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Should baseball use instant replay?

Yes. Why? Check the Aug. 10 Red Sox-Rangers box score. Locate ''doubles," and you'll see Gabe Kapler's name. Kapler hit a ball that cleared the red ''home run" line but kicked off the Green Monster's shelf back into play. Double, according to umpire Derryl Cousins. Realize two things: Cousins is good enough that he worked the plate for the deciding game of the World Series, and he did the right thing, convening his crew. Still, they ruled double. The solution: Replay. But only for safe/out calls; whether a ball was caught/trapped; an ambiguous home run scenario; whether a player was hit by a pitch. And it's the crew chief's call to go upstairs.

Because there is a 162-game regular season, I feel costly and inaccurate calls against teams balance out. That's not the case in a five-game Division Series or a seven-game League Championship Series or World Series. Therefore, my proposal is to adopt a replay system for the postseason. Balls and strikes (including checked swings) cannot be reviewed, but everything else is fair game. You'd have to limit the number of reviews per game to, say, one or two per team for time's sake. The manager would call time out and ask the crew chief to review the play. A review umpire would be in the press box to observe the TV feed. Might as well get it right at a time when the games really matter.

However limited the application, the existing technology must be implemented. Balls and strikes? No. Safe or out? No. But fair or foul? Home run or not? Yes and yes. And didn't we see all we needed to know in the Jermaine Dye did-the-ball-hit-the-bat-or-didn't-it incident? Suppose that took place with the score tied, two outs and the bases loaded in the bottom of the ninth inning of a World Series Game 7? If allowed to stand, the game and Series would have been over. Unjustly. And we could have corrected it. How can anyone object to replay in that context? We don't have to get it right the first time out. We'll have to experiment a while. But we must get started.

No. No. A thousand times no. Baseball doesn't need beanbag delays or the sight of Walt Coleman staring into a camera, then changing the course of sports history. It would be nice if the umpires could get together a little more often and help one of their own reverse an obvious incorrect call. This happened with the Red Sox twice in the ALCS last year and that's the best way baseball can handle it.

I like the idea floated by White Sox general manager Kenny Williams to give managers one or two challenges, a la the NFL, which would require umpires to review TV replays. I think replay makes sense on only certain types of plays, like whether a home run ball is fair or foul, or hit above or below a line on an outfield wall designating a home run, or a call at first base like the one that ended the World Series, when the first base umpire correctly determined that Orlando Palmeiro was out. But ball/strike calls or judgment calls would be exempt.

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