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Spring things: Notes and observations

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  • More evidence that the World Series champs haven't turned into a bunch of prima donnas: A group of the guys had dinner at Perkins Restaurant on Sunday night. Perkins is like the Ground Round of Florida, catering to your Average Joe on a budget.

  • It's good to be single and playing for the world champions. The Sox are getting nearly as many phone numbers tossed their way as signatures they can scrabble on baseballs.

  • The autograph and picture deal down here is simply too much. More fans seem much more interested in having a player sign something, or getting a good picture with their digital camera, than they are about watching the game or seeing the player's progress on the field.

  • Roberto Petagine looks like the real deal at the plate, albeit in small sample action, but he should lock up that first baseman reserve slot.

  • Working like the lefty-righty twins, both Mike Timlin and Alan Embree got hit hard yesterday. Embree heard a few boos after giving up a rocket home run to Juan Castro, the hardest ball I've seen hit so far, and that includes the bombs by Ramirez and Ortiz yesterday.

  • It's raining hard here in Fort Myers today, real hard ... but you don't need to hear that in Boston.

  • Not only does catcher Shawn Wooten get a hit (or get hit) in every game he plays, he also made a nifty play at first base on a ground ball and nailed Jacque Jones at the plate.

  • Best name on the Sox roster -- Dusty Brown -- came on to relieve Varitek behind the plate yesterday. He was also wearing Manny's No. 24, which caused some confusion with a few folks sitting behind the dish.

  • Non-roster invitee Scott Cassidy had a nice clean inning in the eighth yesterday, looking sharp in getting a punchout on Eric Munson. Cassidy, no relation to Shaun or David, bounced back nicely after getting tagged for three hits in one inning against the Reds on Saturday night.

  • Tried listening to the "Miller Time" morning sports talk on AM-770 down here when the talk came to the steroid scandal. Mark Miller and his female co-host were surprised that Curt Schilling was being accused of taking steroids because his name was on the congressional committee invite list. Click.

  • Pedro and Derek Lowe (who made the infamous Derek Lowe Face after a bad call in the second inning) both looked super sharp in their National League debuts last Friday. With apologies to Bob "why can't we get guys like that?" Lobel, I'm really going to miss having both Pedro and D-Lowe around town and on the Olde Towne Team. Unfortunately D is not expected to make the trip to the City of Palms tomorrow. 

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