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Spring things: Advantage Adam

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  • Mark Malaska was upset with his performance in Ft. Lauderdale against the Orioles last week, when he blew a tie game and was tagged with the loss, telling folks afterwards he was destined for Pawtucket. However, he came out pitching with his hair on fire against the Marlins on Friday, holding the lead with a perfect eighth inning and allowing Jason Kershner to come in for the third save of the spring.

  • St. Patrick's night at Dwyers in Ft. Myers makes The Black Rose in Boston look like a quiet picnic. The festivities featured a packed tent in the parking lot with Irish bands both inside and outside the authentic Irish bar. Were the Sox there? As Mark McGwire would say, I'm not here to talk about the past.

  • David Wells is one of the favorite customers at Blu Sushi in Ft. Myers. According to the restaurant's manager, he was last there with Kevin Millar on Friday night after his bounce-back performance against the Marlins. Keith Foulke and Johnny and Michelle Damon are other Red Sox who have enjoyed the seafood at Blu this spring, the manager said.

  • Jason Varitek and Tim Wakefield had their necks and backs waxed as part of their "Queer Eye" makeover. Johnny Damon got caramel highlights in his hair, as suspected, and while Ramon Vazquez was not part of the official makeover gang, he is sporting streaky blond highlights as well. Oy vey. What happened to our dirt dogs?

  • Speaking of fashion, you can purchase a pink pinstriped Red Sox cap to go with your pink sheer cotton candy t-shirt or your lavender Sox visor with a strappy yellow tank top. And don't forget to pick up a lime green, pink, or lavender Red Sox fleece jacket for those cooler spring nights. All the non-traditional Red Sox accessories are available at the Red Sox baseball store at City of Palms Park. Or just go down to the souvenir store across from Fenway, where buyer Jeff Swartz will tell you that "pink is the new blue" and is the second best-selling color for fashionable female Sox fans.

  • Good news for John Dennis, Gerry Callahan, and the rest of the northern flock for next season. Dunkin' Donuts plans to open four new shops in Lee County soon to add to the lone location on Cleveland Avenue.

  • After seeing MLB's "I Live for This" campaign 700 times on ESPN, it's apparent that supermodels are not baseball fans. I think ESPN should run the "this one's for the girls" NCAA women's basketball tournament ads a few more times as well. That should spike more interest.

  • The Red Sox added field-level dugout seats to the left field line at City of Palms, which necessitated moving the bullpens, behind the outfield fences and out of the fan's view. The seats are close to the field, but for $36.00 a pop, you have to look through netting and padded posts while having limited viewing of the field. For an extra $199.00, you get to take home the padded metal folding chair that has the Red Sox spring training logo on it. What a deal.   Continued...

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