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Chat transcript -- Globe baseball writer Gordon Edes

August 19, 2005

Gordon_Edes:Hey everyone, LA's fine, sun shines most the time, and the feelin' is laid back...But that's enough Neil, let's talk Sox
dfwelch:Q: Do you predict that Craig Hansen will pitch at Fenway in September? If so, in what capacity? I would think that if it is starter, they would start stretching him out in Portland or Pawtucket. And I can't imagine they would throw him into the closer role.
Gordon_Edes:df, if all goes well tonight and tomorrow with the seadogs, hansen will be called up, perhaps as early as next week, IMO., Tuesday in KC is not out of the question. Theo hinted at as much yesterday. Hansen will be used as a reliever, almost certainly in a setup role, although if he blows people away up here, who knows, maybe he'll even get a last call
Mo:Q: Gordo, I haven't heard too many people say that Tito may be overusing Schilling. Maybe he needs a little rest to recharge the ankle every now and then
Gordon_Edes:Schill has pitched just 5 times since Aug 4, after pitching in three consecutive games, so I don't think overuse is the issue, Mo.
Up_Late_This_Weekend:Q: Hey Gordon! I know this is an easy comment to make now that he is struggling somewhat but didn't you find Theo's decision to give Renteria a 4 year $40mill contract questionable given that we have Pedroia and Hanley Ramirez ready to take over at 2nd and short respectively?
Gordon_Edes:ULTW, don't be so sure both, or either, rookies are ready to step right in and shine. Yes, obviously both kids have great potential, and Renteria has been a disappointment, especially defensively. He could end up hitting close to .300, but it's been a pretty soft number. But he still has a reputation as a big-time October player, so let's see what happens
K-Dog:Q: Touching story by Nick Cafardo on Kevin Millar yesterday. However, Millar's clubhouse factor doesn't hide the fact that he is worthless at the plate. We have been waiting for almost 5 months for this guy to "snap out of it". Enough is enough. You agree?
Gordon_Edes:K-Dog, Millar, as I mention in my mailbag to be posted shortly, has just about hit bottom. he's hitting .224 this month, his on base average and slugging percentage are .258 and .259, respectively, he isn't drawing walks, and his slump has all but consumed him mentally at this point. I suspect Olerud will be getting the majority of playing time the rest o the way. Forty-six hits on the road this season, just 7 extra-base hits, no home runs, that's stunning. With just 43 games left, Millar may have run out of time
JJ:Q: Gordon...why didn't Petagine or Olerud start last night? Millar (yes the historical #'s vs. Colon are good) can't BUY a homerun, and facing a righty, Millar shouldn't even sniff the lineup. Also, Remlinger must go! Theo and Terry FranCOMA must get on the same page!
Gordon_Edes:JJ, I'm guessing the Sox will pull the plug on Remlinger, perhaps as soon as tonight. He is a good pitcher who appears to have reached the end of the line. I think Millar was a numbers decision, and I would expect Olerud to play tonight against Lackey
Nick:Q: Gordon, I try to understand to the best of my ability, the reasoning for the incredible amount of time off that Tito gives to Manny. However, I do not believe that late in the month of August in the heat of a pennant race is a time for resting your best player. You agree?
Gordon_Edes:Uh, Nick, I think we're on the same page on that one. Manny told Tito he was "beat up?" Like I wrote this morning, after Manny made his fourth error in five games last night, the only people getting beat up are sox pitchers
CursedNoMore:Q: Gordo, Is Manny a Met next season?
Gordon_Edes:Possible. I'm on record as saying I don't believe Manny will be in the Sox lineup next season, and the Mets are one of the few teams that could pick up that contract
julesburgo:Q: Any possibility or interest by the Sox to pick up Eddie Guardado of the Mariners? Apparently the White Sox are very interested and he has cleared waivers.
Gordon_Edes:Jules, all I can tell you is that Theo was pretty emphatic yesterday when he said that he didn't think the sox would be making any waiver deals before the deadline. Hard to imagine the Yanks, for example, letting Guardado get to the Sox
ramboisapunk:Q: What's going to happen to Mark Bellhorn when he is completely healthy? I know he won't be replacing Tony Graffanino, but we he replace Alex Cora on the bench?
Gordon_Edes:Rambo, Bellhorn almost certainly won't be with the Sox. I believe they will designate him for assignment, then when they find no takers, will grant him his release to accelerate the process of him signing elsewhere. Graffanino is the second baseman, Cora the top infield reserve
colonel_whickers:Q: much has been made about the dreadful Sox bullpen, but really the starters I think are just as dreadful. Watch how many times they get 1-2-3 innings - rarely. DO you think Papelbon should stay in over Miller?
Gordon_Edes:colonel, if papelbon pitches as well as he did his last time out, he will stay in the rotation, IMO. I don't think you're giving people like Wells, Wakefield, Clement and Arroyo enough credit. They've all pitched very well at times.
Down_with_Millar:Q: Why are the Sox reluctant to bring John Lester up for a start/bullpen help? Could he be any worse than the left handed options currently in the pen?
Gordon_Edes:DWM, Lester is a strong candidate to be a Sept 1 callup, and maybe sooner if Sox are looking for an option for Remlinger....
Gordon_Edes:By the way, isn't anyone going to ask about Wakefield?
Pumpsie:Q: Your Cubs pick isn't looking so good right now, so as of today, which two teams do you see in the World Series, and which one winning?
Gordon_Edes:Pumpsie, thanks for reminding me! My twins pick isn't looking so hot, either, and I think I picked the A's to be a bottom feeder in the AL West. How's that for expertise? I like the Cardinals in the NL, the Sox in the AL with the Cards winning the rematch. That's RED Sox, by the way
joe:Q: Ok Gordon I'll humor you, how is Wakefield?
Gordon_Edes:Joe, don't knock yourself out! It looked pretty serious at the time, and I think the Sox will closely monitor the situation, but it was a relief to the entire team that Wake was walking around with what was described as a deep bone bruise. He gets an extra day before his next start, so if it is indeed just a bruise, he shouldn't miss a turn
FAO:Q: Hi Gordon. With all the steroids hoopla and its impact on career numbers, do you think Jim Rice's (by all accounts, a clean player) will get greater consideration for the Hall of Fame next year?
Gordon_Edes:Absolutely. I think Rice and Andre Dawson will be direct beneficiaries of the questions raised by the current era's inflated numbers
fenwaymark:Q: I believe Damon is in a similar situation in that he returns if he really wants to, like Varitek last year. I think the Sox get him back for 4 years at 50 Mil., provided he really wants to stay. What's your take?
Gordon_Edes:Q: I think Damon is interested in seeing what he can command on the open market. The Sox don't want to make an offer now because that would probably just set the floor for free-agent bidding after the season. It did strike me that all three Sox owners were in anaheim last night, as was damon's agent, scott boras. Seize the moment, fellas! Bit that isn't going to happen. This will all play out after the season
RemDINGER:Q: Gordy, what is the truth with these wacky 'roid rumors (Damon, Clemens, etc.)? Do you know of anyone who has failed a test and is going through the appeal process or is it all just "Rumor Mongers"???
Gordon_Edes:Dinger, it's all rumors with no basis in fact, according to both MLB and the union
dave:Q: What are the rules regarding the Sept 1 roster expansion...i.e.: if for instance manny delcarmen is brought up when rosters expand (or earlier replacing remlinger), will he be eligible for the postseason roster?
Gordon_Edes:Anyone not on the roster at midnight Aug 31 is not eligible for postseason play, though there are ways of getting around that by substituting players for guys on the DL
howie:Q: I've been told that Terry Francona must win the Series or he's out. Some Red Sox executives aren't thrilled by his managing style. Is Terry under that pressure?
Gordon_Edes:I.m not buying that, Howie. That would be outrageous if they place a win or else ultimatum on francona, in a year in which schilling and foulke both went down.
WESTCOASTCHOWD:Q: Any chance we might see Timlin in the closer role prior to the return of Foulke?
Gordon_Edes:IMO, no I think the Sox want to keep Timlin in his 8th inning role
Manny_Ortez:Q: Good afternoon, Gordon. I wanted to ask you about the first base situation next year. We've all heard the Derrek Lee, Aubrey Huff, etc. rumors, but what do you think is really going to end up happening?
Gordon_Edes:Derrek Lee rumor? The Sox should be so lucky. I know the Sox like Huff a lot, so that situation bears the most watching, IMO., But a lot can happen. Who of us foresaw the Sox signing Clement and Wells last winter?
colonel_whickers:Q: Do you think Ortiz deserves his contract restructured?
Gordon_Edes:whickers, ortiz opted for security when he signed, and he still has 2 years left on his deal. The Sox next year can begin talking about an extension, but given what his age will be at the end of the deal, and the fact that he is a DH, I don't think you'll see them rushing to make a new deal
cmj1878:Q: Gordo, Is Dustin Pedroia a lock next season as the opening day 2B?
Gordon_Edes:No, he's not. He'll be given the chance to win the job, but I think the Sox will have some veteran options as well, like a Graffanino
mike_2:Q: Gordon, what is in the future for Kelly Shoppach? The Sox keep getting offers for him and have Tek locked up for 4 years, but do nothing with Shoppach. What's the scoop.
Gordon_Edes:I thnk shoppach, who nearly went to the rockies for larry bigbie, will be traded this winter
saint:Q: Which prospect do you think is closer to the big leagues: Lester, Sanchez or Alvarez? 
Gordon_Edes:I think at the moment the Sox are highest on Lester, and while I expect he'll pitch in Pawtucket next season, I wouldn't rule out the possibility that he makes the jump to the big leagues next season
mediasrojas:Q: Will Youkilis be the starting third baseman next year or will they use him for trade bait?
Gordon_Edes:you can't rule out the possibility that he could be included in a deal, but i think the sox are projecting youkilis as their third baseman for next season
cmj1878:Q: Depending on how Hansen responds to pitching in the majors, is he the closer by this season or next season? If so, what happens to Foulke?
Gordon_Edes:i don't see him closing this year, but i think, as foulke himself has acknowledged, that foulke could be traded this winter. But foulke wouldn't be easy to mobe, coming of f the year he had
joe_sox04:Q: I'm tired of Manny trade talk. Manny is Manny, but, his presence makes Ortiz better with every pitch. If he's traded this offseason, who can come close to filling those shoes and protecting Papi?
Gordon_Edes:joe, so many times we say this guy or that guy is indispensable, but look at all the great players the a's have lost--giambi, tejada, mulder, hudson, and they still win. the mariners traded a-rod and won 116 games the next season. No player is indispensable. The Sox aren't likely to find a hitter as good as Manny, but for Manny money they can find a couple of good players to help the club
CoffeeFrappe:Q: As of today, who would be your choice for MVP, both in the Al and NL and on the Red Sox?
Gordon_Edes:C-Frappe, I'm leaning toward Damon in the AL, Pujols in the NL. A-Rod and Vladi also have to get major consideration, as well as Manny and Ortiz, of course, but I think Damon has given the Sox a weapon--a dynamic leadoff man--that few teams have. He's played hurt, he's played good defense, he's been consistent all year. He's made a lot of things happen
richiep:Q: I think Paul Konerko would fit very well batting behind Papi when Manny is gone next year. What are the chances of this right-handed First Basemen with a perfect Fenway swing being a Red Sox next season?
Gordon_Edes:richiep, certainly konerko makes a lot of sense, tho i think a lot depends on what the sox do with damon, with their pitching, and what they can gte back for manny in a deal
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