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Transcript of a chat with the Globe's Gordon Edes

April 28, 2005

BostonDotCom:Hey all ... submit your questions now, and when Gordon arrives he'll begin answering them.
Gordon_Edes:Hey,e veryone...let's get this on the road...which is where I'm headed after this chat
BostonDotCom:you can ask your questions in the box below ... be sure to keep them short to prevent from being cut off by our chat tool.
BostonDotCom:OK, let's do it ...
CarlWinslow:Q: Gordon, what kind of offensive numbers do you see out of Varitek and Nixon this year? Varitek seems to be on tear with the bat and Nixon seems to be getting on base alot
Gordon_Edes:warning...i've got a bit of a wandering cursor today...hopefully won't cause much in the way of a delay...
Gordon_Edes:carlwinslow, varitek really kicked back after signing that contract didn't he? Obviously, he's off to a great start, and Trot, while i'm sure he's frustrated sitting against lefties, should continue to do some damage in this lineup. they're going to have to, with the pitching what it is
AlabamaSoxFan:Q: Bellhorn is hitting .229 and once again leads the league in strikeouts, with 28 k's in 70 plate appearances. He seems hesitant to swing and looks to be second-guessing himself. Anything Ron Jackson can do to help???
Gordon_Edes:'bama, i think you know that what you see is what you get. 177 whiffs last year, on an even greater pace this year, he is what he is, basically. i don't think there's a htting coach alive who can find the elixir at this point in his career. The walks are startinbg to come, which is what made him so valuable last season, but he will remain one of the most maddening players on the team to watch. i'm sure it's frustrating to Papa Jack, as well
ramoNinReverse:Q: OK Gordo...shed some light on this for me. Are the Sox looking to pick up, or trade for a verteran to come in while Schill and Wells recover? Are we gonna see the likes of Frank Castillo again?
Gordon_Edes:RNR, Lieutenant Frank probably won't get another call, but common sense dictates that Theo is going to have to do something to increase the depth of available arms, both here and in pawtucket. He won't be panicked into making a major move--not yet, anyway--but i think we'll be seeing some waiver wire pickups and the like in the short term. If Wells and Schilling remain on the shelf beyond projections, then Theo will be forced to make a bigger move
NG:Q: I'm wondering what the story is with outfielder Adam Stern, the Rule 5 pick who we got from Atlanta who is now on the DL. If my memory serves me correctly, he needs to be on roster after his rehabilitation or he goes to Atlanta.
Gordon_Edes:That's right, NG, as a rule 5 guy the sox either have to place him on the roster, or offer him back to the braves before optioming him to the minors
Bosco:Q: Gordon: What do you see the Red Sox doing with Johnny Damon after this season? Will he be resigned?
BostonDotCom:Hey all ... Gordon's having some technical difficulties at the moment. Please stay with us ...
Gordon_Edes:i'm back...sorry about the delay
Gordon_Edes:technical wiz, you know?
Gordon_Edes:must be an age thing...
ceardley:Q: who do you envision filling the two spots on the pitching staff? Is it too early to give John Papelbon a call? Has Abe Alvarez improved since his last stint in the majors?
Gordon_Edes:Ceardley, i think papelbon isn't ready just yet...I think Theo has pretty much indicated that Jeremi Gonzalez, who has big league experience with D-Rays an d Cubs and pitched well in his last start for Pawtucket, will probably get called up, and Halame also will draw an assignment. Wade Miller probably is at least two rehab starts from being back, counting tonight. Alvarez has been so-so in Pawtucket
Fisk27inFairfieldCT:Q: Hi, Gordo, thanks for taking my question. Matt Clement - where do you see him going this season? He has great potential, but we've all seen what happens when Matt gets behind in the count - it gets really ugly. Thanks!
Gordon_Edes:Fisk27, everyone, including Clement, was disappointed with his last start, when he couldn't last five innings despite having an 8-3 lead. a guy like that, getting off to a good start was key, just so he could quiet the derek lowe comparisons and also win the confidence of his teammates. Which Clement are we going to see, the guy in Baltimore last week or the guy KOd by the Orioles this week. I suspect he could be up and down all season...that's what his career suggests
DC_Sox_Fan:Q: Do you think there is something physically wrong with Foulke too? He seems to be down about 5 MPH on his fastball so far this year -- do you think it has anything to do with all the work in the plyaoffs?
Gordon_Edes:no, DC, i don't think there's a physical issue at all. In fact, he wants to pitch more. He thinks the long layoff between appearances hurt him, and there's probably some truth to that. With his stuff, an average fastball and a very good changeup, he can't afford to make mistakes in location, and he's made a bundle of them. But I haven't noticed the big dropoff in velocity you suggest.
Martha_Edes:Q: Hi Gordon! I've missed you it's auntie Martha. This is the only way I can talk to you now, you busy little bee. Do you think that Schilling will be out more than the 4 starts projected, becuase of the location of the injury on the surgically repaired ankle?
Gordon_Edes:Auntie Martha, you'll have to come around and introduce yourself some day to me and the rest of your alleged family. As for your question, it's all guesswork with Schilling right now. I'm guessing he'll be out more than two weeks, but to project that it would be more than three weeks would be irresponsible on my part. But I think they want his overall conditioning toi improve as well, which is a little tough when you're walking around with a boot on
SlickWilly:Q: Gordon what do you think the chances are of Roger Clemens being dealt by Houston before the deadline if they want to get some young talent?
Gordon_Edes:It will all depend on Roger, SW....You'd have to think that from a baseball perspective, the Astros would opt for dealing roger if they're not in contention, but he'd have to be willing to sign off on it, and my guess is he wouldn't want to leave home again...but with him, as we've seen numerous times, you never know
cg4040:Q: As a supporter of keeping Derek Lowe, I must point out that as far as I can remember, he never really spent any time on the DL and always took the ball every 4-5 days. Do you think the Sox were a bit casual in letting him go?
Gordon_Edes:that was one of derek's most attractive qualities, his durability and absence of any arm trouble. Had he pitched better the last two seasons, he probably would have gotten close to the four-year deal he got from the dodgers. Course, if he'd pitched better, who knows how much he would have demanded, and gotten, in free agency? The Sox decided he was simply too erratic to commit to four years.he
nixon07:Q: Do you see Baltimore contending in the AL East all season?
Gordon_Edes:Nixon07, let me add one quick thing about D-Lowe--for the record, he has never been on the dL, in either the majors or minors. Orioles contending? Only if Yanks and Sox fall completely apart. Too little starting pitching, IMO. But that lineup, on any given day, can beat up people, as we saw this week
budfox:Q: both randy johnson and mussina showin lack of velocity - maybe age catchin up?
clavel_:Q: Will Wade Miller be the Sox saviour?
Gordon_Edes:i thought the savior role was already taken---is that who Johnny Damon is supposed to be? That's an awful lot to put on Miller, a guy who hasn't pitched in a year because of a bum shoulder.
Harbo:Q: Do you buy Damon's comment that the AL East teams have a 'read' on Foulke?
Gordon_Edes:No, I don't think he's tipping pitches. When Foulke throws his stuff down the middle, it's BP time. I think he made a valid point yesterday, that he needs reguilar work to stay sharp., Given the way the Rangers swing the bat, he should get some this weekend
Tom:Q: Hi! Why can't the Red Sox go with a four man pitching rotation for now? Wakefield, Clement, Aroyo, and Halama then add Wade Miller?
Gordon_Edes:that's not going to happen......pitchers just aren't programmed for 4-man rotations anymore
Gordon_Edes:I'm one's going to ask me about the cartel?
Maginoo:Q: Hello Gordon, what has been your opinion on Matt Mantei thus far in the year? Do you see him ever being able to achieve a great level of control, something that has been foreign to him in the past?
Gordon_Edes:his biggest problem has always been health....the three wild pitches the other day were a little scary, but in the last 3 years, his control has been OK (36 walks in 92 1/3 innings)
meanjoegreen:Q: Gordon, what position do you hold in The Cartel? How do they influence your work? And how do you and the other companies conspire to carry out the Red Sox agendas?
BostonDotCom:This is the last question in today's chat ...
Gordon_Edes:I'm the go-to guy, the House Man, the guy who waits to see whether there's white or black smoke coming out of the home offices on Morrissey Blvd. Hey, in all seriousness, I think folks should be concerned about David Wells. A sprained plantar fascia, which is another way of telling us that he has a tear, we just don't know the severity, is a significant issue. Mark McGwire had plantar fascittis, as did Marty Cordova and John Valentin. It's no fun. Thanks everyone

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