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Pedro Daveiga nets hat trick in Boston City League All-Star Game

Posted by Justin Rice November 9, 2013 05:01 PM


Pedro Daveiga scores his third goal in the final minutes of the Red Team’s 3-0 victory against the Blue Team in the boys’ Boston City League All-Star Game on Saturday afternoon at Wentworth’s Sweeney Field.(Justin A. Rice / For the Globe)

Although his team failed to make the city championships and got knocked out of the state tournament in the first round, Pedro Daveiga managed to cap his final high school soccer game on a huge high note.

The Boston International senior scored a hat trick in the Red Team’s 3-0 victory against the Blue Team in the boys’ Boston City League All-Star Game on Saturday afternoon at Wentworth’s Sweeney Field.

“In the first half we didn’t control the ball, pass it around, after the first half the coach said the better we pass the ball the better we will play so we did that,” Daveiga said after scoring all his goals in the second half. “We kept on moving the ball around and made the passes. And on the last one the goalie kicked it to me and I the last goal.

“It feels great. Thanks to all the people that are here to watch me to play. I’m a senior and we didn’t make it so far we didn’t make it to the cities’ and we lost in the first round of the states. It was my last year. This one was my last game of my high school season so I’m happy to finish it great.”

After launching a rocket from the left side of the net for his first goal in the 27th minute of the second half, Daveiga scored again in the 34th minute and again in 37th minute.

“The first goal [West Roxbury’s Ricter Mirville] crossed two people and passed it to the side and I moved forward and I got a shot to the corner,” Daveiga said. “The second one it was the same thing from the other side. On the last one the goalie just kicked it to me and two guys were on me and I just fought my way in and got the shot.”

A few minutes after the first goal, the Blue Team’s Kovin Ortiz hit a shot off the crossbar that could have tied the game.

“I was just asking for the ball and [my teammate] kept crossing everybody up but by the time he got it to me it was too late,” the Madison Park senior said. “I barely got to touch it because the defender was there and it hit off the crossbar.

“I wanted to finish with a win but there’s only team that won the game. They had a chance to win the game, three goals.”

The Red Team was coached by Dorchester’s Tim Lavin, whose team was the last City League soccer team to bow out of the state tournament the previous night with a 3-1 loss to Masconomet in the Division 2 North semifinals.

Lavin said the victory took the sting out of Friday night’s loss a little bit.
“The All-Star game is always fun and it’s nice to coach a group of good players and good young men,” he said. “They worked well together today and got themselves a few goals and a nice little win.

“We were able to create a few chances for Pedro and he’s an excellent finisher for both Boston International and for us today. He took those chances and we’re appreciative that he did. It’s a nice way for the city to cap off the season and celebrate soccer here in Boston.”

Justin A. Rice covers Boston Public school athletics. He can be reached at jrice.globe@gmail.com. Follow him on Twitter @GlobeJustinRice or @BPSspts.

Blue team overpowers Red squad in girls' soccer All-Star game

Posted by Justin Rice November 9, 2013 04:58 PM


South Boston’s Daitannah Smith scored a goal for the Blue Team in their 7-2 victory in Saturday afternoon’s girls’ Boston City League All-Star Game at Wentworth. (Justin A. Rice / For the Globe)

The fact that the majority of the players on the Blue All-Star squad play offense for their respective squads really showed during Saturday afternoon’s girls’ Boston City League All-Star game.

“When we first got here we kind of did a survey to see who plays what and all the girls play offense so it was like ‘OK so we’re going to have to move it around,’” New Mission coach Kerry Cormier, who co-coached the Blue All-Stars with Christine Kennedy, said after the 7-2 victory at Wentworth’s Sweeney Field.

“But the girls were great. They volunteered to play any position we wanted which was really nice to have. So we had a lot of flexibility just getting everybody in there and having fun.”

The Blue Team proved to have too much firepower for the Red Team as Charlestown’s Janiel Gordon and New Mission’s Amy Morales each scored two goals apiece.

“It was amazing,” said Gordon, who scored the first two goals of the game. “I prepared all the time and then it finally paid off.”

The Blue Team also got goals from Boston International’s Lovelyse Bien-Ami, Madison Park’s Berlizia Brito and South Boston’s Daitannah Smith.

While Gordon’s goals both came before the Blue squad took a 4-1 lead at halftime, Morales scored a goal in each half.

“I believe it’s an honor to be on the All-Star team because you get to be on a team of All-Stars not just players from your own school,” Morales said. “And you get to share a great experience. It also proves that you can play with other people even if it’s last minute. We all got along, no arguments or anything. The All-Star game was a great opportunity.”

Cormier and Kennedy, who co-coach New Mission, were coaching in the All-Star game for the firs time.

“It’s great to have a bunch of girls who all play soccer really well,” Kennedy said. “We had to keep subbing which was fun getting all the girls in and they all played great.
It was just a lot of fun to have girls who all love playing soccer playing together and playing a great game and having fun.”

O’Bryant coach Jason Joseph, who was coaching in the All-Star game for the second time in three years, said his team had fun despite the loss.

“I think they had a good time but they had a little bit more fire power is I guess the way to say it,” he said. “It’s an honor to here but it’s tricky, I’m just trying to get every girl in there and make sure they have fun. It’s tough when you don’t know them. I think we had 10 forwards and no midfielders, trying to mix and match; we had no goalie.”

There was no shortage of firepower on the Red Team’s first goal, a rocket by East Boston’s Vanessa Mejia-Figueroa from about 30 yards out in the 35th minute of the first half. Snowden’s Bianca Glover scored the other goal for the Red Team on an assist from West Roxbury’s Hiba Kafel in the 38th minute of the second half.

“The first goal that was a blast,” Joseph said. “That girl ripped it. She ripped it.”

Justin A. Rice covers Boston Public school athletics. He can be reached at jrice.globe@gmail.com. Follow him on Twitter @GlobeJustinRice or @BPSspts.

Madison Park's boys' impressive state run ends at the hands of St. John's Prep, 1-0, in OT

Posted by Ryan Butler November 7, 2013 08:50 PM


Madison Park senior Claudio Teixeira and St. John's Prep senior Matt Chilton fight for the ball during Prep's 1-0 double overtime victory in the Division 1 boys' soccer semifinal on Thursday night at the Manning Bowl in Lynn. (Billy Owens / For The Boston Globe)

Days after the Cardinals beat Acton-Boxborough off a deflection by an opposing player, Madison Park fell in similar fashion, 1-0, to St John’s Prep in double overtime in their Division 1 MIAA semifinal matchup.

“I told them in the beginning it was going to come down to whoever made a mistake,” said Cardinals coach Joao Gomes. “We made a mistake. We left a man in the middle wide open.”

St. John’s junior midfielder Tom Erickson scored at the 3:32 mark in the second overtime to give his Eagles the victory. But according to Cardinals' goalie Joao Rosa, the ball was slightly deflected off one of his Cardinal teammates.

“The ball hit my player on his feet, and it went through,” Rosa said. “I could have got it, but [someone] was in front of me and he blocked my view. It is what it is, you can’t do anything about it.”

Despite some great passing and ball control on both sides, Madison Park and St. John’s entered the overtime in a complete offensive stalemate.

And right off the bat, St. John’s came out firing.

Forty-five seconds into the first overtime, Eagles junior midfielder Paul Magazzu had a scoring opportunity, but was thwarted by a great save from Rosa.

Seconds later, Rosa once again bailed the Cardinals out with a key save. On an ensuing St. John’s corner kick, he bolted out of net to break up a great ball from Sam Swain.

Madison Park survived the first overtime, and actually appeared to snatch momentum away from St. John’s midway through the second.

At the 5:46 mark, forward Bill Tuloe had a breakaway for Madison Park, but pushed the ball wide left. Less than a minute later, midfielder Stephan Dias had a similar breakaway for the Cardinals, but he too missed wide.

"I was trying to place the ball inside so he couldn't stretch for it,” Tuloe said. “But he stretched his legs so far and he just got a touch on it… it’s just all part of the game."

It was minutes after Tuloe’s chance that Erickson ended the Cardinals' season with one swift kick.

“It really is amazing,” Erickson said. “Such a great experience for my team and I. It just feels great to be in the finals again. We all played a really good game, passing and everything. But that goal, I really don’t know where it came from.”

This is Cardinals coach Joao Gomes's last season at Madison Park, who will step down as the team’s coach after a decade because he wants to watch his son play soccer at Chapel Hill Chauncy Hall. He had coached Madison Park to four straight City League championships, and Thursday's game was its only loss of the season.

Ryan M. Butler covers Boston Public school athletics. He can be reached at butler.globe@gmail.com. Follow him on Twitter @butler_globe or @BPSspts.

Madison Park continues its run, defeats Acton-Boxborough, 1-0, in double OT

Posted by Ryan Butler November 5, 2013 07:00 PM


Madison Park's Rohan Wynter (left) battles with Acton-Boxborough's Chris Benson (right) in the Cardinal's thrilling, 1-0, double overtime win Tuesday afternoon. (Billy Owens / For the Boston Globe.)

Another chapter was added to the story that is the Madison Park boys’ soccer team Tuesday afternoon when it battled a tough Acton-Boxborough team in a Division 1 MIAA quarterfinal.

And oh, what a battle it was.

Madison Park eventually edged Acton-Boxborough, 1-0, in double overtime to clinch a spot in a semifinal matchup with St. John’s Prep, which also won Tuesday, 1-0, over Lexington.

“I thought we started the game off kind of slow,” Madison Park coach Joao Gomes said. “But I knew we were going to hold out on defense, so I just kept telling the guys to keep playing hard and one was eventually going to go in.”

But neither Gomes nor anybody else in attendance could have predicted that the deciding goal would come off a deflection from the opposing team.

With the second 10-minute overtime period winding down and penalty kicks looking certain to follow, Madison Park had a throw-in opportunity deep in Acton-Boxborough’s zone.

This wasn’t an uncommon scenario for the Cardinals.

All afternoon, senior defender Emiky Pires fired throw-ins toward Colonial goalie Andrew Hoang, hoping for a rare header opportunity. And Pire’s persistence finally paid off with almost no time remaining.

In a cluster of both Cardinals and Colonials, the ball deflected off an A-B player to give Madison Park the victory in thrilling fashion.

“I was telling the guys all game to stay on that back post. I’ll get you the ball there,” Pires said. “We’ve got some tall players, so I kept saying that I’ll find them off the throw-in. It was a lucky one, but it worked.”

Both defenses dominated all afternoon. Acton-Boxborough held tough, and ultimately a strange play ended its season.

“My team’s been fantastic all year,” Acton-Boxborough coach David Baumritter said. “We’ve been very resilient and found ways to win games. Unfortunately tonight we just couldn’t pull it together. Madison Park has some strong individual players, and they deserved to win this game for sure.”

Madison Park, the Boston City champion, continues its tournament run Thursday at Manning Field in Lynn at 5 p.m.

And the Cardinals couldn’t be more thrilled.

“Today’s a huge win,” Pires said. “We want to keep winning and continue to move forward. We want to show everyone what we’ve got. State has been what we’ve been looking for all season.”

Ryan M. Butler covers Boston Public School athletics. He can be reached at butler.globe@gmail.com. Follow him on Twitter @butler_globe or @BPSspts.

Boys' and girls' soccer All-Star games/rosters announced

Posted by Ryan Butler November 5, 2013 01:15 PM

The schedule and rosters for the boys’ and girls’ soccer all-star games have been announced.

Both games will be played on Saturday, Nov. 9, at Wentworth Institute of Technology’s Sweeney Field. The girls’ game kicks off at noon and will be followed by the boys' game at 2 p.m.

Here’s a look at the rosters:

Girls' South

Coach: Jason Joseph, O'Bryant

Alica Lima, Burke
Carla Lobo, Burke
Kaylin Thomas, Dorchester
Derasia Green, Dorchester
Vanessa Mejia-Figueroa, East Boston
Hannah Lunetta, East Boston
Pamela Sepulveda, East Boston
Kristina Colon, English
Mindy Laura, English
Oumou Bah, English
Yonetta Harris, O'Bryant
Keena Nicholas, O'Bryant
Laura Escolero, Snowden
Bianca Glover, Snowden
Hiba Kafel,West Roxbury
Hirmine Francois, West Roxbury

Girls' North

Coaches: Kerry Haczyk and Christine Kennedy, New Mission/BCLA

Name, Team
Brianna Alves-Gomes, Brighton
Meybel Lopez-Flores, Brighton
Janiel Gordon, Charlestown
Damani Wedderburn, Charlestown
Jennifere Lunche, CASH
Deshanique Tarkpor, CASH
Evanilde Semedo, International
Lovelyse Bien-Ami, International
Colby Cahill, Latin Academy
Sandra Seone-Seri, Latin Academy
Jillian Eweka, Latin Academy
Berlizia Brito, Madison Park
Luise Kasemba, Madison Park
Alison Davey, New Mission
Amy Morales, New Mission
Vanessa Nguyen, South Boston
Daitannah Smith, South Boston

Boys' South

Coach: Tim Lavin, Dorchester

Name, Team
Zachary Marsille, CASH
Alonso Avina, CASH
Merveil Meyitang,Dorchester
Warren Exceus, Dorchester
Heroldy Limage, Dorchester
Amando Acevedo, English
Makhdum Qurashei, English
Pedro Daveiga, International
Yuron Gomes, International
Matteo Grando, Latin Academy
Julian Zapata, Latin Academy
Anis Medjahed, O'Bryant
Junior Depina, O'Bryant
Richter Mirville, West Roxbury
Emmanuel Jean-Charle, West Roxbury

Boys' North

Coach: Hussien Issa, Brighton

Name, Team
Lizandro Nogueira, Brighton
Michiale Wineh, Brighton
Gelson Gomes, Burke
Alexssander Lopes, Burke
Mahamed Abdirahman, Charlestown
Guillermo Salinas, Charlestown
Ben Lara, East Boston
Benjamin Buenrostro, East Boston
Kovin Ortiz, Madison Park
Joiro Ortiz, Madison Park
Claudio Teixeira, Madison Park
Boubacar Seck, Snowden
Gabriel Porter, Snowden
Freddy Espinosa, South Boston
Phat Tran, South Boston

Ryan M. Butler covers Boston Public School athletics. He can be reached at butler.globe@gmail.com. Follow him on Twitter @butler_globe or @BPSspts.

Madison Park boys' soccer tops Dorchester, 2-0, to win city championship

Posted by Ryan Butler October 30, 2013 06:21 PM

Two undefeated teams met in the boys’ soccer city championship Wednesday afternoon at English High. But only one team would come out victorious and cap off an undefeated season.

Four-time defending city league champion Madison Park was able to defeat Dorchester, 2-0, behind key goals from sophomores Witer Batista and Estevao Gomes. Cardinal goalie Joao Rosa held the Bears at bay all afternoon with 11 total saves.

“Throughout the year, we’ve continuously played well,” Madison Park coach Joao Gomes said. “The kids did a great job keeping up with practices. I’m happy with the way we came out and played today, and winning the Cities’ means a lot. Especially for our players.”

Despite dominating possession of the ball for the majority of the first half, Dorchester was unable to put one past Rosa, who made six saves before halftime.

The Cardinal’s drew first blood when Batista scored with 16 minutes left in the first after a nifty pass from teammate Jairo Ortiz.

“I went up for the header, but I lost control,” Batista said. “But Jairo made a great recovery for me and quickly passed it, so I put it home.”

Madison Park took that 1-0 lead into the half, and came out firing in the second. Less than 10 minutes in, Gomes scored off a deflection from a Dorchester player. This 2-0 lead proved to be all the offense Madison Park would need as Rosa continued to perform superbly in net.

“He’s outstanding,” Joao Gomes said of Rosa. “He’s definitely a go-getter and never quits. Hopefully he can cash in on some of his skills, and continue to get better and better and maybe become a professional.”

After the game, Dorchester coach Tim Lavin described his Bears team as the best he’s coached in 10 years.

“This was our first time making cities,” Lavin said. “It’s also the best record we’ve had since I’ve been here. I’m proud of the way we played today, Madison’s goalie just played great and we couldn’t seem to find the back of the net.”

This is Rosa’s third City Championship in a row, and he still has one year left as the Cardinal’s anchor in goal.

“I’m so happy,” he said. “It always feels great winning the cities. I give it to the seniors though, they’ve worked so hard. Dorchester’s a great team too. We just came out and worked as hard as we could today.”

Ryan M. Butler covers Boston Public school athletics. He can be reached at butler.globe@gmail.com. Follow him on Twitter @butler_globe or @BPSspts.

City League soccer championships set for Wednesday

Posted by Ryan Butler October 29, 2013 01:05 PM

The stages are set for Wednesday’s City League soccer championships. And they're sure to be exciting.


After impressive comebacks in their semifinal games, East Boston and O'Bryant will face off at Madison Park at 3:30 p.m. Wednesday.

“We knew whoever we were going to play that it’ll be a tough game,” East Boston coach Richard LaCara said after Monday’s 2-1 win over New Mission. East Boston was down, 1-0, at the half until sophomore forward Vanessa Mejia’s two-second half goals propelled the Jets to victory.

The Jets will be facing an O’Bryant team that, despite being the fourth seed, pulled off an astounding comeback in the semifinals to defeat top-seeded Latin Academy, 3-2, Monday.

“We lost to East Boston earlier in the year, 5-1,” O’Bryant coach Jason Joseph said Tuesday. “But we’ll use this practice to tie up some loose ends in preparation.”

O’Bryant was down, 2-1, with less than a minute remaining when Keena Nicholas scored to send it into overtime, and then she scored again in overtime to clinch a championship berth.


Top-seeded Dorchester will play second-seeded Madison Park Wednesday at English High at 3:30 p.m.

The teams dominated the City League this year. They had no league losses, playing to a 1-1 tie when they faced each other in late September.

“My guys are excited,” Madison Park coach Joao Gomes said. “They’re also mindful that Dorchester’s a great team. They can pass, run, and score really well. We’ll have to bring our best come tomorrow afternoon.”

Gome’s Cardinals beat East Boston, 2-1, in a close semifinal Monday afternoon at White Stadium. Madison Park’s defense kept the Jets at bay all afternoon.

Dorchester beat Burke, 3-0, in its semifinal at English Monday afternoon to set up this anticipated rematch. Burke and Dorchester entered the half tied at 0-0, but goals from Merveil Meyitang, Roberson Cevat, and Sauvilet Cine gave Dorchester the 3-0 win.

There is sure to be top-notch soccer played when these two well-coached powerhouses clash Wednesday. And both coaches know it.

“I have a tremendous amount of respect for Madison Park and their soccer program,” Dorchester coach Tim Lavin said. “They have been one of the top teams in the city over the years. We just are focusing on playing our game and competing to the best of our ability tomorrow.”

Ryan M. Butler covers Boston Public School athletics. He can be reached at butler.globe@gmail.com. Follow him on Twitter @butler_globe or @BPSspts.

O'Bryant, East Boston advance to girls' soccer championship in dramatic fashion

Posted by Ryan Butler October 28, 2013 06:47 PM


East Boston's Vanessa Mejia handles a pass Monday afternoon. Behind her two second-half goals, East Boston was able to beat New Mission, 2-1, to advance to the City Championship. (Billy Owens / For the Boston Globe.)

Both semifinal games in Boston City League girls’ soccer kept the crowd on their toes Monday afternoon despite a bitter gusting wind at Madison Park.

And each game had quite the ending.

East Boston beat New Mission, 2-1, with two second half scores, and O’Bryant upset top seeded Latin Academy, 3-2, in overtime to solidify this year's city championship set for Wednesday afternoon.

“It’s amazing, really,” O’Bryant coach Jason Joseph said after his team pulled off an improbable comeback late. “It wasn’t a perfect game today, but the girls did everything I asked. There were times that our offense clicked well, and there were times our defense clicked too. But our freshman goalie Amanda Leyton-Nolan made some key saves and kept us in it.”

With less than a minute remaining in regulation, O’Bryant was facing almost certain defeat down, 2-1, at the hands of Latin Academy. But a breakaway goal from Keena Nicholas proved to be enough to send the game into overtime. Midfielder Caroline Adduci made a great pass to set up Nicholas’s run.

“I got a nice pass and found myself wide open,” Nicholas said. “So I shot it home.”

Less than 10 minutes into overtime, it was Nicholas again who played the hero when she scored to give her team a 3-2 win and championship berth.

“Winning today means everything,” Adduci said. “As a team we’ve really worked hard this year to get here, so I couldn’t be happier.”

But O’Bryant wasn’t the only team at Madison Park’s athletic complex today to pull off an impressive comeback.

On the neighboring field, East Boston struggled early to maintain any offensive rhythm against New Mission and found themselves down, 1-0, at the half.

“At halftime I reminded my players that we’ve still got the whole second half,” East Boston coach Richard LaCara said. “And they came out and did it. They’ve played with total heart, all year long. Our goal has always been to win the city championship.”

East Boston’s sophomore forward Vanessa Mejia scored both goals in the second half to give her team the opportunity to play Wednesday against O’Bryant. Her first strike came with 30 minutes remaining in the game, while her second came thirteen minutes later.

“I’m so happy to make it to the championship,” Mejia said. “We’re going to keep working hard as a team. And just keep trying as hard as we can.”

Wednesday’s game is sure to be a thriller. In early September, O’Bryant lost to East Boston 5-1, but both teams have steadily improved since their last showdown.

And both coaches know it’ll be a battle Wednesday afternoon.

“I mean, with only one day of practice in between, tomorrow will probably be fun and loose,” Joseph said. “We’ll tie up some loose ends in preparation, but they’ll need to rest too.”

LaCara and his pumped up team stayed afterwords to watch O’Bryant’s dramatic finish with Latin Academy, and he told his players to use it as an opportunity to learn about their opponent.

“It didn’t matter who we were going to play,” LeCara said. “Wednesday will be a tough game.”

The 2013 girls’ city league championship between O’Bryant and East Boston will take place at 3:30 p.m. Wednesday at Madison Park.

Ryan M. Butler covers Boston Public school athletics. He can be reached at butler.globe@gmail.com. Follow him on Twitter @butler_globe or @BPSspts.

Boston International beats O'Bryant behind Moreno's hat trick

Posted by Ryan Butler October 22, 2013 06:11 PM

With the final week of the soccer regular season upon us, O’Bryant welcomed Boston International to its turf field for a matchup Tuesday afternoon.

Behind forward Eber Moreno’s hat trick, Boston International was able to put together a 5-1 victory over an O’Bryant squad that was short quite a few players.

“Today we had a couple players who had to sit out because of academics,” O’Bryant coach Ian Doreian said. “So we played a lot of younger guys. But I’ve been pleased with our team’s senior leadership this year and today was their last home game.”

Boston International jumped ahead, 2-0, with two Moreno goals, in the second minute and then again in the 30th. International took that 2-0 lead into the half.

“I think we played great today,” Boston International coach Miguel Cura said. “We moved the ball really well and took advantage of our goal-scoring opportunities.”

The second half proved to be all Boston International as well. Forward Pedro Daveiga, midfielder Jessy Vaz, and Moreno all scored for a commanding 5-0 lead.

“I think we worked together well today,” Vaz said. “When we all work as a team, that’s when we win games. I’m getting excited for the playoffs.”

O’Bryant’s only goal game late in the second half off a penalty kick. Senior Victor Hernandez was able to put a ball past goalie Eliseu De Pina.

After the game, Doreian said Hernandez has really helped out late in their season.

“Victor’s really stepped up for us this year,” he said.

O’Bryant is now 7-8, and is facing a must-win next game.

Cura reminded his team that the hard work was just beginning.

“I’m excited and thinking of the next game,” Cura said. “I always try and tell my players to get focused on what’s coming next.”

Ryan M. Butler covers Boston Public School athletics. He can be reached at butler.globe@gmail.com. Follow him on Twitter @butler_globe or @BPSspts.

Despite forfeit, show goes on at Latin Academy's Breast Cancer Awareness Game

Posted by Justin Rice October 18, 2013 06:13 PM


Latin Academy senior Andrew Hobson was one of several fans at Friday afternoon's Breast Cancer Awareness game that paid one dollar to try to score a goal on Latin Academy coach Kara Stafford during halftime. (Justin A. Rice / For the Globe)

The Latin Academy girls’ soccer team took a page out of Broadway’s playbook Friday afternoon.

Even though Madison Park forfeited just before the Dragons’ third annual Breast Cancer Awareness Game, the show still went on as Latin Academy scrimmaged its JV team at Hynes Field in West Roxbury.

“That still helped us improve and helped [the JV] improve on their game,” said sophomore forward Anna Kopp, who scored the second goal in the 3-0 victory that raised money for the America Cancer Society during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

“It’s for the cause, it’s now about who we play.”

The game raised $720.70, almost double last year's total.

Madison Park couldn’t make it to the game because of a transportation issue, but Latin Academy still charged $4 admission ($2 for anyone sporting pink). In addition to wearing pink socks and kicking a pink soccer ball, Latin Academy also sold refreshments and crafts to raise money for the cause.

“They couldn’t get a bus here,” said Latin Academy first-year coach Kara Stafford. “It was disappointing. We were looking forward to competing and we worried that the fans wouldn’t appreciate seeing us playing our JVs. But you know what? I think our JVs played really, really hard and it was an excellent game.

"It’s always hard when you play somebody you think you’re better than to keep performing. But the girls did a really great job of staying pumped up for the game.”

Senior defender Jillian Eweka scored the only goal of the first half before Kopp and Rachel Kerrigan scored second-half goals for the varsity squad.

Stafford was going to donate $10 for every goal that was kicked out of the air and $20 for every goal headed into the net.

“Unfortunately, nobody scored off an air ball or a header, but I’m still going to donate a little bit of money,” Stafford said.

A former goalkeeper at Northeastern, Stafford also decided on the spur of the moment to get in net at halftime. She charged fans $1 for the chance to score on her. And she let up only one goal.

“I felt that they were missing out on seeing two varsity teams compete, so we needed a show to get the fans involved,” Stafford said.

Stafford said this was a good chance for her to see her JV team play.

“A lot of times, they have home games when we have away games,” she said. “It was a great opportunity [to see the JV team] and it was a good opportunity for us to see what we have to work on. They have some players that are extremely fast, and it will be great to keep watching them develop.”

This was also a chance for Stafford's team to bond just before the city tournament at the end of the month. Last year, Latin Academy lost, 1-0, in the finals to East Boston.

“We know that for cities we have to not only be on our A game but on our A game together,” Stafford said. “And coming together, getting all the socks, everybody is looking out for each other, helping sell things, getting their friends to come, showing pride in their team. It gets them to come together.”

Kopp, who has been on the varsity since eighth grade, was playing in her third benefit game. She was pleased to see members of the school’s undefeated football team (which has a bye this week) in attendance.

“It’s great, there’s always great energy every year, and our whole school comes together and we get supported by the boys football team,” she said. “We all come together for one event, one cause, to raise awareness for breast cancer.”

The game will not be forgotten soon, even if it's because the pink streak sprayed into Stafford’s hair will take some time to wash away.

“Well, my hands are almost not pink and I washed them probably 10 times,” she said. “It’s spray-on. It will come out eventually.”

Justin A. Rice covers Boston Public school athletics. He can be reached at jrice.globe@gmail.com. Follow him on Twitter @GlobeJustinRice or @BPSspts.

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