How the runs scored: Red Sox-Rays



 RAYS — Gimenez struck out. Rodriguez, Jennings, and Upton walked. Zobrist singled to center, scoring Rodriguez and Jennings, sending Upton to third. Longoria hit a sacrifice fly to left, scoring Upton. Keppinger grounded into fielder’s choice, Zobrist out, shortstop to second baseman. THREE RUNS, ONE HIT, ONE LEFT.

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 RED SOX — Ross doubled to right. Loney singled to right, scoring Ross. Saltalamacchia and Lavarnway struck out. Podsednik fouled to left. ONE RUN, TWO HITS, ONE LEFT.


 RED SOX — Iglesias walked. Ciriaco singled to center, sending Iglesias to third. Ellsbury singled to right, scoring Iglesias, sending Ciriaco to third. McGee relieved Hellickson. Pedroia hit a sacrifice fly to right, scoring Ciriaco, Ellsbury to second. Ross struck out. Loney grounded out, first baseman to pitcher. TWO RUNS, TWO HITS, ONE LEFT.


 RED SOX — Saltalamacchia popped to short. Farnsworth relieved McGee. Lavarnway singled to left. Podsednik singled to right, sending Lavarnway to second. Iglesias grounded to second, sending Lavarnway to third, Podsednik to second. Ciriaco safe at first on third baseman Rodriguez’s error, scoring Lavarnway, sending Podsednik to third, Podsednik out advancing, first baseman to catcher. ONE RUN, TWO HITS, ONE ERROR, ONE LEFT.


 RED SOX — Ellsbury grounded to second. Pedroia flied to center. Ross walked and stole second. Loney walked. Saltalamacchia singled to left, scoring Ross, sending Loney to second. Lavarnway doubled to center, scoring Loney and Saltalamacchia. Podsednik struck out. THREE RUNS, TWO HITS, ONE LEFT.

 RAYS — Roberts struck out. Joyce pinch hit for Gimenez and popped to short. Pena pinch hit for Rodriguez and was hit by a pitch. Jennings and Upton walked. Tazawa relieved Mortensen. Zobrist singled to center, scoring Pena and Jennings, sending Upton to second. Longoria grounded to short. TWO RUNS, ONE HIT, TWO LEFT.