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Remy is dogged by manager talk

Sox analyst says fans barking up wrong tree

These days, every time someone asks Jerry Remy about becoming the next Red Sox manager, he answers, "Do you want to be my bench coach?" Remy was sure his life would quiet down once the Red Sox season ended. It was one of the few calls the Sox analyst (NESN, Chs. 4 and 38) had wrong this year.

He came back from visiting his daughter in Florida Monday afternoon to find his name being bandied as a successor to Grady Little.

"I got off the plane and a girl had one of those cellphones that goes online," said Remy. "She said Grady was out and I was going to be the manager.

"Well, there's simply no story there. There's going to be a zillion names talked about in the next few weeks. I don't know who put my name in the mix, but I haven't spoken to the Sox about the job and I don't expect to," he said.

"If they had called me and said, `Let's talk,' of course I'd talk to them. They're the people I work for, and you never shoot down opportunities. But I don't expect that call, and I won't be calling them."

The whole topic makes Remy, who just completed the first season in his four-year deal with NESN, uncomfortable.

"I've been avoiding going on the radio, and even talking to people," he said. "No matter what I say about it, I'm going to come out looking bad. I don't want to become a story. I'm already on the payroll."

One topic he's happy to talk about is his website --

"We [Remy and partner John O'Rourke] thought the website would quiet down after the season, too, but it's just as busy as ever," said Remy, still trying to catch up on his e-mail correspondence.

"It's satisfying to have had an idea that worked," said O'Rourke, who does the day-to-day operation of the venture. "We've had 40,000 hits since we began back in May."

Interestingly, 52 percent of the site's visitors are women, among them its chat room moderator, Trish Saintelus.

Saintelus calls herself a huge Sox fan who was appalled at the "Wild West, anything-goes" postings in the chat room when she first visited the site. No more.

"I had moderated a chat room way back when the TV show `Trading Places' was just starting," she said. "It developed a cult following. Then things got out of hand, so I started my own site." Saintelus had gone online to order a Remy scorecard for her brother-in-law for Father's Day and checked out the chat room. I said, `Ohhh, they don't have a clue, so I whipped off an e-mail, saying you need to do this, this, and this.' Next thing I knew I got an e-mail back, asking me to send them [Remy and O'Rourke] my phone number."

"We're up to 2,300 registered members of the chat room," said O'Rourke. "That makes us the largest of the 539 baseball groups that have message boards on Yahoo."

One reason is that she was up early every morning, posting "Links to the Evil Empire" during the playoffs so fans could read what the New York papers were saying.

"After Game 7, I think people stayed up all night long. We had more than 1,000 messages posted in the 48 hours after the game," she said. "The amazing thing is that people from all over the country will be watching the game together in the room and dissecting it pitch by pitch."

As for the site itself, she says, "Jerry's never been bigger."

And he knows the fastest way to change that would be to change jobs.

Kickin' into gear

Tomorrow's Revolution-MetroStars playoff (FSNE-TV, WEEI radio, 5 p.m.) is the start of a home-and-home aggregate goals series. "That format should open things up and that format should please American viewers," said Revolution play-by-play man Brad Feldman, who will call the game with Adrian Healey. Jon Meterparel has the radio call following BC-Pittsburgh (no TV, WEEI radio, 12:45 p.m.) . . . Fox Sports New England, home of the Celtics, has launched a daily column, "Banner Headlines," written by Boston media watcher Bruce Allen, on its website -- www.fsnnewengland. The goal is to provide fans one-stop access to all that's written about the team both locally and nationally . . . Wednesday night's Celtics' opener did a solid 3.8 rating, up from last year's 3.4 and reflective of the increased buzz around the team. Tuesday's Bruins-Montreal game did a 3.0 rating, the best rating for the Bruins to date this season . . . Sox CEO Larry Lucchino was on WEEI's "Dennis & Callahan" Tuesday morning and had this to say of Remy at the end of a discussion of broadcasters-turned-managers (Jerry Coleman, Bob Brenly, Larry Dierker): "He's terrific. He's enormously popular, and an experienced and talented guy." . . . Oscar De La Hoya (a 1992 gold medalist in Barcelona) will be a boxing commentator for Telemundo and NBC next summer at the Athens Olympics, working in both English and Spanish. Telemundo is scheduled to carry 130 hours of Olympic coverage, much of it boxing . . . Ron Burton's legacy grew last weekend as sons Phil (a CN8 sportscaster) and Ron Jr. (Red Sox manager of community athletic programs) welcomed babies. On Friday, Ron Jr. and wife Iliana celebrated their first child, daughter Shane Victoria; on Saturday, Phil and wife Lavita welcomed Luke Ronald . . . WBZ newswriter (and ESPN weekend radio voice) Dave Mager has gone the entrepreneurial route to put Harvard hockey back on the air, cutting a deal with WBIX (1060 AM). Until WBIX gets its night signal working (sometime this fall), the games will be on WSRO (650 AM), WROL (950 AM), and, most important to the program, available as webcasts to alums and recruits at . . . There is no shortage of folks starting sports commentary websites. One that may hit your funnybone is -- the work of Shawn Peters, a TV writer, playwright, and son of former UPI New England Sports editor Gil Peters.

Bill Griffith's e-mail address is

Possible homes
Though Manny Ramirez’s obvious offensive skills would be a welcome addition to any club, his hefty contract and defi ciencies in other areas would limit the number of teams that would consider claiming him on waivers. These are the teams that would match up best with Ramirez, although none appeared poised to make a waiver claim today:

Baltimore Orioles
They have the money to spend and have made it clear they are going to make a big splash in the offseason to bring the fans back to Camden Yards.

Los Angeles Dodgers
Pitching-rich team desperately needs something to improve baseball’s worst offense, but fi nances are uncertain with sale of team to Boston developer Frank McCourt still pending.

New York Mets
They have the money and seem to be always looking to spend it, though new GM Jim Duquette indicates their big-spending ways are about to change.

New York Yankees
Word is they are not interested, but they do need a big bat in right fi eld (Ramirez’s original position) and always have money to throw around, especially to bring home a New York guy.

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