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Transcript of a chat with the Globe's Gordon Edes

June 2

Gordon_Edes:Hey everyone. Thanks for taking a break from watching the National Spelling Bee to jump in. Before I take questions, I want to talk about a couple of things...
Gordon_Edes:One, I want to alert any of you going out to Chicago for nnext week's series that I'll be doing a charity event next Friday night at John Barleycorn's Pub, very close to Wrigley. Bronson Arroyo is scheduled to stop by with his new CD and play a few songs, many of boston's best baseball writers will be there, including Tony Maz of the Herald, Sean McAdam of the ProJo and rookie of the year Chris Snow of the Globe. auction, raffle, lots of good stuff., including a chance to come to the A-S Game
Gordon_Edes:also, congrats to my buddy Paul Ciampa, who does so much to plan my charity events. An hour ago, he and his wife, Mary, just had a baby girl, Francesca. Francesca comes from mixed parentage. Dad is a Sox fan, Mom a Yankee fan. It happens. Anyway, fire away everyone. Great day for a ballgame. I'm not at the yard I'm working on another assignment, but I;'ll be watching with the rest of you
BostonDotCom:Thanks Gordon! For those who may be in Chicago for Gordon's event on June 10, you can register here:
BostonDotCom:here we go ...
matty:Q: What's up with Wakefield? Do you think the funk he's in will continue?
Gordon_Edes:Matty, we've seen it many times before, although it's been almost five years since he's lost four straight decisions like this. Wake got off to a great start, and he's hit a big rut. The Sox just have to ride it out, and hope he regains command of the knuckler
derekD:Q: Hi Gordon. Love your work! What do you think the RedSox would do to improve the pitching staff? Do you think they would go out and trade for another starting pitcher?
Gordon_Edes:Derek, this is going to be a question that will preoccupy Sox natoion for the next two months, especially if Curt Schilling comes back and is not effective
troy_oleary:Q: is adam stern worthy of major league roster spot? his callup is unavoidable, but I don't know who'd they send down to make room
Gordon_Edes:The Sox can defer that decision, Troy; believe it or not, he just strained a hamstring with the PawSox, so it could be awhile.
matty:Q: Is Roger Clemens in the mix for a midseason aquisition? If so, is his salary worth the price for only a few months of duty?
Gordon_Edes:Matty, I doubt Roger would come here. He has said he'd only go to the Yanks, but the latest rumor suggests he might be willing to go to his home-state Rangers, although I would think it would kill Drayton MacLane to give up the Rocket to his biggest in-state rivals
Ryno360:Q: Why do you think Terry is sitting Millar today, Kevin hit a rocket off the wall late in the game last night, maybe he found his stroke... Millar also looked pretty good in the field last night. If he is going to find his stroke he needs to play everyday.
Gordon_Edes:Ryno, day game after a night game, right-hander going for the Orioles, getting Olerud in there three or so times a week. all that factored in the decision. Sox hope, of course, that maybe Millar is coming out of it, tho it will take more than one hit to demonstrate he's busted his slump. I guess you missed his brutal error yesterday, too
CEardley:Q: Hey Gordon. How do you see the Sox solving their bullpen woes? Will they try to lean off of guys who seem tired like Embree and Foulke until later in the season?
Gordon_Edes:CE, I suspect Theo will try to add some depth to the pen at the trading've probably noticed that's been a trend around here, both with theo and dan duquette before him. Fatigfue isn't an issue at this stage of the season with Embree an d Foulke, though you have to remember how much Foulke pitched last season, especially in October, which makes you wonder if that has anything to do with his velocity being around 85 this season. Both guys have given up a frightening number of home runs
Jackie_Boy:Q: What will the Sox do with Roberto Petagine? If he keeps up what he's doing in Pawtucket, there's no way he doesn't deserve a spot on a big league roster. What are his options? Can the Sox trade him?
Gordon_Edes:Wow, JB, that was a conversation-stopper. I confess I haven't given Petagine a thought in quite some time, especially once the Sox went out and got Olerud. I don't know the small print in Petagine's deal; it could be a situation where the Sox would have to offer him his release
bill_clinton:Q: how is dustin pedroia suddenly the best power hitter in Portland? I thought this dude wasn't supposed to hit for power
Gordon_Edes:Sorry guys, somehow I knocked myself out of the chat. Moderator, if you could send the last question again, much appreciated
BostonDotCom:It's a question on Dustin Pedroia ... why is he suddenly hitting for power? Would you consider him a power hitter?
Gordon_Edes:in the meantime, my bad on petagine. he's been swinging a hot bat in pawtucket, batting .288 with 7 HRs in just 18 games, and Sox have been closely monitoring his progress. He was dismayed when the Soc called up Olerud, but was told to hang in there. His situation definitely bears watching, but I think he has a right to seek his release if he so chooses
Gordon_Edes:No, I don;t think anyone looks at Pedroia as a power hitter, and shouldn't. He's a guy that appeals to the Sox for his ability to get on base. any power is gravy, but as you've seen, we're not talking about a very big guy
power:Q: Gordon, what's the thought on Youkilis leading off to start today's game?
Gordon_Edes:for those wondering, BTW, Pedroia has 7 HRs, second on the club to Jared Sandberg(MORE)
Gordon_Edes:Power, Damon is getting a day to rest his sore k nee. Youk doesn't fit the prototype of a leadoff hitter, to be sure, except for his ability to go deep into counts. I think Francona thought that was the best way to go without disrupting the rest of the lineup. If Damon doesn't leadoff, Mueller would be your next logical choice, and he's getting a rest, too
Pumpsie_Blue:Q: I joined late, so please excuse me if my question has already been asked. What pitchers presently pitching for "Have Not" teams, i.e. KC, Pitt, TB, etc., do you think the Sox brass might consider making a run at to fill the Schilling/Wells void?
Gordon_Edes:Pumpsie, we did run through a list, and the pickings are slim. Jason Jennings, Mark Redman, Gil Meche, Aaron Sele, Esteban Loaiza, Jose Lima (hah!). Sox need some other teams to fall out of contention
nation_in_NC:Q: Have hitters finally figured out Arroyo? If so, what does he need to change to become a solid starter again?
Gordon_Edes:wow, the guy goes 15 in a row, or whatever the number was, without losing, and two shaky starts we've decided hitters have figured him out? I don't think that's fair, NC. Arroyo doesn't dazzle you with his stuff, but the way he can work the outside of the plate, while still coming inside enough to keep hitters honest, is really impressive to watch. If he strings three or four more bad ones togethe,r then maybe you have an issue, but two bad starts is not enough to warrant pushing the panic button
Whitter:Q: Gordon, writing from Chicago and looking forward to seeing you at JBC in Wrigleyville next weekend. This series is more anticipated than any Cardinals, Astros, or even White Sox series. Why has it taken so long since the interleague era to make this happen?
Gordon_Edes:whitter, good question. it was such a natural, and it doesn't make any sense that it will be probably three more seasons befoe cubs visit Fenway. What do you think--will Nomar be long gone from Chicago by then? I'm guessing yes
dewey_HOF:Q: Gordon are you worried about the Sox pitching staff having the 1,2,3 guys in place that can get us through October? Given the # of teams still in it, I would think getting a pitcher via a trade will be very tough this year.
Gordon_Edes:dewey, yes, i think there are grounds for concern, especially when Schilling muses aloud that he's not sure if he'll be the same pitcher when he comes back. Wells might help allay some concerns if he can string together a few more good starts. Santana would seem to give the Twins an edge over any playoff contender right now, and Buerhle puts the white sox right behind, though Buehrle doesn;t have October on his resume yet. And in Anaheim, Colon, Washburn, Escobar have all been there
Gordon_Edes:and if yanks' RJ ever get it together, watch out
rowdy:Q: I saw the Sox play in SEA recently and they looked flat. Has this been your observation as well? I keep waiting for them to put together a streak of impressive offense.
Gordon_Edes:rowdy, it's hard for teams to look great when the starting pitching isn't there. the everyday guys certainly didn't look flat last weekend in the Bronx, and they're still on the top of most offensive categories, even tho Manny and Renteria are just heating up
bill_clinton:Q: with varitek signed for four years, is shoppach anything more than trade bait?
Gordon_Edes:BC, yeah, it's hard for me to see sox keeping around a kid as a backup if he has any value in a deal. I suspect Shoppach will be making his living in another uniform, perhaps as soon as this July 31 trading deadline
BostonDotCom:One more question, Gordon ...
scpats:Q: why does francona feel the need to rest everybody when we are playing a first place team, rather than when we play the devil rays, royals, etc.?
Gordon_Edes:the calendar, sc, not the opposition, dictates when guys get a day off. Day game after a night game, another first place team coming in, a first place team next after that in st louis, followed by a trip to chicago to play a team (cubs) that has suddenly gotten hot, francona has to pick his spots to sit guys. This day makes sense
Gordon_Edes:thanks everyone...till next time
BostonDotCom:thanks Gordon ... enjoy the game, everyone!
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