septembver and regret it in years to come., but believe me, they're sorely tempted to thrust him in the rotation.
Gordon_Edes:thanks everyone, and i'm guessing my webmaster will be working on a new (more current) photo of yoursn truly in the weeks to come

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