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Gordon Edes chat wrap -- April 15, 2005

spaceman:Q: The Red Sox pitching so far this season has been bad. Why do you think that is, and what can they do about it?
Gordon_Edes:I guess you want to throw out Wakefield's two good starts, and I would say that Schill was far less than bad, and Clement hasn't lit the world all on fire, but bad? We're three series into the season.. I'd say relax. Now if Wells puts up another stinker tonight, then I think you're well within your rights to say what's wrong with Wells, but let's save the rush to judgment, OK?
blowncalls:Q: Could you comment on how/what disciplinary action is taken against the umpires who obviously blew some calls last night?
Gordon_Edes:No disciplinary action will be taken against an umpire for a ball-strike call, and I don't think you'll see Sandy Alderson punishing Greg Gibson for the ejections of Francona and Ron Jackson yesterday, although he certainly will be called upon to explain himself, especially the ejection of Jackson, and it could come up in his review. I would be very surprised if Francona isn't fined, at the minimum, for his comments about Gibson.
ErikInPortland:Q: Gordon, I've already been to 3 Sea Dogs games. They are an impressive 7-0!! Love going to Hadlock field to watch great ball for only $7. Hanley Ramirez is far and away the best player on the field. Any chance of him being called up to Boston?
Gordon_Edes:Erik, I love going to Hadlock field, though you're a braver man than I, sitting in those temps. The Sea Dogs are off to the best start in their history, and they're loaded. I didn't hear last night' score, but the team ERA of 1.40 was lowest in all of pro ball, and they're all swinging big bats. Sure, Hanley could be a call up this summer, depending on injuries or such, but i would think it would be just temporary. His ETA is next season, but once he's here, he'll be here for good. He's a keeper.
Third_Impact:Q: We have had some decent hits, but problems getting those hitters home. What do you feel can remedy this?
Gordon_Edes:Time...simple as that. you can't be seriously worrying about this offense, can you? they beat up RJ last happy with that.
mkenglander:Q: What is your take on the Sheffield incident? What was the fan's intent?
Noah:Q: Are the Red Sox concerned that with Wade Miller's changed delivery that puts less strain on his shoulder will diminish his effectiveness?
Gordon_Edes:I don't think they've gotten that far, Noah. I think everyone is still walking on eggshells here...Everything seems to be proceeding fine, but the medicals on this guy were very suspect this winter. and while the optimistic projections now have him with the sox by mid-may, i wouldn't count on anything just yet., miller is the one who will have to decide if he's comfortable with the adjustment in his mechanics, and I suspect they're not real drastic.
Ed:Q: How long will they keep Millar in the 5 hole - no extra base hits in '05?
Gordon_Edes:There could be some switching... Francona mentioned hitting Renteria in the 5 hole this spring, but again, folks,'s just nine games into it. Nomar has just five singles; should Dusty bench him? C'mon.
BoSox_Fan_in_RI_:Q: Would your opinion of the Sheffield / fan incident be different if it directly effected the outcome of the game?
Gordon_Edes:No. Why should it? The fan interfered with the play...he should have been thrown out, and he was. Should there have been an arrest? If the fan deliberately took a swing at Sheffield, absolutely. Those facts don't change, regardless of how the play affected the game
redsoxNATEion:Q: Who is the most likely midseason trade prospect for the Sox?
Gordon_Edes:How 'bout Clemens? Let's start that one. I will grant you this... some fans of the Nation look much farther down the road than I do. I think it will depend on need. You assume they'll go after a pitcher, but it depends who's in contention at that time. Maybe a front-liner get hurts, and they need another bat, I wouldn't even speculate at this point.
gilly:Q: I think its too early to tell on the sox pitching, but the problem that most sox fans have is that they tried to replace a front line starter with a couple 3rd and 4th starters. Who could be available as a late season pick up to bolster the rotation?
Gordon_Edes:I'd say that's pretty much what the previous questioner asked. It will depend on who's in contention. If the Indians are out, maybe Millwoods out there. If the white sox falter, maybe Contreras or El Duque, Jose Lima... Interested/ Jamie Moyer, Ted Lilly, Ponson....could be any number of guys.
Diane:Q: Gordon, Should we be concerned about Manny? He seems disinterested and he really seems mad at the owners for not bringing back Pedro. Also there does not seem like the boys are comfortable playing there are no handshakes and other things like last year.
Gordon_Edes:Diane, I haven't detected any unhappiness on Manny's part. Yes, he would have preferred that they keep Pedro, but hey, last spring he handled the fact they tried to get rid of HIM a couple of times. He still has his main men, Ortiz and Millar, and he's friends with Renteria as well. I haven't detected a lack of interest, just a lack of hits.
BullpenWoes:Q: Gordon, what do you think about the idea of trading Damon for some bullpen help? I dont see Theo resigning him after '05, his value is high right now, and Payton/Stern should make a suitable defensive replacement (w/ Renteria or Bellhorn batting leadoff)
Gordon_Edes:Don't like it, woes. I'm with Remy on this one. The bullpen is one of this club's strengths. Damon jump-starts this offense. You don't let him go till you have someone who can do the same.
jethro:Q: What is the reputation of last nights umpire Gibson as a ball and strike guy?
Gordon_Edes:Lot of grumbling in the sox clubhouse yesterday that he's terrible--understandable--and at least one player said that's his rep around the league, but i can honestly say that i hadn't heard him buried before this.
redsoxfanbrad:Q: What do you think they should do with Bellhorn, 15 k's in 30 at bats?...I'd like to see Mueller move there and put Youk at third and stop wasting Youk's talent?
Gordon_Edes:177 k's last year, a club record, and they were mighty happy to have him. I have to admit, I wasn't wild about him, and more than the K's piling up, I'd be more concerned that he's not getting the walks so far this season, just two to date. I'd say the book is make him swing the bat.
JohnG:Q: What's the feedback on the new field?
Gordon_Edes:They've only played three games there so far, but everyone seems to be very pleased. John, you wouldn't believe what they've done to the clubhouse... big-time weight room, big whirlpool, new trainer's room, batting cage behind the dugout, the old wooden planks leading from the clubhouse to the dugout, gone...first class all the way.
Red_Sox_North:Q: How about surprising teams? Jays look decent but Oakland might not be as good as they've been.
Gordon_Edes:Again, don't get too taken by early returns... remember last season the D-Rays had a spurt in May/June where they were playing as well as anyone. Orioles, if they get any pitching at all, could surprise with that lineup. Maybe the Mariners will make a bigger leap than I expect, with Beltre and Sexson... I like the Twins a lot, but i don't think they rate as a surprise team. I do expect the A's to scuffle, big time, while the dodgers may be better than I've given them credit for.
Johnny_Mac:Q: Why would Red Sox management not pursue banning Chris House, encouraging an assault lawsuit and notifying fans about no reaching onto the fair ball playing field lest they be ejected immediately?
Gordon_Edes:Johnny Mac, some of you regular ticket holders may know better than I do, but I thought they do announce every night that if you interfere with a ball in play, you're going to be walked out of the joint. Unless the Sox can determine clear intent, I think they would view the other actions you suggest as extreme. Now if the police decide to prosecute, House, if he has season tickets, might find himself out of luck.
neumirage:Q: Let's talk about the game, not the Sheff incident. What's with the Unit? I'd like to say it's the cold, but he pitched well in October a few years ago. Perhaps just a slow start, or a great team?
Gordon_Edes:He said he hung one pitch , to Renteria, I believe, Payton and Varitek hit 94 mile an hour fastballs. Sox do deserve some credit, and Unit kept his team in the game. Hey, any time you see the Unit taken deep three times in a game, you sit up and notice, but I don't think the Yanks are too concerned.
gilly:Q: Last year, at the trading deadline Theo made it clear that the moves he made were to bolster the Red Sox defense, and most would admit that these moves helped them win the World Series. Has Theo abandoned the defense again?
Gordon_Edes:I'm not sure I follow, gilly. Are you saying signing Renteria was downgrading the defense? Minky was a late-inning reserve; Payton is an above-average defender in the outfield. He's always going to opt for more offense, which is why he kept Millar and moved Mientkiewicz, but they have hardly abandoned defense.
Gordon_Edes:Hey, thanks everyone, let's do this again soon. Gordon
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