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Gordon Edes pre-Game 7 chat wrap -- Wednesday, Oct. 20, 2004

Gordon_Edes:Hey, everyone....
Gordon_Edes:First a public service announcement...I just want to thank you all for being so cool with me all season. Your passion is amazing, and makes it easy to want to work for ya. I hope you all have an unforgettable night tonight....
Gordon_Edes:OK., now the questions. BarnSox, who the heck knows? We've never seen him work under these circumstances. Gentleman Jim pitched with two days rest and got his head handed to him in '67. Other guys have climbed the mountaintop. Adrenalin can do amazing things. Look at Keith Foulke
sv7887:Q: Gordon, how will game Six go down in Red Sox Folklore? Does it Rival Pedro's 6 inning no hit performance in Cleveland?
Gordon_Edes:Game 5 to me fits in that category, from a team standpoint. From the Legend of Schill standpoint, yes, this ranks right with the Pedro game
preisman:Q: Gordon, thanks for taking the time - I can barely breathe! How many pitches can we realistically expect out of Lowe tonight? And why the delay in naming him the starter?
Gordon_Edes:Preisman, again, we're dealing with uncharted territory. Who among us thought the Schill could give what he did, ankle leaking blood and tendon popping? All I know is that you've got Wake and mendoza and myers and embree and timlin, none of whom pitched yetserday, lined up behind him
Game7WeddingSuit:Q: Gordon, Who do you predict will be the X-Factor for the Sox tonight, and can you feel the love?
Gordon_Edes:Funny, wedding suit, I have a friend who WORE his wedding suit to New York for Game 7 last year. Not sure if he burned it afterward. How do you predict such things? Who among us would have predicted that a three-run home run from Bellhorn would be the difference maker last night? I will say this. If you're Joe Torre, you can't be feeling too confident when your choices for Game 7 are Kevin Briown, Javy Vazquez and El Duque. A-Rod's play last night bespeaks frustration...
Gordon_Edes:I don't know if I feel the love, but I think FOX's telecast tonight, with all the nailbiting crowd shots, will make it look like the whole country is on the verge of a nervous breakdown!
believe04:Q: Gordon, Do you think the Sox should even consider using Pedro in a save situation tonight if the postion presents itself. With his history agains the yanks and lack of rest i consider this move RISKY
Gordon_Edes:Believe04, it's an all-hands on deck scenario. Don't you think Pedro can give you one good inning if need be? Look what RJ did for Arizona in '01, and for seattle against the Yanks in '95. RJ, of course, being Randy Johnson
U2Vertigo:Q: Gordon, good afternoon. Do you think Schilling will ever have to pay for a meal again in Boston after last nights' performance?
Gordon_Edes:What makes you think Schill was paying for any before last night's game? He's had an amazing season
Toddy_Walker_s_Child:Q: Why not start wake tonight and pull him after a few innings? Then you could start Mirabelli and put Tek in late...
Gordon_Edes:I think they feel that Wake is better suited than lowe coming into the game out of the pen, even though they've obviously both done it
AnCatDubh2:Q: Gordon, how can the New York papers possibly talk about the umps "ganging up" on the yanks... those calls were clear as day, anybody that knows baseball can see that
Gordon_Edes:What, we expect a balanced view from the tabs? What's great about last night's calls, and a departure from the recent past, is that the umps took the time to meet and get the calls right
ep24:Q: Gordon, what can the Sox do to get on the board early tonight, to produce a little better than they have? Because we know we'll see both Gordon and Rivera for certain.
Gordon_Edes:Ep24, what, a 4-0 lead in the fourth isn't good enough for you? An ecnouraging sign for the Sox was Damon getting a knock in the third. An RBI from Manny, who admittedly hasn't had many base-runners to drive in during this series, would be nice. He has yet to drive in a run in six games
xor:Q: What did you think of the whole A-rod thing from game 6, do u think it was over the line and unsportsmanlike?
Gordon_Edes:I thought it was an act of desperation, and surprising coming from him. Clearly, the Yanks are feeling the pressure
InEnemyTerritory:Q: Kevin Millar is getting grief down here(CT border of NY) for his comments on A-Rod -- I can't believe the NY media is spinning this that you gotta try to "get away with it" - Truly - is this is the right thing to do? Is my dislike of A-
Gordon_Edes:IET, your question cut off...or maybe it was your choice of language (By the way, I don't see the questions you all are submitting; I'm relying on the good judgment of my Webmaster. But hey, with emotions running high, you don't think the yanks would be chirping if the situation was reversed, and Johnny Damon had pulled the same stunt? It was a baseball no-no, and the umps got it right
gotmusic69:Q: How huge do you think the Mark Bellhorn hit was last night, and how will Francona be credited for sticking with him? If he didn't play last night, there's a good chance we don't win the game.
software_hobbit:Q: *if* our idiots win tonight, will they get the pitching back in order enough for the World Series? Both ALCS teams seem to be in disarray compared to the NLCS teams.
Gordon_Edes:World Series? Is there a World Series? I thought this was for the championship of the world. God bless you, hobbit, but I have to believe you are one of the few people in the Nation fretting about what happens after tonight. Besides, the situation isn't as bleak as you make it. Pedro is on line to start Game 1, and Schill would be on regular rest for Game 2 Sunday. Other teams should have such a problem!
bigreenmonster:Q: Gordon the yanks fans have to be the worst in baseball. The riot police confirms that what was it like at the stadium when that all went down?
Gordon_Edes:Hey, it was uglky, just as it was ugly in the fens during the alcs when fans littered the field with trash after the umps blew a call and Jimy williams got tossed. You never want to see the riot police streaming out of the dugout, but whatever thoughts the crowd may have had about going completely looneytunes seemed to evaporate in a hurry.
brooks:Q: when the sox win, say around 11:45 tonight, is cashman gone by midnight?
Gordon_Edes:That's pretty good, Brooks. Nah, Cashman may survive a couple of days. It's the elevator operators and secretaries and clubhouse guys you should be worried about. Those are the people the Bully likes to bury
canipitch_:Q: Gordon - How do you think the "new yankees" will react tonight? I know Jeter, Bernie, and Rivera have handled this before.....any thoughts on A-rod and Sheffield, A-rod seemed tight last night especially late
Gordon_Edes:Hey, Shef hasn't exactly been lighting it up lately, either. ...let me check my motes...
Gordon_Edes:That was "notes." The last 3 games, the first 4 hitters in the Bombers' lineup are a combined 9 for 55, .163. Jeter is 3-15, A-Rod 2 for 13, Shef 1 for 13, Matsui 3 for 14. If that doesn't add up, sorry, i'm doin this on the fly
2004_2004_2004:Q: Do you think Johnny Damon is getting his stroke back? An opposite field single, and at least one drive into the outfield (for an out) seem to bode well, but he just doesn't look confident at the plate...yet.
Gordon_Edes:'04, etc, a good at-bat in the first, the opposite-field single in the third, the fly ball opposite field in the fourth, two lousy at-bats to end his night. He hasn't had a slump like this all season. Aren't the percentages in his favor?
sox_fan_in_ny:Q: I haven't seen any details on the "surgery" on Schilling, but it sounds painful. Any idea how his ankle is feeling today?
Gordon_Edes:Well, when I came down for the breakfast Shonda made me, Curt said he was feeling great! No, seriously, SFINY, haven't heard a thing yet. I gotta think he's pretty sore, The surgery itself wasn't a real painful thing,but pitc hing after having some fresh sutures put in couldn;t have been fun
Don_t_Stop_Believin_:Q: Any thoughts who will take the NLCS?
Gordon_Edes:Don, I had assumed the Cards, but man, the 'Stros look like last year's Marlins, don't they, and they've got Roger, with Oswalt as backup in Game 7. Tough to win on the road, but i'll say i'll take houston. Mercy!
telerob:Q: I like the new more aggressive Tito. Was he there all year and we didnt know it or did this series help him change based on what was needed of him?
Gordon_Edes:telerob, you have to play differently in october, that's all. don't expect the sox to suddenly do these types of things come April!
bendo:Q: They're talking about the idea of implementing an Instant Replay in MLB on weei right now, what do you think about that? (offerman in 99 is a great example)
Gordon_Edes:i don't like it. The human element remains a vital part of the game. I like that umps not robots, call balls and strikes, and in the postseason, six sets of eyes shgould get things mostly right. besides, the games are long enough as it is!
lily:Q: Gordy, why wasn't Pedro at the game. I don't buy so he can get ready for game 7. I thought it was "all hands on deck" for game 6.
Gordon_Edes:Your skepticism is understandable. If the season had ended last night, it certainly would have been bizarre for him not to hhave been there
Cruel_Drool:Q: What are Sox pitchers doing to Matsui that he suddenly looks lost up there?
Gordon_Edes:I looked at my scorebook, and I have Matsui hitting five line drives in the last two games, and one ball to the warning track in center in Game 5. I'd say their luck hasn't gotten better, not much more than that. Certyainly that isn't my definition of lost, "Drool."f
soxfan72:Q: Who do you think Nomar is cheering for?
Gordon_Edes:Nomar was planning to go to europe for a month. I don't know if he's left yet, but I'm guessin' he's not wathcing too closely. Just a guess on my part, but let me ask you, soxfan72--if you were him, would you be watching? Maybe because of his friendships with Tek and Trot, yes. Otherwise, I think not
johndoyle:Q: Gordo . . . the motto for Major League Baseball during the postseason is "I live for This" . . . as a sportswriter, this must be what you live for. Take a moment for yourself, toot your own horn and reflect on what it means to be a scribe during such an hour?
Gordon_Edes:Johndoyle, you know what, I sit there--even when i'm in the right field auxiliary box like i was last night, and think how fortunate I am. Hey, I think it's a great gig, and I sometimes laugh at the idea that a kid from little Lunenburg Mass gets to be the conduit between the fans and the players and s
Gordon_Edes:spin these stories. Thanks for asking
t:Q: Is pokey reese going to start tonight with Derek Lowe on the mound or is Bellhorn the starting second basemen
Gordon_Edes:T, no reason to believe now that Tito is going to change. If he didn't take out Bellhorn when he was hitting a buck and a half, he isn't going to take him out after his Game 6 homer!
Gordon_Edes:Well, his wife and son have been sitting just behind the Sox dugout....Mannyfan, I haven't noticed a drastic difference. What I thoiught was remarkable was that in Game 4, he saw 16 pitches before he swung the bat for the first time!
Shinski:Q: This Yankee team has a clubhouse full of guys with rings. The Sox have only one (Schilling). How in the world can they overcome that? It's crunch time, and I must say I like the Yankees chances better because of all their experience.
Gordon_Edes:Shinski, Well, so far that vaunted Yankee experience hasn't prevented the Sox from doing what no team has ever done before, to win 3 straight after losing the first 3. I agree with Foulke., The pressure is all on the Bombers now
BostonDotCom:Timlin also has rings
DW:Q: Has there ever been a bigger game in the history of baseball with more meaning and story lines?
Gordon_Edes:Well, DW, we tend to be a little provincial around here...but YOU"RE RIGHT! THERE HASN'T BEEN! WHAT A HOOT! IT REALLY DOESN'T GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS!..Uh-oh, hotel security is knocking on my door. I'd better pipe down...
Gordon_Edes:Hey folks, thanks again. We may be doing this again very soon, depending on the Sox...and the good folks at Boston dot com
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