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Wildcat's Polecat/Lynx

There are many longtime New Englanders who have never strayed very far from their view that Wildcat in Gorham, N.H., is the premier Eastern ski area.

It certainly is a candidate for best views as it looks across the notch at Mount Washington's Tuckerman Ravine.

Its terrain is varied, and perhaps its reputation for being too tough is about 25 years out of date. Since then, it has retrofitted many narrow crankers and added a few beauties.

So this week, we'll go with the cruising terrain on Wildcat, and two trails well within the reach of an intermediate skier. For starters, for a long green run and a nice tour of that view, warm up with Polecat.

It starts on one side of the mountain and twists all the way around the middle, offering those Tuckerman shots all the way down. On a bluebird day, take the digital camera.

When you're ready for a bit more challenge, and if you like shift terrain, Lynx is one of the most fun runs on the hill. It rolls and undulates, giving sudden drops and plunges, never getting the mid-range skier in too deep. This cruiser is long and just plain fun.


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