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Gordon Edes post-Game 1 chat transcript -- Wednesday Oct. 13, 2004

BostonDotCom:For any new folks logging on, Gordon is relogging on at the hotel, should be a minute and he'll be up
Gordon_Edes:hey everyone...My ears are still ringing from the who's your daddy chants, but let's go
Jack:Q: Well, Gordon, should we stick a fork in them yet?
Gordon_Edes:C'mon, Jack, you can't be serious...One loss and you're caving in on this club? (more)
D-Lowe_s_Lampshade:Q: Hey Gordo, there was some scuttlebut on the internet last night that Sonny aka Pedro may have the flu... some MLB internation report or something. Anything to that?
Gordon_Edes:How many times do these guys have to get up off the ground before you stop writing 'em off?
Gordon_Edes:Lampshade, I have no reason to believe that Pedro has the flu, but i guess we'll find out when we get to the ballpark
CapeCodSox:Q: Why didn't Tito bring in DLowe last night after Schilling?
Gordon_Edes:i didn't ask him, but i assume he was keeping him for a more critical situation, if one arose
memphisredsox:Q: What the hell happened? Either Francona, Schilling, or Wallace should have known Curt's vulnerability and let someone else get the series off with a win!
Gordon_Edes:Mredsox....that's a good question, i can only surmise that curt felt he could pitch through it, and felt it wortha try. The Sox probably also felt a Schilling at 60-70 percent of normal Schill was still preferable to the alternative
pjmartinez45:Q: how hurt is Big Schill?? Will we see him again in this series? He (Schill) didn't sound overly optimistic..
Gordon_Edes:m45, he certainly didn't, did he? i think we'll know a little more when we get to the ballpark today and get some idea of how it feels, but they kept a brave front for the last few days and didn't let on that it was as bad ait was, so i think we won't know anything definitively for a few days. i suspect contoingency plans are already being formed in case he isn't a go
Gavin:Q: Gordon, Shill' seemed "just fine", but wasn't. Does he come back at all? If not, who takes his place in the rotation?
Gordon_Edes:Gavin, Schilling was anything but "just fine,'' obviously, and while I suspect he'll want to give it another go, and may insist on it, say hello to Derek Lowe. What other options do they have if he can't go?
dope:Q: Did Schilling's ankle suddenly get worse since his last start?
Gordon_Edes:Dope, understand this: I'm not privy to the discussions he has with the medical staff. He aggravated the ankle in his last start--they insist the injury is different fromn the one that bothered him earlier in the season, so yes, of course, it got worse since his last start. How bad is it? Well, the results speak for themselves, no?
geolink:Q: did you notice that the yankee pitchers seemed to be getting a larger stike zone than we did? I saw quite a few pitches on the corners of the plate that were called balls for the sox pitchers, and strikes for the yanks.
Gordon_Edes:geo....yep, the umps had it in for the sox last night. That's the ticket. Forgive the sarcasm, but give credit where it was due. Mussina was terrifc last night, Schilling was not, and I didn't hear a single Sox batter groping afterward there was something wrong with the K zone
Idelson:Q: Hey, Gordon. It seems like the Sox should be fine tonight knowing Lieber's a guy who doesn't issue walks. Would you agree?
Gordon_Edes:I'm not sure what you mean, Idelson. The Sox MO is to wear down opposing starters with their patience; if Lieber's throwing strikes, that approach obviously won't be as effective. Lieber pitched a terrific game against the Sox his last go-round, holding them scoreless until Ortiz homered in the seventh. Lieber didn't lose a Septemvber start for them, if I'm not mistaken
markeley:Q: Gordon... great stuff.... After Vladdy grannie, Matsui's grannie in July, and Wiliam's double last night, am I wrong to trust Mike timlin??? If not him for those clutch outs, then who?? he was so great last year....
Jim_from_Easton:Q: Why on earth would Shilling give his "shut up 55,000 new yorkers" speech when he knew he wasn't 100% healthy?
Gordon_Edes:Jim, makes you believe, doesn't it, that Curt expected the ankle to respond better than it did, no?....
dmbmarkt:Q: What was the point of warming up Mike Myers in the third inning? Why would Francona bring a situational lefty, who can't pitch to a 3 year old holding a bat from the right side, into a game in the third inning?
Gordon_Edes:Otherwise, even for a team that fashions itself to be idiots, that would have been pretty reckless...
Gordon_Edes:dmbmarkt, forgive me, but i was out in the right-field pressbox, so i didn't hear exactly when it was that Myers got up in the third...I assume he wanted the option of having Myers face Matsui, but elected to stick with Schilling
Matt:Q: I understand Francona's strategy in instructing his hitters to be patient with Mussina, perhaps getting to the bullpen sooner. Is there a fine line between being patient and not being aggressive enough at the plate (i.e. strikeouts looking in the fourth
Gordon_Edes:Matt, in Bellhorn's case, we've seen that happen seemingly a million times. In the case of Damon and Ramirez, I think Mussina just made great pitches; I don't think it was a lack of aggressiveness on the hitters' part
wherewasdlowe:Q: did varitek and posada share some unpleasantries as wilbur points out
Gordon_Edes:i didn't see what wilbur wrote...that's the first i've heard of it. But I can't imagine they were asking about the wife and kids
wiffleballking:Q: What do you read into Pedro's mindset now that he has decided not to talk with the media?
memphisredsox:Q: Has petey thrown on the side since Game Two ALDS? ANy reports on how it went and how fast his fastballs were?
Gordon_Edes:That should be "down this road"
Gordon_Edes:Pedro doesn't usually throw many bullpen sessions this time of year,. Usually more of a long-toss session
pedro_s_papa:Q: What percentage of major league left fielders make the two plays Manny failed on?
Gordon_Edes:A good left-fielder makes those plays. Manny is what he is, a great hitter who is an adequate fielder who this season made more good plays than he has in the past. The Sox will take that
BostonDotCom:Francona on eei with DaleandNeumy, hasn't talked to Schilling today or Dr. Morgan
rgerard:Q: cabrara seems to be slumping, do you think he is feeling the pressureof the playoffs batting under 200 , i guess he is not the wonderboys the media has made him out to be
Gordon_Edes:Rgerard, Cabrera has been celebrated for what he did for this club defensively..the offense was gravy. Four games is a pretty small sample, Let's revisit that question after a couple more games, OK?...
Gordon_Edes:yes, it is his first playoff experience, but he doesn't appear to me to be especuially tight
yorkmesoxfan:Q: Gordon, How was the mood in the clubhouse last night? Different from usual? I think that despite the loss the Sox feel better about getting 7 runs on the board against despite getting no-hit for 6+ innings. I still like our chances!
Gordon_Edes:York, it was extremely quiet, which in itself isn't customary for this bunch. I almost think it would have been better if Tony pena had walked in and turned on the music. The disappointment was obvious, but when Millar and Damon came out to do their media turns, they accented the positive. so did ortiz
fisky:Q: Any word on Lieber's back?
Gordon_Edes:from what was being said yesterday, by torre and lieber, it doesn't appear to be an issue
Derek_2:Q: What did you make of Sheffield's comments about Pedro in last week's SI? Do you anticipate that Sheffield's putting Pedro "on notice" could spill over into tonight's game?
Gordon_Edes:hey, a quick add on the question about lieber's back: It took a couple of innings for his back to loosen up last week, and Torre, when asked if it might be a problem again tonighht, said, 'I say no, but knock on wood.'' So stay tuned....
irishjaymass:Q: Would you call tonights game a "must win" for the sox?
Gordon_Edes:No, because the Sox lost the first two in Oakland last year, and the first two in Cleveland in '99, both in best-of-five series, and lived to play another day. Obviously, spottig the Yanks a 2-0 lead would be daunting, but not impossible. Losing tonight woukd mean, however, that for the Sox to win this thing, they'll have to do so in the Bronx
match:Q: Will Tito be prone to "tinker" after last nite's game? I hope he's not thinking about Manny @ DH, Ortiz @ 1B, Roberts in Right, etc.
Gordon_Edes:That ain't going to happen, Match.
jamroz:Q: do you think we will see the team dismantled if they lose
Gordon_Edes:Jamroz, dismantled, no. They already have over $80 million in guaranteed salaries committed to this team next season. But we've known all along, with all the free agents this team has, that there will be changes, big ones
Cubshater:Q: It was nice of MLB to pull the "Daddy" T-shirt, but the initial decision to sell them was extremely poor. What the heck was Commish Bud thinking?
Gordon_Edes:Cubshater, I doubt Bud was consulted, but I agree with you--MLB should have had no part of that one
LAFan:Q: Can you explain to me why Lowe wasn't in last night's game?
Gordon_Edes:I think that, like Game 3 against Anaheim, Lowe will be a guy the Sox turn to if Foulke is used in a tie game, and they need someone to folow him. He'll also be, I think, an eighth-inning alternative if Timlin falters
BobbyfromDedham:Q: Win or lose against the Yankees/World Series(if we get there), who will be gone off the current roster, who will we retain and who will we go out and try to obtain via free agency or a trade?
Gordon_Edes:Bobby, do we have to figure all that out now? Can we get through this first?
spm:Q: Do you think the Sox spoke too much before the game? Shill's comment about "shutting up" the Yankee fans and Damon's "we're the better team" comment?
Gordon_Edes:No, I don't. Schilling's comments had no effect on how he pitched yesterday, or why the Yankees hit him. As for Damon saying the Sox are better, that's the mindset I'd want my team to have. I'll tell you what, though. I've got to think a few Sox players were privately seething at Pedro for giving the Yankee crowd fresh fodder with which to taunt them.
SchillShocked:Q: After his 4 strikeouts last night, how critical do you think Damon will be in tonight's game?
Gordon_Edes:well, like my colleague bob hohler pointed out, Damon has never had a 4-K game before...
Gordon_Edes:sorry, i was trying to find a note from the maniacal one on Damon but couldn't coime up withit fast enough. But clearly, Damon has to get on base for the Sox to win
Bob_from_DC:Q: Hi Gordon. What do you think about starting Arroyo tonight since he is much better on the road than at home (although he was pretty good last Friday), and Pedro when the Sox return to Fenway on Friday?
Gordon_Edes:No, I think you answered your own question, Bob. Arroyo did fine last week at Fenway, and Pedro is the guy you want dancing here tonight. I think he'll pitch well...
Gordon_Edes:Hey thanks everyone...Got to grab some lunch and head for the yard
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