Real estate home sales north of Boston


10 Shawnee Circle Allan M. Ryan and Carol A. Ryan to James Lincoln, $465,000

189 Pond St. Alfred Manzelli and Barbara D. Manzelli to Michael Masino, $345,000

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2 Brookdale Circle Jennifer M. Hood to Lori J. Vacaro and Philip F. Vacaro, $309,000

107 Lexington Rd. Diane Harris to Linda M. Spencer, $287,000

244 Andover Rd. JPS RT and Joseph P. Shaw to Hawk Lane Dev Corp, $205,000


14 Brantwood Lane IMD RT and John P. Ohara to Patricia A. Townsend and Peter C. Townsend, $645,000

262 Winn St. 260 Winn Street LLC to Alfred Manzelli and Barbara Manzelli, $365,000


65 Crescent Ave. Linda J. Renzi and Paul R. Renzi to Manuel A. Oliveira and Maria A. Oliveira, $327,000

109 Washington Ave. Robert L. Baskies and Jage P. Baskies to 109 Washington Ave LLC, $325,000

60 Dudley St. #106 Domingos L. Teixeira to Byrce A. Schintzius, $290,000

146 Addison St. Kelvi J. Bonilla to Nelson O. Labor, $270,000

68 Webster Ave. Eleanor Gearraughty to Cecilio Corchado, $227,000

33 Cary Ave. #1 Chelsea City Of to Reina Martinez, $67,500


56 Estes St. Gregory T. Antonelli to Darshan Singh and Jaswant Kaur, $368,500

14 Waverly Ave. Peter Morgante and Ellen Morgante to Selvin Flores, $355,000

12 Hampshire St. Michael F. Murphy to Amy S. Moses and Daniel J. Taitelbaum, $307,500

185 Shute St. Joseph Abbondanza to Leoncie Vaquerano and Walter Vaquerano, $300,000

983 Broadway Axe Ent Inc and Banco Popular North Ameri to Gregory T. Antonelli, $240,000

18 Coolidge St. Linda Giannino and Cathy A. Miele to Maryse Dupervil, $230,000


344 Essex St. Ossippee Lane LLC to Michael Catizone and Kim M. Catizone, $695,580

45 Chestnut St. Bartlett Elsie E. Est and Carolyn F. Bartlett to Mostafa Sadki, $312,000

20 Greenwood Rd. Daniels Henry Jr Est and Mark Finnegan to Destiny Props LLC, $300,000

44 Summer St. 42-44 Summer RT and Stacy J. Thomas to Fusco Johnson FT and Paula M. Fusco-johnson, $300,000


230 Clifton St. Leonid Levitan and Anna Levitan to Qiming Zhang and Michael Gee, $497,000

74 Wentworth St. Shao P. Huang and Jian Q. Weng to Qingline Huang, $470,000

65 Francis St. Gutman Rt and Eva F. Gutman to Nam F. Wong and Yan E. Wong, $450,000

23 Wolcott St. Robert E. Heffron and Janet A. Heffron to Eric D. Henry, $437,000

23 Starbird St. Mark J. Keane to HPHV RT and Jin F. Hu, $435,000

90 Autumn St. 90 Autumn Street RT and Thomas J. Floramo to Louie C. Hieng and Patrick C. Hieng, $339,500

632 Highland Ave. Ying Chen and Huan R. Chen to Theresa H. Le and Vu T. Pham, $335,000

946 Main St. James T. Mcgough to Nancy L. Delaney and Tamora J. Gooding, $313,750

79 Waite St. #65 Myra Coufal to Anand Murthy, $285,000

9 Folsom Court Kien Y. Lo to Zhi Q. Wu and Rui Y. Huang, $268,000

571 Lynn St. Albert J. Lavargna and Margaret M. Lavargna to Ernest Philome, $255,000

17 Blaine St. Grabowski FT and Victor R. Grabowski to Cheryl A. Arena, $240,000

13 Dexter St. #13-6 Xian Z. Huang and Wei H. Cui to Qingline Huang, $200,100

27 Blaine St. Kathleen C. Chadwick and Matthew S. Lerner to Michael R. Rice, $196,000

141 Pierce St. #16 Xiomara Negron to Tony T. Punjabi and Sapna T. Punjabi, $153,000


38 Rural Ave. Anthony Lucci T. and Camille M. Lucci to Dominic J. Veneziano, $515,000

34 Burget Ave. Zimmermann Doris O. Est and Barbara Sartanowicz to Tony Madan and Rekha Madan, $480,000

12 Carney St. Marie A. Voight to David N. Berardinelli, $462,500

374 Winthrop St. Concetta Scapicchio to Joseph Zec and Yi Wang, $462,500

76 Hillsdale Rd. Terrell J. Iandiorio and Ann Iandiorio to Rachel L. Pratt, $429,500

11 Doonan St. Iocco Irt and Andrea Galliani to Linh T. Le, $415,000

149 Gaston St. Kevin Burke and Sheila Burke to Craig Sabatello and Alison L. Sabatello, $412,000

8 Ash St. Philip J. Weiser to Tashia L. Anderson and Dennis J. Anderson, $400,000

17 Holmes Rd. Murphy Medford FT and Paul D. Murphy to Feng Y. Yao and Qee M. Yao, $387,300

67 Quincy St. #69 Alison L. Sabatello to Rachel A. Pinsky, $331,000

30 Revere Beach Pkwy #202 Jampa Choesang to Katherine Bryant, $279,000

29 Harvard Ave. #25 Peter D. Bonneau and Jyotsna Bonneau to Tony T. Punjabi and Sapna T. Punjabi, $135,000


5 Angela Circle Main Street Equities LLC to 500-504 Main Street NT and Michael L. Lyle, $1,100,000

340 Main St. Yang F. Ji and Jennifer L. Ji to John Holland and Kara O. Holland, $751,000

12 Green Meadow Drive John S. Lavalle and Maura Lavalle to 12 Green Meadow Drive NT and Carol A. Kaplan, $600,000

12 Otis St. Galluci RT and Cynthia A. Brier to Robert Sherburne and Junemarie Sherburne, $447,000

25 Heywood Ave. Edeman Ethel D. Est and Sharon Desimone to Michael P. Bouche, $435,000

79 Dell Ave. David E. Pearson to Dell Avenue T. and Sue Mei, $155,000


6 Stonecleave Rd. Michael P. Phillips and Jennifer J. Phillips to James J. Boviard and Jennifer L. Boviard, $1,270,000

16 Turner Drive Honner B. RT and Jean B. Boccelli to Kurt C. Romano and Daria L. Romano, $519,000


10 Lilah Lane John A. Centrella RT and Lillian Montalto to Michael S. Papp and Katerina Papp, $577,800

191 Chapel St. Dolores Peruzzi and Janet R. Deluca to 191 Chapel Street LLC, $532,500

20 Forest St. Lance Tryder and Stephanie M. Tryder to Christopher Serino and Timna O. Serino, $531,000

9 Abigail Way #4001 Pulte Home Of New England to Giuseppe A. Cantacesso and Maria Cantacesso, $395,875

9 Abigail Way #4007 Pulte Home Of New England to Adams RT and Carol A. Adams, $389,235

9 Abigail Way #3006 Pulte Home Of New England to Maysabel Aponte-rivera, $386,085

9 Abigail Way #4010 Pulte Home Of New England to Christine M. Coughlin, $371,345

9 Abigail Way #4011 Pulte Home Of New England to Roberta W. Mellen T. and Roberta W. Mellen, $368,450

9 Abigail Way #4008 Pulte Home Of New England to Richard H. Curtis T. and Richard H. Curtis, $363,630

9 Abigail Way #3009 Pulte Home Of New England to Yang Yu and Lijuan Yang, $362,225

9 Abigail Way #4009 Pulte Home Of New England to Richarc E. Gillis and Diane M. Gillis, $355,000

9 Abigail Way #4004 Pulte Home Of New England to Paul D. Murphy, $266,065

9 Abigail Way #3002 Pulte Home Of New England to Eleanor A. Mcphee, $265,140

2 Summit Drive #258 Prekop RT and Tracey A. Pastrana to Alan Parsons and Patricia Parsons, $215,000

9 Abigail Way #3008 Pulte Home Of New England to J. A. Abruzzese, $156,200


85 Broadway Thomas Abate to For Kids Only After Schl, $498,000

30 Beverly St. Suzann C. Susi to Junior M. Ruiz, $406,000

23 Sigourney St. Henry Garzon and Carmen Garzon to Jorge Mercado and Gloria Garzon, $328,000

28 Delano Ave. Robert A. Deangelis and Lori A. Deangelis to Linmin Chen, $320,000

1 Endicott Ave. Roman Cathc Archbis Bosto to Shu X. Yang, $300,000

14 Hancock St. Christopher D. Tunkey and Kristin L. Rookey-tunkey to Phuong Van, $285,000

18 Haskell Ave. Capitol Management LLC to Nilson P. Soares, $275,000

197 Mountain Ave. Justin F. Marshall and Ladean Marshall to Rogeilo M. Torres and Elsa Ipuz, $274,000

571 Lynn St. Albert J. Lavargna and Margaret M. Lavargna to Ernest Philome, $255,000

216 Winthrop Ave. Jose L. Benites to Briana L. Chacon-mercado, $180,000

77 Liberty Ave. Salvatore W. Toro and Adele J. Toro to Manjeet Singh, $175,000

93 Bellingham Ave. Claire J. Dame to Mario Martinez, $150,000

382 Ocean Ave. #204 Fouad Krieche and Laverne R. Krieche to Issam Krieche and Lynn M. Krieche, $140,000

16 Freeman St. Ronald R. Melchin and Dorothy A. Melchin to Albert J. Lavargna and Margaret M. Lavargna, $135,000

398 Broadway Angelo G. Noukas to Xiangyang Li and Wei Shen, $133,000

33 Ellerton St. #3 Sandra A. Deden and Andrew D. Binder to Eszter Bartha, $125,000

97 Sagamore St. Bank Of


35 Taylor St. Barbara Wallraff to Jocelyn S. Ken and Sophetra Ken, $385,000

17 Juniper Drive Carmine Napolitano and Everett Cooperative Bank to Andrew W. Philbin, $375,000

10 Bow St. Flaminio Lanzillo to Anh N. Duong and Hem D. Le, $372,000

26 Bridge St. Demboski Ann M. Est and Stephen Spano to Michelle Talluto, $329,000

33 Bristow St. #2 Jan Marten to Nancy F. Difranco and Valcrie J. Simpson, $168,000


11 Silvey Place Frank H. Molesini to Keefe Holdings LLC, $850,000

61 Lowden Ave. Escott James F. Jr Est and Geraldine M. Graham to David Reilly, $764,000

66 Victoria St. Sheila T. Costa and Albert Meola to Douglas C. Williams and Cynthia S. Willims, $527,500

1 Fitchburg St. #B156 Jeffrey J. Altepeter and Rebecca M. Altepeter to Kim Schmahmann and Wanda Orlikowski, $394,000


95 Cedar St. Group 1 Realty LLC to 95 Cedar Street RT and Cathleen E. Kavanagh, $7,800,000

46 Graystone Rd. Duffy Realty LLC to John J. Spang and Judith S. Spang, $843,700

15 Tamarock Ter 15 Tamarock Terrace NT and Alan M. Silbovitz to Tung T. Nguyen, $435,000

426 Main St. #302 Upper Lake Props LP to Michael Penzara and Emanuela G. Penzara, $378,000

52 Pine St. Alro LLC to Salvatore Golisano, $360,000

5 Congress St. Sharon Obrien to Amanda Gerade, $335,000

24 Gould St. 24 Gould St Stoneham RT and Linda D. Mitchell to Nicholas P. Cooper, $281,000

3 Woodbriar Rd. David A. Johnson and Judith B. Johnson to Eric J. Thompson and Andrea J. Thompson, $255,000

426 Main St. #108 Upper Lake Props LP to Liuzza FT and Janet R. Edwards, $227,000

37 Duncklee Ave. George J. Snyder and Margaret F. Snyder to John L. Richardson and Deirdre Richardson, $149,100


1018 Livingston St. Edward Vicari and Catherine Vicari to Stephanie Beggan, $340,000

74 Fairway Drive Luz E. Parisien to Robert A. Deangelis and Lori A. Deangelis, $252,500

1345 Whipple Rd. Mckinnon Virginia G. Est and Edward J. Mckinnon to Charles H. Mckinnon, $225,000


299 Salem St. Silver RT and William J. Wolfe to Adam T. Gouveia and Conceicao Gouveia, $540,000

8 Marcia Rd. James G. Haerer and Gina Haerer to Demetrios C. Valeras and Kylee A. Micalizzi, $458,000

16 Freeport Drive Rosario Mollica and Ann C. Mollica to James F. Dawson and Doreen E. Dowson, $425,000

301 Middlesex Ave. Jerilynn M. Johnston and Anthony Johnston to David Hunt and Leeann Stella, $310,000


4 Davey Lane Fergal Mullen to Mark A. Obryan and Debra S. Obryan, $1,450,000

10 Marshall Rd. Thomas B. Murdock and Grig K. Murdock to Jamison N. Peschel and Courtney V. Peschel, $700,000

281 Washington St. Gwen Healey to Regina T. Bragdon and Anyah L. Suderman, $562,605

666 Main St. #203 LYB NT and Stephen Boodakian to Joseph T. Keating, $454,000

14 Lebanon St. Andrew J. Escoll to Melissa T. Forde, $373,000

10 River St. David Munroe and Maxine R. Munroe to Joseph C. Ruminski and Kathleen R. Ruminski, $330,000

29 Pond St. Duffy Realty LLC to Michelle A. Duncan, $160,000


55 Orlando Ave. Rita M. Franzese to Gregg M. Petersen and Jill M. Petersen, $630,000

56 Lowell Rd. Highland RT LLC to Timothy E. Howington and Julia C. Howington, $411,500

212 Woodside Ave. Gregg Petersen and Jill M. Petersen to Robert L. Ockenden and Therese C. Ockenden, $372,400

15 Ocean Ave. #208 Robert Werstak and Amy Werstak to Joann Lynds, $194,000

15 Ocean Ave. #107 Frances M. Loughlin to Silvio Petraglia and Donna Petraglia, $190,000

103 Summit Ave. #3 Dorry P. Majahad and Anthony M. Majahad to Casey Summit LLC, $85,000


107 Harrison Ave. Brenda W. Scaramozzino and Phillip J. Scaramozzino to Jesse St Marie and Jessica St Marie, $650,500

61 Marlboro Rd. Richard Delaney and Debra Delaney to Amy C. Austin and Matthew Kalman, $450,000

43 Revere Rd. Arthur J. Tettault to Brenda W. Scaramozzino and Phillip J. Scaramozzino, $358,000

364 Russell St. Bridget T. Doron to Donald Funari, $322,500

269 Cambridge Rd. #20 Moskow Barbara Est and James M. Moskow to Arthur R. Floyd and Patricia L. Floyd, $245,000