Bobby Valentine says he was undermined by coaches

Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine said Wednesday he believed his coaches were not loyal to him this season and that he was undermined by them.

In his final appearance of the season on WEEI’s “The Big Show,” Valentine confirmed there was dysfunction within the coaching staff, which came to light over the summer and was detailed in a Boston Globe story. One member of the staff, pitching coach Bob McClure, was fired in August.

When asked by WEEI host Glenn Ordway why he thought his coaching staff was disloyal, Valentine replied, “You asked me what I feel. That’s what I feel.”

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He responded similarly when asked if he felt he was undermined by his coaching staff.

Asked if he would like different coaches if he is brought back next season, Valentine said, “Some, yeah.”

Speculation has been rampant that Valentine will be fired soon. The Red Sox play their final game of the season Wednesday night vs. the Yankees in New York.