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Beards are big, thanks to our surging baseball team. The Red Sox held a Beard Night at Fenway, the team posted a guide to their players’ beards on Twitter, the hashtag #getbeard is growing in popularity, and the Twitter account @RedSoxBeards has popped up.

So let’s see your beards! Post photos of your existing beard, or let it grow and send photos of it getting longer and wilder, or start growing a beard now. If you’re female or a guy who’s not very hairy, use a fake beard. You can even draw one on.

Tweet or Instagram pictures of your beard using the hashtag #bdcbeards. If you let it grow, post a photo showing it getting longer daily, every third day—whatever you want. We’ll compile them on a page so everyone can see your beard’s progress. If you do not have a social media account, you can submit your pictures here.

Start growing!