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Gordon Edes chat transcript

March 22, 2005
Gordon_Edes:greetings, everyone...assuming the t-showers hovering around don't zero in on city of palms, game on tonight against the Reds
BostonDotCom:Gordon's early today folks! First question will be posted in two minutes, ask away now ...
Gordon_Edes:Just ask my bosses...I'm not known for being ahead of deadline
BostonDotCom:Here we go!
Billy:Q: matt mantei seems to be having a good spring - what's your opinion on his outlook for the season
Gordon_Edes:billy, matt has had a great spring, which he says is a bit unusual for him. He sez he doesn't care if he gives up five home runs in an inning, as long as he's healthy, and so far he's looked great. throwing 95, loose, but just remember his history, elbow and shoulder problems
chris:Q: sorry to be asking another steroid question (as I think everyone is getting sick of them) but I keep wondering what happened with the first round of testing. Baseball said it tested a lot of the player during the first week of spring training. What were the results?
Gordon_Edes:chris, i have no idea what the timing of the results will be, what the process is in terms of getting those tests to the lab, how long it takes, etc. especially since the language of the new testing program had not been finalized, but with congress breathing down their necks, i would expect baseball would be announcing any positives sooner than later...
Gordon_Edes:pity the first player who tests positive in this current atmosphere,. he's cooked
Dave_from_Temple:Q: Gordon, thanks for taking my question. There have been a number of outside distractions for every player this spring, more specifically Schilling seems to be going in a zillion directions...Do you feel it is having an affect on him and his preparation?
Gordon_Edes:There have been a lot of sideshows this spring...Queer Eye, magazine covers, TV galore, etc., but these guys are getting their work done, and Schilling, except for the hearings, hasn't been giving away any days. He's doing everything he can to get ready. The ankle, not the sideshows, has been the issue
Back2back05:Q: Gordon, can we expect the type of season from mark bellhorn this year as last year?
Gordon_Edes:man, if you mean lots of walks, lots of whiffs, average defense...sure, i think so. he'll be down in the order, with renteria occupying the no 2 slot, so may not see much in the way of fastballs, the way he did when he was hitting ahead of manny, but i think he'll be much like he was last year. playoff home runs? We'll all have to see!
RockNRoll:Q: The Red Sox have told Payton he will be getting a ton of at-bats this year, how can that be if Nixon/Damon/Ramirez/Ortiz stay healthy?
Gordon_Edes:A ton is a relative term. I would expect somewhere in the neighborhood of 350-400, between platooning with nixon, spelling damon on occasion, starting in left from time to time to give manny a blow, playing the outfield to let Maanny DH and Ortiz gets a blow. Injuries. The ABs will add up
Onion_Jack:Q: What are David McCarty's chances of sticking when the club heads north?
Gordon_Edes:OJ, he's got a decent shot, that it wouldn't shock me if theo casts about for a left-handed backup who can play first. I got to think McCary would accept a Triple-A assignment, too
Rosie:Q: Washington is very excited about its baseball team. Do they have any shot at being good? Thanks. Rosie
Gordon_Edes:Rosie, what a coincidence...I have a great friend in DC who goes by that handle. I don't know what they're going to do for a leadoff guy--endy chavez isn't cutting it this spring, and vinny castilla is a coors field player, but piutching might be better than people think, with Livan at the top of the rotation and our old friend tomo ohka having a decent spiring...
Againin05:Q: Gordon - I know that publically, Manny seemed very close to Pedro (and at one point offered to take a pay cut to keep him on the team). Any chance that Pedro being in NY will have an adverse effect on Manny's surprising personality change last season?
Gordon_Edes:and jose guillen, if he ever got his act together, is a 5-tools player. this club dealt with a lot of adversity when they were being shunted from montreal to san juan...having a permanent home, and playing before full houses, could give a real emotional lift....
Gordon_Edes:naah...don 't think manny and pedro were particularly close. he's still got ortiz and millar and ino guerrero. he understands it's bizness
CTSOXFAN:Q: Is the Red Sox pitching staff as strong as it was last season? And is it their key to repeating?
Gordon_Edes:CT, you KNOW it's the key to repeating, Hey Pedro and Lowe are both Opening Day starters for their respective teams, what does that tell you? Sox have to hope Clement is ready to take it to the next level and that Wells can stay healthy and that Schill doesn't break down. Last year, we all knew that Sox had a shot against Yanks with Schill and Martinez at the top of the rotation. We have to stay tuned with this bunch, But rihght now, the Yanks are better on paper
Court:Q: Who do you think will be the most solid of the three questionables-Wells, Clement, or Miller? Or is it really going to be just a -wait and see- scenario?
Gordon_Edes:Court, we don't know yet if Miller will be a go this season, or may ultimately require surgery. Wells has been a horse everywhere he's been--if the back holds up, I like his chances of putting up some nice numbers, but he's pretty much a 6-inning guy now. Clement is the wild card. If he gets off to a good start, like he did last year, he could have a big year
DamonDemon:Q: How does Hanley Ramirez fit in with the upcoming free agents after this season? Both Meuller and Damon are FA. Is Hanley a possible replacement for either?
Gordon_Edes:DD, good deduction on your part. They say Hanley will play exclusively at short in Portland, but with Edgar on board for the next four years, a position change seems inevitable and the guy is atheltic enough to play center or third. Prediction: They don't trade the kid. He's too good, plus he gives you a player for three-plus years who will be relatively cheao
DCSoxfan:Q: Hey Gordon -- what do you think will be the breakdown of the 25 man roster? 11 Pitchers and 14 positions guys? Who gets the last few open spots?
Gordon_Edes:DCSoxfan, that would appear to be the plan, though with Schilling likely to start the season on the dl, it's possible, even with all the off-days they might need an extra arm in the pen. I think Youkie joins the bench corps of Payton, Mirabelli, Vazquez, and the 14th spot at the moment may be McCarty's, though it's possible Theo may look outside for a left-handed bat.......
Gordon_Edes:pitching: starters schill, wells, clement,arroyo, wake. there's 5. closer foulke is 6. Timlin, embree, mantei are setup. that's 9. Halama swingman is 10th. Eleventh spot remains wide open. anastacio martinez is out of options, but he hasn't impressed anyone. sox may go outside for this spot, too
Hildy:Q: Question: The offense has seemed pretty spotty this Spring Training--something to worry about or do you expect it to kick into gear around, say, early April?
Gordon_Edes:hildy, not to worry...this lineup is a run-producing machine. they will hit, they will mash, they will score. end of story
EastBayTim:Q: How Bill Mueller's progress? He's been playing in the minor league camp lately. Is this solely to get him more playing time?
Gordon_Edes:yes, and keep him off the buses. He played the other day (Saturday, I believe) in a regular game, went 5 innings, and appeared fine. there have been no setbacks to date
Christian:Q: What are the Red Sox options if they can't find a taker for BK Kim? Is it a possibility to outright release him without absorbing his whole contract?
Gordon_Edes:if they release him, Christian, they're on the hook for $6 mill. That's a pretty good hit. they'd be willing to move him in a deal and eat most of the dough, but they'd like to get a prospect back. that doesn't appear to be happenin' right now. BK has looked pretty bad.
don:Q: Gord, I joined late you might have already answered this but how do you think Wells will do opening night in NY?
Gordon_Edes:i'd be worried that his back might lock up big time if it's cold, but his last five starts in yankee stadium against the bombers, going back to '99, have been terrific, including last season, when he went seven scoreless for the padres, he might have a tuf time keeping his emotions in check, but he'll love the stage
Saint:Q: Does Hyzdu's hot spring earn him a spot on the opening day roster?
Gordon_Edes:saint, hyzdu has been fun to watch. last week, he made a great catch, sunday he hit a 3-r HR off Oliver Perez, who will be the Pirates' Opening Day starter, but I suspect, because the sox still hold options on him, that he'll be back in pawtucket...there's always a chance another club could come knocking, too
JMD:Q: Hey Gordo...What are your thoughts on the Sox staying in Fenway as opposed to persuing a new ballpark?
Gordon_Edes:JMD, like many of you, i have a soft spot in my heart for Fenway, despite the cramped seats, the obstructed views, the ridiculously priced tickets, etc. A new ballpark would have been nice, but not under these circumstances--ownership with a huge debt service, a political and economic climate not conducive for public monies to be spent on a new yard. New owners have done some amazi ng things with enhancing the fenway experience, and i think the club will be there for years to come
changholee:Q: If Bronson continues to perfrom the way he has this spring in his first couple of starts in April, how can you justify sending him to the pen?
Gordon_Edes:if he keeps pitching this way, you probably don't send him to the pen. he's had an excellent spring, and while the sox think he could be a ramiro mendoza-in-his prime type, giving you quality innings out of the pen while making the spot start here or there, arroyo may make it impossible for them to yank him from the rotation......
Gordon_Edes:besides, miller isn't coming back any time soon, so it's a nonissue
OR_Mike:Q: Who are your AL division picks and do you have any sleeper teams to watch for?
Gordon_Edes:OR, East--Yanks Central--Twins West--Angels. Wild Card--Sox. Twins have a chance to go all the way. Tribe could be a sleeper; so could the Rangers, tho Texas remains short in pitching.
JimmyHook:Q: Gordon, I'm heading down to Fort Myers this evening and I'll be there for a week. Do you have any suggestions of things I absolutely have to do to enjoy the experience, and what is your favorite restaurant in the area?
Gordon_Edes:Besides coming to an exhibition, go to minor league camp at the end of Edison Avenue and watch the kids play one day.Go to Sanibel Island for a day, then drive all the way out to Captiva, check out the hurricane damage, and watch the sunset at Mucky Duck. If you're lucky a couple of dolphins will show up. Bistro 41, Blue Oyster and Cru, all at Bell Tower, are good spots to eat. Shoeless Joe's and the Sports Page are good places to watch the NCAA's. Bring sunscreen, and wave to the pressbox
Gordon_Edes:On that note, we'll say adios. Thanks, all
BostonDotCom_2:Thanks for chatting everyone!

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