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Talk of body language doesn't concern Brady

FOXBOROUGH -- What body language?

That was essentially quarterback Tom Brady's response to questions about his seemingly negative on-the-field demeanor during the Patriots' 17-7 loss to Denver last Sunday night.

``I think this is more of an outside-the-team type of thing than an inside-the-team type of thing," Brady said yesterday at Gillette Stadium in a press conference that was less about football X's and O's and more about whether he was emitting negative vibes to teammates.

``I think we'll improve everybody's state of mind and body language and all the other psychological stuff that Sigmund Freud probably talked about many, many years ago if we win football games. That's what we're going to go out and try to do. That would be good for everybody's state of mind, to go out and play to the level of which I think we're capable."

Brady is 57 of 107 for 703 yards with four touchdowns and two interceptions in the team's 2-1 start. With his 53.3 completion percentage well below his career average of 61.5 -- and the Patriots' offense is ranked 18th in points scored (16.7 per game) -- Brady's frustration has bubbled over at times on the field.

No big deal, Brady said.

``I can be an emotional person, as you guys have always seen," Brady said. ``It's just purely poor performance by our offense, and I feel like I'm a leader of that. Sure, it bums me out when we lose. I don't think you guys would ever expect to see me running around and smiling and joking around on the sidelines when we're losing. It's just not the kind of person I am.

``I think I've always been pretty consistent with how I act. When we win, I'm as excited as can be. When we lose, I'm very disappointed. I'm sure people can read that on my face and people's mannerisms. I'm more concerned with the way we're playing rather than how we choose to slump our shoulders, or carry our head high. If we all went out and played a little bit better, it would be a lot more exciting for all of us."

And despite the loss to the Broncos, Brady sees improvement in the Patriots' passing game. He believes the team's 320-yard air attack against Denver was better than the unit's first two contests (163 yards against the Bills; 220 against the Jets).

Brady acknowledged the Patriots' offense is not operating at the same efficiency it was last season, but he thinks it can be effective nonetheless. He said any judgments would be premature.

``We're trying to build something here," said Brady, who has only one receiver, Troy Brown, back from last year's squad. ``There are no awards that get handed out after the third game of the season. We've been in situations where we've been 5-5 after 10 games [in the 2001 Super Bowl season]. We're trying to become a better football team, and that comes with a lot of hard work and preparation. I don't think there is any team right now that is ready to go out there and compete for a Super Bowl. I feel good about that, and I say, in some ways, we're making a lot of improvements.

``I think one person says one thing [about body language] and then all of a sudden it's an issue. Whereas I don't think that's an issue with our team."

Brady added that his trust with the team's receivers -- a group that includes Brown, Reche Caldwell, Doug Gabriel, Chad Jackson, and Jonathan Smith -- is growing.

``Those guys played their butts off and made a lot of great catches [against the Broncos]," Brady said. ``Those guys are working hard and I'm proud of the way they performed. Everyone wants to compare it to previous seasons, as I guess it's very natural to do, but it's hard to compare season to season because things are so different.

``This team is establishing its own identity. We've been running the ball better than we have in previous years. Hopefully we keep that up and hopefully we start to continue our execution of the passing game. We're sitting at 2-1, leading the division, so I don't think we should throw away the season quite yet."

Although again listed on the injury report as ``probable" with a right shoulder injury, Brady said his physical condition is ``the best I've felt in a long time."

He also said establishing a team identity will take more time.

``There is no doubt we're trying to incorporate new players into the offense, so we're not at the same point we were before," he said. ``I understand that and so do those guys, and you can't expect them to be. This is an entirely different team than it has been. Maybe we'll figure out some things about this offense that we didn't know we could achieve. That's what I'm hoping. That's what I'm expecting."

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