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Canseco saga all the rage

Page 2 of 2 -- "What was remarkable was that I knew we had news when we aired the piece," said HBO spokesman Raymond Stallone. "I couldn't get any of the baseball press to focus on it since we aired during October, and they were all absorbed with the playoffs."

Three excerpts from that program.

Curtis: "Are there players in baseball, Major League Baseball, using steroids? Absolutely. Have I heard it from their mouths? Yes I have . . . They're doing something they shouldn't be doing and taking money out of my family's pocket because they're better than me now. I'm sick and tired of competing against guys that are juiced up on illegal stuff. Now, am I going to make some enemies by saying that? Yeah. The enemies that I'm going to make are the guys that are cheating. Do I really care if they don't like what I say? No, because they're cheating."

Gene Orza, now the chief operating officer of the players' union: "I believe it is an open question, whether or not -- even if there were the taking of steroids in baseball -- that it would contribute to performance enhancement. There might be other consequences to it. You might be able to hit a ball that otherwise would have been a double, a home run. But your batting average might drop 40 points. You might spend three times more time on the disabled list than you otherwise would and as a result be less productive because the anabolic steroid you were taking didn't help your tendons or your ligaments very much and as a result made you more prone to injury."

Sandy Alderson, former Oakland A's general manager, and now executive vice president of baseball operations for MLB: "My concern being public perception and credibility of the game, I think the integrity of the game is absolutely critical. Without integrity, we don't really have a game."

Analyze this

TNT studio analyst Charles Barkley, in his fifth season on the job, has extended his deal through the 2007-08 season . . . USA Network, home of the Westminster Dog Show since 1984, has agreed to continue airing the event for another 12 years. This year's coverage continues tonight (8-11) . . . The Globe's Kevin Paul Dupont and Bob Ryan join Tom Caron on "Sports Plus" tomorrow (NESN, 6:30 and 10:30 p.m.) to discuss a cancellation of the NHL season. In addition, Shira Springer has a one-on-one interview with Celtics coach Doc Rivers and producer Alan Miller has a one-on-one with Boston College basketball coach Al Skinner . . . Mo Vaughn, appearing with Steve Burton and Michael Smith on WEEI Friday morning, indirectly connected former Red Sox teammate Nomar Garciaparra with steroid usage. Vaughn noted that when you get big and have those kinds of injuries (wrist, heel) at a young age, you open yourself up to questions.

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