Lyin’ Ryan Braun fooled a lot of followers

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Just call him Lyin’ Ryan.

In the pantheon of sports dirtbags, Ryan Braun goes down as one of the worst. He forever will be a baseball pariah.

Unfortunately that’s not enough. The disgraced Milwaukee Brewer got off easy. He deserved at least a one-year suspension. Probably more. I’d have been OK with a lifetime ban, which may be what’s coming for Alex Rodriguez.

What a time for baseball. Just when you think we are getting back to normal, another scandal erupts. Here we are 15 years after the Mark McGwire-Sammy Sosa fiasco (like Bob Kraft, we all were duped) . . . eight years after Rafael Palmeiro wagged his finger at Congress . . . the national pastime has a shiny new black eye.

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