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Gordon Edes chat transcript - Sept. 21, 2004

bill: Q: Hi Gordon -- Why is Tito so slow with his hook on Wakefield? He should have been gone after 4 last night.
Gordon_Edes: bill, who did you want to see instead? Terry Adams. Mendoza. Yes, Wakefield has been struggling, big-time, but we've seen many games where he's stopped the bleeding. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case last night
pinella_s_ashtray: Q: Gordon, what is wrong with the red sox, and why have they gone back to the 'waiting for the walk, bloop and blast' offense that had them playing .500 for most of the year?
Gordon_Edes: ther's nothing wroing with the sox, piniella's ashtray. Did you really believe they wer going to keep winning 80-90 percent of the time. Look at the Angels. They just got shut out back to back games by the Rangers a nd had three shutouts in like an 11-day span. They'll be fine, probably starting tonight
Ted: Q: Hi Gordon, buenos tardes tambien. When will the Sox go to a 4 man rotation? Will they?
Gordon_Edes: ted, they will in the plaoffs, for sure, but not before then
RemyRules: Q: Hi Gordo, do you think Schilling will be the game one starter in the playoffs?
Gordon_Edes: the way the rotation is set up now, with pedro going friday and then again next wednesday, and schillimng going today, sunday and presumably next friday, it looks like they've got it set up for pedro to pitch with extra rest in game 1, schilling on regular rest for game 2. i suppose that could change, but i don't think so
rembrandt: Q: What's up with Varitek in Yankee Stadium? Is he just trying too hard?
Gordon_Edes: man, that's an amazing stat isn't it? I just looked up what Jason did in yankee stadium last season, He had a 4-hit, 2-HR game on July 4, and a two-hit game in September, and that was it. But 0 for 34 in the Bronx this season, including the 8 K in 10 AB's last weekend? Stunning. I don;t think it's a question of trying too hard, but they obviosuly know how to pitch to him
Ilya: Q: Hello Gordo, I don't find Pedro to be the same clutch player he was before. I'm talking about the game with the Yanks thisd past weekend, do I dare mention the playoff game last year?
Gordon_Edes: Ilya, last year, pedro pitched against the Yankees in Fenway Park in late augut and was knocked around, and I wrote a column saying he couldn't beat em when it mattered most,. Fuve days late, he went into Yankee Stadium and pitched a beauty. Obviously he isn't as dominating as he once was--just look at all the homers--but pedro to mne is stilla big-game pitcher
heiniemanush: Q: hey gordon, i was wondering if you've seen bk kim throw in any of his side sessions. if so, what can you tell us about his progress? is he an option for the oct. 2 double header?
Gordon_Edes: I haven't heinie...I'm frankly mystified that he's even here. May be it's a face-saving thing, but I'd be shocked if he gets the call for the DH game, and surprised if he gets activated at all
Hofferman: Q: Gordon, I'm wondering why the Red Sox have such a tough time with the Orioles; any specifics you can point to?
Gordon_Edes: Hofferman, the weird thing is that not only have they been beaten by the O's but they've gotten smoked against 'em/ They've lost five times by five or more runs against the Orioles, and in six games, including last night, the O's have scored seven or more runs., The Sox pitching staff has a 5.42 ERA against the O's this season. How do you explain it? I can't. There's no obvious matchup issues. It's an aberration
Sponge: Q: Gordon, assuming Arroyo is your 3rd starter in the playoffs, do you pick Lowe or Wakefield as #4
Gordon_Edes: how's that for insightfuil analysis?
Gordon_Edes: sponge, i wasn't assuming arroyo as no 3. I was thinking it would be Lowe, and unless he gets lit up again in his next start, i still think it will be lowe the question is wake or arroyo, and unless wake turns it around fast in his last two starts, you gotta figure arroyo gets the nod. Two weeks ago i wouldn't have said that but with wake at a 6.15 era since the break the sox may have no choice
Sox_s_Short_Streak: Q: Will Burks get a last at bat at Fenway?
Gordon_Edes: I think that's what he's shooting for, Short Streak, I hope so., He's a class act
Alan: Q: Did the Sox overreact as a team to the overall importance of their victory last Friday?
Gordon_Edes: no....the yankees reacted, though, didn't they? Hey, when your starters get lit up that early, like lowe did saturday, you've got little shot. The Sox were in it sunday until Posada sliced tha ball into the seats against Pedro. It's not as if the Sox suddenly took things for granted
RemyRules: Q: Gordo, do you think Bellhorn should be hitting further down in the order since he strikes out so much?
Gordon_Edes: Rules, I understand your point, but all those walks Bellhorn draws and the way he always goes so deep into the count, have made him very useful in the 2-hole
_8_Watered_Down_Beer: Q: Hey Gordon. How about NH Fishercats MVP Gustavo Chacin beating the Yanks last night. Kid has 21 wins in three levels of pro ball this year. That's a good Sunday Notebook Item right there!
Gordon_Edes: Hey watered down, thanks for the heads-up. Always appreciate the Nation looking out for me
ZaneSmith: Q: If sportswriters are so seemingly well informed about the game of baseball and the workings of the system, why do you never see them make the jump to scouting or coaching?
SoxFanAZ: Q: Gordon, it seemed like the Sox would never get Williamson back in the bullpen... is he 100% and will he be healthy enough to be dependable in the postseason?
Gordon_Edes: that remains a big question, one that may not be answered until the season is almost over. Francona must decide whether he can count on Williamson not breaking down in October, and that's a very iffy proposition. obviously a healthy williamson would be a big boon to the pen
soxfanincalgary: Q: do you think taht a proven manager ie. cito gaston/ would have made at least a 4-5 game difference in the standings to this point in the season?
Gordon_Edes: no.....Francona has done a good job. He's not exactly at a novice at this. The team is playing hard, they're going to win 95 or so games, why question the manager's office (Oops. Sorry, Grady)
Skip: Q: I was surprised even before Saturday to see how bad Lowe's career and 2004 numbers are against the Yanks. You think he'd get pulled from the rotation if the Sox play NY in the playoffs?
Gordon_Edes: Skip, since the start of the '02 season, Lowe has made 13 starts against the Bombers. In seven of them he has held the Yanks to three runs or less for six innings or more. This year he has gotten bombed in 3 of his 5 starts against them, but no, i see little chance that they'd drop him
rick: Q: What determines which teams play against each other in the ALDS?
_8_Watered_Down_Beer: Q: Gordon - Your thoughts on that awful rundown last night...
Gordon_Edes: Kids....don't try this at home! Way too many throws...nice brain cramp by the runner, too, though he got away with it
SctRme: Q: Gordon, where are they going to stuff 2000 more seats in Fenway???
Gordon_Edes: i don't think they're going to. I think the number will be possibility is to build upward from the garage behind the bleachers, which is where i think they may put some offices. but i see rows being added here and there, more than any significant change a la the monster seats and the RF roof
Bubba: Q: Hi, All teams have their ups' and downs. I'm not sure why Bostonian's are so critical of our boys. Especially when half of them couldn't even make it around the bases !!! Give em' a chance guys, they're professionals....
Gordon_Edes: Bubba, whether you can make it around the bases yourself or not doesn't disqualify you from having an opinion about those who are paid yo do so. That said, I agree with your bigger point...we tend to live and die too much around here from day to day...this team has proven its worth and will be dangerous in october
notagain: Q: Should we be concerned about Manny and Ortiz' lack of production this weekend? They didn't hit well in the playoffs last year.
Skip: Q: Damon's having a great year. Does that tamp down enthusiasm for Beltran in the offseason?
Gordon_Edes: not necessarily. I wouldn't rule out the possibility that the Sox explore a trade with damon, figuring his value couldn't be higher. what might tamp down enthusiasm are all the other big decisionsthe sox have to make re free agents, and the fact they're committed to over $80 mil in guaranteed salary already.
manramsclan: Q: How has Trot been responding to his recent playing time? Has he felt good afterwards or typically sore? It seems getting him on track would be HUGE for the playoffs.
Gordon_Edes: he's sore, but that's to be expected. i think he'll be a go in october
SctRme: Q: Do you think there should be a personal grooming critera? The hair and beards on these guys is getting a little out of hand!
Gordon_Edes: man, that isn't going to happen with this group. Management obviously has taken the tack that it doesn't matter--it seems they revel in the anti-Yankee look--and as long as things are going good, it's not going to be an issue. But down the road if these guys scuffle, i'm sure you're going to hear people complaining about the lack of discipline.
doyboy: Q: Gordon, How come when things are going good with the sox Shaughnessy refers to them as "our sox" and when they get blown out twice by the Yankees he referrs to them as "your sox"
Gordon_Edes: DB, II can't speak for Dan-o. I know he's had fun with this whole ownership bit, that because the NYTimes Company has a stake in the club, that makes him an "owner," but maybe he wants no part of them when they look as bad as they did this weekend. he probably does it so someone like you spots the difference!
bill_clinton: Q: were any of the players annoyed that pedroia was taking batting practice at fenway?
Gordon_Edes: nah, i can't imagine they'd care much one way or the other. lots of teams extend that privilege to their top draft picks
jganno: Q: Hi Gordon, General baseball question here: Why do appeals exist in baseball? If an umpire knows that someone is out for not touching a base or not tagging up, shouldn't that person be out and called out by a ump??
Gordon_Edes: Hand't thought about it, jg. The powers that be obviously decided that the onus is on the opposing team to be aware if someone has left early
DFW: Q: How much do you think Manny listens to Papa Jack re: hitting...and do you think the Sox are suggesting he be more selective?
Gordon_Edes: first to've inspired me to look into that a little. maybe i can give a better answer one of these days
bill_clinton: Q: why is so little done to stop scalpers? you can't walk ten feet without being harrassed by people trying to sell tix.
Gordon_Edes: as for you, DFW, I don't think Papa Jack has to say too much to Manny about hitting or pitch selection. with manny, it's a matter of making sure he gets to do all the work he needs and to be a sounding board when he has questions
Gordon_Edes: BC, I'veoften wondered that myself. The sox would claim they've made inroads, but anyone who has been to fenway knows that the scalpers are alive and well and in big numbers
baseball_god: Q: Who wins in a series between the Twins and the Yankee's?
Gordon_Edes: hey, it may be sox and twins...that's what it would be right now. With Santana as dominating as he has been all year, no one wants to face the twins in a five-game series. I think you'd find a few people choosing the twins over either the yanks or sox. Radke isn't a bad Game 2 starter, either. but i'd probably take the yanks..and the sox
C_mon_: Q: What are your thoughts about a rebuilding period in which most of the high priced salaries leave via F-A or trade and resources are allocated toward farm system?
Gordon_Edes: this market won't tolerate that approach. ythe sox are alreafdy allocating more resources toward the farm system, but this team has to be a contender year in and yer out. no extensive rebuilding allowed, which is one reason the payroll is so high
_8_Watered_Down_Beer: Q: Gordon - Have you heard any complaints about the playoff ticket situation yet? Only 2000 tix for home games available? Seems crazy to me.
Gordon_Edes: that's the product of such a high season ticket base in the smallest yard in the majors.
Gordon_Edes: hey thanks everyone. we'll do it again soon.
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