Real estate home sales/North


414 Boston Rd. Central Union 1 RT and Barbara Dapice to Billerica Neosa RT and David R. Beanland, $575,000

4 Eric Drive Gary A. Patch to Brooke L. Caccola and Puala Caccola, $519,000

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62 Baldwin Rd. Richard M. Vail and Sally B. Vail to Richard J. Mckenna and Julie R. Mckenna, $340,000

7 Ridgewood Rd. Michael Hennessy and Erin Hennessy to Thomas D. Crispo and Alison M. Crispo, $290,000

8 Ranlett Lane Timothy J. Prola to John W. Chen, $283,500

3 Sandberg Rd. Pacifica L. 19 LLC to Patrick M. Mcnamara, $270,000

23 Exeter Place Carrissa Lebel and Bryan W. Larson to Gayane Mnatsakanyan, $200,000

27 Sheridan St. David J. Babcock and US Bank NA to Kelly A. Gallant, $179,000

1 Mosely St. Jeanette L. Barnes to Scott W. Barnes and Deborah K. Barnes, $153,544


13 Cresthaven Drive Tindaro L. Bonanno and Laurie Bonanno to Athanasia M. Voudouris, $530,000

4 Garrity Rd. Paul Cacciola and Brooke L. Cacciola to Lauren-Ashley Higson and Nathan D. Landry, $399,900

60 Wilmington Rd. FNMA to Thomas Caddigan, $290,000

24 Skilton Lane Barbara A. Dicicco to Missick RT and James M. Patierno, $232,000


64 Maverick St. #1 FNMA to Fred Starikov, $999,000

316 Chestnut St. Wai M. Leong and Lisa Leong to Jose H. Mendoza-Chavez and B. E. Aleman-Demendoza, $305,000

17 Cary Ave. Carol A. Hooker to John E. Maler and Ricahard A. Zullo, $282,000

39 Hancock St. Prop Acquisition Grp LLC to Pedro Barrientos and Ana L. Debarrientos, $248,000

61 Addison St. Charles&James FT and James S. Perry to Alexander Kuritnik and Boris Kuritnik, $150,000


32 Harvard St. 1 Middlesex LLC to Bradford J. Hart, $280,000

40 Thurman Park REEM Prop LLC to Bettie A. Pyram and Joubert Pyram, $269,000

67 Tileston St. Lan M. Nguyen and Thinh H. Tran to Jennifer Fuentes and Jason Fuller, $261,500

16 Everett St. Ralph N. Dagostino and Mary M. Dagostino to Agner C. Erilus and Clina Pyram, $229,900


1200 Salem St. #188 Michael C. Cullen and Susan P. Cullen to Carla Agostino and Wesley Sarro, $335,000


24 Dodge St. Robert J. Aldrich and Danielle Aldrich to Nongkoh D. Ndefru, $395,000

65 Cedar St. David M. Chuha to Su W. Yu, $339,900

18 Howard St. Barbara E. Brennan to Lynn A. Summerill, $332,500

11 Seaview Ave. Joseph Abbondanza to Jason Ries and Karen Krolak, $325,000

51 Pearl St. #205 Paul Oliveri to Miam Wang and Zhou Deng, $319,900

47 Roberts St. Magnuson Martha Est and Patrick M. Mcavoy to David A. Chalmers and Andrew E. Cann, $316,500

51 Pearl St. #105 Stefano Mitrano to Mohamed S. Aljalhami, $314,000

145 Glenwood St. #404 Alfred S. Girard and Helen P. Girard to Janet G. Roach, $280,000

30 Greenwood St. Merrill Linch First Frank and US Bank NA to Rose M. Marshall, $260,000

60 Rocky Nook Edward R. Ramos and Gina M. Ramos to Jay T. Whitney, $200,000

145 Glenwood St. #101 Janet G. Roach to Sara Connelly, $185,000

80 Main St. #22 Adriana Silva to Dong Liu and Xin Wang, $127,000

Kennedy Drive JP Morgan Chase Bank NA to Alfred Bardhi, $10,500


92 Watervale Rd. Nathan Meyers and Vicki Righettini to Dennis F. Mahoney, $345,000

40 Osborne Rd. Joseph S. Carey and Marie A. Carey to Elyssa Back, $327,000

3920 Mystic Valley Pkwy #414 Lin W. Wang and Baoquan H. Du to Domenic Ranzo and Rita Ranzo, $292,000

64 Forest St. #329 Eileen M. Tivnan and Michael K. Tivnan to Richard Scott and Margaret Weigel, $288,700

12 Myrtle St. Giordano FT and James Giordano to Asline D. Thompson, $267,000

4 Gilson Ave. Wyche Beverly A. Est and Janine Busby to Ming Weng, $217,500


9 Meadowview Rd. Jean Rose Sullivan RET and Scott B. Paton to Shawn Feeney and Jill Feeney, $586,000

183 1st St. Bryant T. Chrzan and Kristin E. Brown to Jeffrey S. Allison and Elizabeth S. Allison, $378,000

15 Windsor St. William J. Carrabis to James T. Mcgough, $365,000

3 Perham Ave. William S. Festa and Christine M. Festa to Xiao J. Gu, $285,000

5 Felicia Rd. Timothy Orazem and Lucy J. Pelham to Michael S. Pelham and Lucy J. Pelham, $202,500

53 Melrose St. #6H Paul Luciano and David G. Luciano to Karen A. Dematteo, $175,000


124 Central St. James H. Herbert and Susan M. Stumpf-Hebert to Stephen J. Pasterick, $340,100

36 Main St. #17 Stonehambank Coop Bank to James H. Casey and Alison J. Casey, $78,000


10 Longview Rd. Evan M. Weinshel and Caren A. Cioffi-Weinshel to Peter Ockerbloom and Alison C. Ockerbloom, $780,000

16 White Oaks Lane Johnson Woods Realty Corp to Jing Wen Kuo and Lynn Yuan, $755,000

18 White Oaks Lane Johnson Woods Realty Corp to John Croce, $712,500

91 Spruce Rd. Russell RT and John H. Russell to Jerrod C. Shaughnessy and Gina M. Shaughnessy, $610,000

44 Roma Lane Kevin M. Walsh and Brenda L. Mayers-Walsh to Matthew D. Carroll and Suzanne M. Carroll, $601,000

128 Prospect St. Peter Ockerbloom and Alison C. Ockerbloom to Timothy M. Alberts and Erin L. Alberts, $585,000

559 Pearl St. Stephen A. Marino and Krista Wilcox to Christopher J. Parziale and Kelley Parziale, $530,000

653 Summer Ave. Ryan P. Gormady and Susan Gormady to Natalie A. Cummings and Alfredo A. Grulich, $500,000

24 Plymouth Rd. Matthew D. Carroll and Suzanne M. Carroll to Timothy Kyes and Mary Kyes, $445,000

128 Howard St. Timothy M. Alberts and Erin L. Alberts to Christopher M. Wicken and Heather M. Wicken, $400,000

18 Tennyson Circle Robert J. Kiley to Robert J. Kiley, $375,000

230 Grove St. Michael R. Garcia to Thomas Mulcare, $372,000

2 Haven St. #204 Reading Executive Pl LLC to Hurley Shah Realty LLC, $296,000

601 Gazebo Circle Melanie Stetson to Andrew D. Berman, $287,500

57 Village St. Marilyn E. Davis to 57 Village Street RT and Joseph A. Marino, $215,000

9 Abigail Way Pulte Homes New Eng LLC to Megan F. Duff, $156,200


99 Steeple St. Claudio P. Neto to Andre O. Andrade, $339,000

10 Ocean Ave. #414 FHLM to Charles A. Lightbody, $325,000

75 Rand St. Audre Bogoni to Dana G. Reyenger and Maria H. Silva, $325,000

164 Crest Ave. Robert J. Devito to Diana Londono, $300,000

80 Lincoln St. Rose M. Marshall to Assunta Guarino and Kyle R. Newton, $275,000

74 Malden St. Eleonora Tumbiolo to K. J. Appleberry-Robinson and William T. Robinson, $225,500

343 Beach St. Roberto R. Morales and Luz E. Morales to Alba Taborda, $225,000

28 Porter Ave. Jose R. Hernandez and Jeimy Hernandez to Joseph F. Ciccotelli, $195,000

341 Reservoir Ave. Barbara A. Pineau T. and Matthew D. Pineau to John Fagone, $195,000

7 Park Ave. #21 Cohen Jerold A. Est and Gail E. Cohen to Lai F. Lo and Jian F. He, $112,000

53 Fairfield St. Carifio FT and Phyllis Carifio to Louis Carbone and Karen Carbone, $55,000


21 Amanda Way Osborne Hills RT and Paul Dibiase to Jasdip K. Gahunia and Ranjeet Gahunia, $466,400

20 Beckford St. Adam J. Schutz and Brenda E. Schutz to Paul Bunker and Kirstin Bunker, $430,000

96 Washington Sq #2 Marguerite A. Frank-Peper to Richard A. Mcmullen and Rosemari K. Mcmullen, $350,000

17 Indian Hill Lane Rosemary E. Folino to Mario Gaito, $285,000

9 Sylvan St. Domenico Ferragamo and Gregorio Procopio to David S. Elgart, $218,000

16 Bradford St. 16 Bradford Street RT and John A. Broderick to Christopher Watkins and Amanda Watkins, $217,000

330 Jefferson Ave. Lucille Samson to Gary Nadeau, $210,000

8 Hibernia Lane Maureen E. Odea and Suzanne M. Odea to Judith G. Schwenk, $209,000


8 Talbot St. Aleksandra Samardzic and Sasa Samardzic to William Festa and Christine Festa, $420,000

23 Laconia Ave. Bruno G. Federiconi and Christine E. Federiconi to Jafet R. Santana and Rosemary Ruiz, $385,000

23 High St. Robten Realty LLC to Joseph P. Hallahan and Mary A. Hallahan, $342,000

55 Fairmount Ave. Fairmount Avenue RT and Andrew B. Perkins to Melissa L. Nardone and Andrew Durant, $330,000

18 Harvard Ave. James Ouellette to Marc Birritteri, $270,000

11 Seaview Ave. FNMA to Carolina Monney, $195,000

1 Alice St. Philip Chaput and Lucille Chaput to Sarah Thistle, $130,000


65 Conwell Ave. Dorothy A. Oneill and Ellen M. Mcginty to 15 SV RT and Brian Aylward, $680,000

20 Pearson Ave. #1 J&S Errickson RET and James P. Errickson to Hannah C. Tressler, $435,000

41 Lowell St. Henry C. Hoffmann and Michelle B. Hoffmann to James G. Daly and Geraldine H. Daly, $410,000

210 Willow Ave. #3 Michael Zenga INT and Michael Zenga to 210 Willow Avenue RT and Jason M. Prague, $400,000

25 Linden Ave. #12 Christopher J. Deangelis to Stephen Katz, $235,000


4 Fieldstone Drive 4 Fieldstone Drive RT and Michael P. Cafasso to Richard V. Surabian and Barbara A. Surabian, $530,000

9 Philips Rd. John P. Guidara to Brin Backstrom and Courtney Backstrom, $503,000

74 North St. Lucci FT and Susan A. Thomas to Susan M. Andrews and Mark Onstott, $305,000

8 Chestnut St. Renato D. Candido to Paul Deangelis and Bimci Deangelis, $250,000

71 Oak St. Louise Sarno to Joseph G. Sarno and Lindsay J. Sarno, $247,000

237 Main St. #9A Joseph G. Sarno and Lindsay Sarno to Louise Sarno, $179,000

44 Main St. #103 Colt James G. Est and George J. Colt to Robert B. Sickles and Virginia F. Sickles, $175,000


196 Mitchell G Drive Jody L. Mace and Thomas A. Mace to Michael Clapp and Kathleen Clapp, $620,000

9 Sidney St. Redevelopment Assoc LLC to Valeriy Demchev and Marina Demcheva, $370,000

191 Cardigan Rd. 191 Cardigan Road LLC to Sarah Boudreau, $340,000

65 Polaris Lane Polaris Lane RT and Frederick E. Irons to Caroyln M. Walsh and Joseph Delucia, $337,000

344 Foster Rd. FNMA to Ryan Sylvia and Ashley Martelli, $212,000

112 Eagle Drive 63 Brand Avenue RT and Rose M. Pelusi to Jeanne Greaney, $207,000

182 Apache Way Mary A. Matthews to Michael D. Coughlin, $194,000


3 My Way Circle Hee C. Park and Suan O. Park to Shuyun Zhang and Ping Liu, $500,000

1 Olson St. #1 Rotary Park Ests Dev LLC to Bharath Kodali and Chaitanya R. Kaita, $405,000

16 Jaques Lane Canal Village LLC to Brian M. Pugliares and Ashley Pugliares, $402,500

1 Olson St. #19 Rotary Park Ests Dev LLC to Xiano H. Du and Mingxuan Yu, $379,900

1 Olson St. #20 Rotary Park Ests Dev LLC to Ramy Ibrahim and Tea Ville, $379,900

6 Fairfield Rd. Carolyn C. Silva to Danielle N. Frazier and Patti D. Frazier, $339,000


2 Fox Hunt Lane Albert J. Sreter to Ahin Handa and Ratti Handa, $915,000

62 Bacon St. John D. Capeci and Barbara E. Clarke to David J. Saliba and Gilda V. Salivba, $750,000

261 Cambridge St. #261 Duffy Realty LLC to John P. Guidara, $716,644

41 Edward Drive #41 Edward Drive RT and Lee D. Cohen to Himanshu Nimbalkar and Priti Zende, $470,000

119 Wendell St. Tucker FT and Tillman J. Tuckert to Kerlande Derilus, $460,000


1 Seal Harbor Rd. #216 Joseph J. Brancaton and Sharon L. Brancato to Robert L. Hughes and Susan J. Hughes, $399,000

9 Bartlett Rd. Edward Laiiy and Mary E. Lally to Richard F. Dimento and Emilie L. Dimento, $100,000


24 Glenwood Ave. Rachel Long to Alexander R. Markle and Sheri L. Markle, $405,000

63 Sturgis St. #2 Daniel R. Ouderkirk to David J. Phelan, $339,000

15 Aspen St. Patricia L. Shearman RET and Greg A. Shearman to Gregory Andrade and Jeni Andrade, $330,000

20 Dix Rd. Beverly A. Apruzzese and Vincent Apruzzese to Noel E. Doherty and Delphine Dijon-Doherty, $325,000

14 Edwards Rd. #14A Megan M. Donaghey to Sean Musselman, $290,000

22 Frances Rd. Maria Mainini to Elizabeth Washkevich, $275,000

15 Hillside Ave. Nurnberger Charles E. Est and Thomas C. Cameron to Erin Bowe and Danielle Leblanc, $265,000

127 Montvale Rd. Beasley Barbara M. Est and Pamela M. Killiea to Orlando Ortiz, $255,000

31 Park Drive Martin Ross to Daniele Ross and Julie Roos, $220,000