David Ortiz contract talk starts up

David Ortiz’s agent, Fern Cuza, was at Yankee Stadium to meet with his clients, including Jose Iglesias and Cody Ross. Cuza would not speak on the record but he hopes to get some dialogue going with the Red Sox on a deal for Ortiz very soon.

Ortiz is seeking a two-year deal to finish his career in Boston. The Sox have held off offering him a legitimate two-year deal. They made a low-ball offer last offseason for $18 million when Ortiz wanted $25 million.

Among the reasons Ortiz may get only a one-year offer:

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■ His age (he’ll be 37 in November) and the fact that he had a heel issue.

■ He has publicly said he likes Boston and wants to stay. Sometimes that works against a player because the team believes he won’t go anywhere else.

■ If the Sox feel they’re rebuilding — and it sure looks as if they are — why sign a veteran for more than one year?

■ The Sox may be out of the multiple-year/big-money era. Problem is, they have given such contracts to people they shouldn’t and not to the people they should.

■ They may feel his best offer will come from them. Not so sure about that this time.