Boston sports Q&A with Bob Lobel

Thurs. May 15, 2008
Boston_comGood afternoon everyone! We'll be starting our Q&A with Bob Lobel shortly. Keep the questions coming.
Boston_comHello everyone! Bob's here with us. He's currently at Braintree Rehab Hospital in Natick, part of Leonard Morse Hospital. Bob had surgery two weeks ago today on his back, but he's headed home for the first time tomorrow. Like a trooper, he's here to answer your questions.
VTPatPatriot__Guest_Great to see you surface on, I grew up in the 80's watching your Celts and Sox coverage, and I have enjoyed your commentary ever since. I hope you find a new home so the folks at channel four can think "why cant we get sportscasters like that!" The last few years remind me greatly of the 80's when Celts/Pats/Sox were all in the thick of the playoffs. How do you see these times being similar and different from the present excitement around these same teams?
Bob_LobelThe big difference is the Red Sox and Pats weren't the teams that were in it, the Celtics dominated... we did not expect every year for the Patriots and Red Sox to win, now we do. That's a huge difference in perception. We have new ownership, new ballparks, new fan bases, new media, the landscape has totally changed on so many levels. Not bad, just different. We did expect the Sox and Pats to lose, now we expect them to win, it's a huge thing. As far as Celts, who knows what to expect anymore, home teams are 19-1, it's more like the WWE, it's all scripted, it's not, and the games have been close but, not so much you can beat other team, it's can you beat the other team's home court advantage... it's crazy...
John__Guest_Why can't the Celts win on the road?!?
Bob_LobelI see the same games you see, and I seem them through the same prisms, whether it's Cedric Maxwell or any other analyst, I think they played at the highest level all year long, and now, when it comes to where they need to get to another level, they haven't done it yet. The question is, can they? They don't have a Dennis Johnson, who could care less about practice, but was there for the money games. Or Maxwell, who was there for the money games, 'hop on my back, boys,' when was the last time anyone was saying that? Plus, how can KG play any harder than he played all year long? So, unless they find a way to play at another level, they're a team that's in trouble in terms of winning it all.
jkstraw__Guest_Is this Lovell...Lovell Dyett? Bob- This son of Massachusetts wants to say thank you for bringing us Boston sports with grace and humor. I love the way Neumi delivers sports. Why is he not on top of the Sportscasting world?
Bob_LobelBelieve it or not he is on top of the sportscasting world, you just don't see him. He's doing the Olympics for NBC in Beijing. He does the Kentucky Derby and all the big races. He's a key player for NBC on their weekend sports coverage. The NFL gig too. Neumy's got the best sports job in Boston. He's a first class RT ticket to Beijing worth around $12,000 and they pick him up in a Town Car whenever he needs to go somewhere. He's got the greatest gig in Boston, and he deserves it.
t__Guest_Bob, when are you going to be able to get out on the golf course again?
Bob_LobelAs soon as I get out of the rehab hospital, as soon as I go through next phase of rehab, as soon as I can learn how to actually walk again w/o the aid of crutches... and I can actually swing a club w/o falling down, I'm gonna play. I'm shooting for July.
DRINKINGONTHEAIR__Guest_What's next for the Bruins?
Bob_LobelHopefully they'll convince Neeley to come back and play and maybe Reggie Lemelin will be part of the package.
mcbel_NH__Guest_What's next for you Bob? I saw you behind the plate on opening day and wondered, "Why can't we get guys like that on the radio?"
Bob_LobelRadio has always been very attractive for me. I love doing it. Being on the radio got me to Boston. And maybe being on the radio will end up keeping me in Boston. There was just a 30 year interval in between.
LSCII__Guest_Hi Bob, what's your view on what should happen at the Herald with Tomase and his false story?
Bob_LobelThat's an explosive question. I can just follow it chronologically in my mind from the day I heard it before the Super Bowl and the last couple of days. The Herald really did the right thing yesterday and these mistakes happen. I don't know John Tomase's side of the story, but we all have been, in this business, in that position where you're out on a limb by yourself and everybody has a saw and wants to saw you off the limb. I think we gotta hear the story, what happened, and what was going through his mind, what was going through the editor's mind, what the information was... the anti-scoop theory in Boston, when somebody gets a story that nobody else has, it's like swimming with sharks, there's blood in the water... our media culture here is more interested in bringing down the guy that got the story than it is about figuring out whether the story is right or wrong... we've all lived this journalistic nightmare.
Spock__Guest_Do you think the Herald will fire Tomase; or at least remove him from the Patriots beat coverage?
Bob_LobelDon't know. I would suspect not... Tomase did not do this by himself, people had to sign off on this. They admitted they were wrong, what more do you want them to do. When you scrape everything away, i.e., was the Commissioner was right or wrong, Matt Walsh, etc., the Patriots would have won the Super Bowl against the Rams with or without Matt Walsh and they would have lost the Super Bowl to the Giants with or without John Tomase.
Boston_Barbie__Guest_Hey Lobie, what's the deal with all the blond bombshells getting jobs covering sports in Boston these days? Is it all over for the guys who want a job in the industry?
Bob_LobelIt's pretty tough to compete isn't it? It's a phenomenon... I've been working with Alice Cook for 20 years and she's still smokin' on and off the air, and she's not a flavor-of-the-month. As far as the other recent additions to Boston sports media scene, I'm a big fan of Katherine Tappen, I'm a big fan of Laura Behnke, but I've know them a couple of years, I know them off the camera. I don't know Julie Donaldson, I don't know Heidi Watney. Here's the thing, you gotta be good. You can't just be eye candy. You gotta be like Alice, you gotta be able to deliver goods... unless you're LeBron James's mother, I'd hire her in a heartbeat.
John__Guest_Do you read popular sports blogs (Deadspin, The Big Lead)? What's your take on their exponential growth and popularity?
Bob_LobelThere are only so many hours in the day. I have a routine. The first thing I do when I go to my computer is go to Boston Dirt Dogs, I don't even go to Yahoo, it's a habit. It gives me in a very short period of time what's hot and what's not, I need to know that, it's like an instant cup of coffee for me. I would go on Sons of Sam Horn, but I forgot my password... Baseball Prospectus, I look for information, not opinion. Opinion to me is painful. I have enough opinions that I find out myself. I'm trying to formulate my own opinions. If I spend too much time reading other people's opinions, I get no time to formulate my own. By the time I do, it probably belongs to somebody else. To succumb to that keeping up syndrome, I'll have no time to rehab, learn to walk, and no time to play golf again.
gag__Guest_Do you think the appearance of Mr. Walsh before the NFL commissioner and senator Specter will bring any finality to Spygate?
Bob_LobelIt's like raising the dead. When is it finally over? If this were the KC Chiefs, this would have been long gone and hard to find. Bottom line is I think Walsh is in over his head and a lot of people are using him now, I hope he gets a job as a golf pro somewhere and be happy and live life, I almost kind of feel sorry for him.
What_sUpWithOurTeams__Guest_Well, on to the Red Sox -- What's with the win 5 or 6 in a row, lose 5 in a row business? Is the bullpen not up to the task this year? Is it being on the road (ala Celtics), or why are the Sox not able to close the games they should be winning?
Bob_LobelNo excuses. They've got the best team in AL. It will prove out in the end. They've had a horrible schedule all the way back to spring training. It will probably take to the middle of July before things settle out and they play the way we expect them to me. If not, they get what they get. you see back to back, day to day through the eyes and prism of Jerry Remy who I think is the greatest I've ever heard. He's about as honest as it gets. Everybody needs to calm down, calm down. Just worry about the Celtics winning a game on the road, the things that really matter... I gotta go, I hear Lisa Hughes coming down the hall... thanks for having me...