Real estate home sales north of Boston


14 Birchmeadow Rd. Nils C. Menten to Maria L. Kenney, $385,000

128 Cedar St. Paul B. Hamel to Jordan Laflamme and Andrea Laflamme, $253,750

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3 River Court Thomas W. Doane and Suzanne M. Doane to Michael R. Earls and Elyse Botelho, $222,500

5 Carpenter St. Donna M. Main RT and Donna M. Main to Amy B. Sherwood and Jonathan Sherwood, $217,000

37 Millyard #309 Christine Leaver to Jane Rascal, $133,000

37 Millyard #14-310 William A. Balfour to Joan M. Hancock, $113,300

10 Glen Devin St. #10 New Century Hm Equ Loan T. and Deutsche Bank Natl T. Co to Timothy Maloney, $104,000


401 River Rd. Dionne Suzanne M. Est and Kimberly A. Keohan to German Holguin and Diana M. Holguin, $370,000


51 Millbrook Rd. Richard J. Michaud and Virginia Michaud to Timothy S. Movalli and Teresa A. Deblasie, $366,000

14 Exeter Rd. George E. Annis and Lucille A. Annis to Shahab Afsharian, $362,000

13 Lenox St. Kathleen Harrington to 13 Lenox Street LLC, $360,000

26 Gregg St. Driscoll RET and William P. Driscoll to Joseph St Pierre, $345,000

21 Winslow Rd. Thomas J. Fisher to Patricia A. Frederico, $327,500

11 Lincoln St. Charles L. Norton and Beth E. Sylvester to Michael R. Beatrice, $285,000

315 Rantoul St. Unit 402 315 Rantoul St R. and Elizabeth A. Hughes to Bryan Flynn, $110,000


345 Acton Rd. 345 Acton Road LLC to Kelly P. Nardoni, $155,000


47 Damon St. Donald W. Lothrop to Donna L. Prentiss and Donald C. Prentiss, $350,000

64 Liberty St. #1 Sarah E. Duncan to Christian Laverty, $250,000

24 Congress Ave. Albert J. Levasseur to Jani Bida and Fotni Bida, $245,000

3 Macarthur Blvd #3B FHLM to George Koutsos, $113,900


13 Parish Rd. 13 Parish Road RT and June Parracho to Kenneth J. Carpenter and Stacey E. Carpenter, $365,000

7 Hardy Ter James A. Flynn and Ann F. Flynn to K. B. Vinciguerra and James K. Vinciguerra, $348,500


30 Folly Point Rd. Steven M. Schwartz and Paula M. Schwartz to Judith M. Gimik, $3,123,000

30 Norwood Hts William J. Papp and Daphne F. Papp to David B. Milne and Gina A. Milne, $1,600,000

21 Starknaught Hts Mts Rt and Mary T. Skidmore to Susan B. Winterle, $400,000

137 Maplewood Ave. Thomas M. Hagstrom to Richard M. Mahoney and Cherie R. Mahoney, $238,500

38 Norwood Hts David B. Milne and Gina Milne to Philip C. Stackpole and Laura A. Townsend, $187,500


3 Abbott Circle Martha R. Metcalf T. and Susan C. Gardiner to Joel E. Grant, $210,000


48 Columbia Park Stephen P. Kilroy and Jennifer J. Kilroy to North End RT and Lisa M. Torrisi, $338,000

250 E Broadway Paul Cox and Andrea Cox to Christopher Matatall and Taryn Matatall, $323,250

139 Brickett Hill Circle Braverman NT and Roberta Braverman to Patricia M. Pothier, $237,500


8 Moray Lane Residences At The Hills to Stephen E. Humphrey and Mary L. Humphrey, $804,075

22 Buttonwood Lane Pauline M. Pike to James W. Ducharme, $585,000


187 Essex St. 187-189 Essex Street RT and Arnold Albano to Maria Schroeder, $140,000


344 Essex St. Ossippee Lane LLC to Michael Catizone and Kim M. Catizone, $695,580

45 Chestnut St. Bartlett Elsie E. Est and Carolyn F. Bartlett to Mostafa Sadki, $312,000

20 Greenwood Rd. Daniels Henry Jr Est and Mark Finnegan to Destiny Props LLC, $300,000

44 Summer St. 42-44 Summer RT and Stacy J. Thomas to Fusco Johnson FT and Paula M. Fusco-johnson, $300,000


79 Bridge St. George G. Loring to William W. Gribbell, $900,000


7 Sargent Rd. Hill Residence RT and Richard D. Hill to Michael H. Piper, $1,835,000

26 Flint St. Robert F. Wilcox and Kim M. Wilcox to Peter C. Bohlin and Karen C. Bohlin, $875,000

14 Bubier Rd. James H. Garaventi and Bonnie J. Garaventi to Sabina Hurley and James Hurley, $820,000

1 Euclid Ave. Kim B. Andrews and Bruce C. Andrews to Lisa A. Jendrysik and Edward S. Jendrysik, $603,000

8 Glover Sq Alonzo S. Tredwell and Karen N. Tredwell to Dana L. Lamb and Holly L. Hannaway, $575,250

3 Merrill Rd. Elizabeth J. Haley to Kevin O. Hayden and Jennifer E. Rizzo, $440,000

10 Green St. Stefan Brocoum and Stephanie Brocoum to Christine Andrews and Paul Andrews, $393,000

2 Batchelder Rd. Christian M. Bednar and Jennifer A. White to Harvey RT and Harvey E. Cohen, $378,500

26 Village St. #3 Karl A. Strohmeyer and Corey L. Strohmeyer to Fredrick J. Maurice and Maryellen Ernst, $199,000


11 Lane 10 Acres Rd. Joseph F. Higgins to James A. Robbins and Kimberly A. Robbins, $429,000

5 Spring Hill Rd. Donald H. Doud and Kathleen A. Doud to Sandra J. Peck, $355,000

12 Sunset Ter #10 FNMA to Timothy Mulcahy, $204,500


216 Washington St. Maria I. Alonso to Matthew J. Kaim, $333,000

2 Camden St. Daher Group Inc to George A. Lopez, $325,000

4 Barrview Circle Tina M. Bohondoney to Charbel G. Maroun, $305,000

17 Longwood Drive Caroline Dagostino and Timothy Dagostino to Gary P. Nelson and Melonie A. Nelson, $295,000

35 Hampstead St. Michael J. Pacint to Garrett D. Casey, $272,000

3 Atkinson St. Caron 2004 FT and Julia A. Caron to Edward C. Andruss, $220,000

19 Falcon St. Matthew A. Caffrey and Joseph Zube to Brigida E. Jackson, $170,000

45 Washington St. #18 Carol Monk to Sara Jean Caira, $151,000

51 Kenwood Rd. Barbara A. Paris and Susan N. Blatti to Diana Demoncio, $150,500

36 E Brook Place Omar Herrera and Daricely Herrera to Eleuterio Polanco, $150,000


118 Forest St. Pya Realty LLC to Jonathan Schroll and Andrea Schroll, $630,000

2 Mill Ter FNMA to Keith B. Kidger and Kyle D. Kidger, $130,200


26 Columbia Way Maura G. Kennedy and Maura G. Leavitt to John S. Irving, $350,000

9 Morgan Ave. Carlton E. Svenson and Lillian N. Svenson to DBS RT and David B. Sunman, $210,000


16 Morin Rd. Springwell Invest LLC to Mark H. Neville and Marci D. Neville, $492,585

110 State St. Sunny K. Ahn and Sunny Ahn to Robert Fagan and Marisa Fagan, $365,000

23 Oak St. Shirley M. Webber to Oak Street RT and George A. Haseltine, $350,000

9 78th St. William P. Reilly to William E. Ring, $300,000

46 Franklin St. Gary S. Bryant to 46 Franklin Street RT and Craig Pessina, $170,000

224 Low St. Low Street Two RT and Daniel R. Wilson to 2235 Low Street RT and David Russell, $150,000


120 Holt Rd. Joseph T. Cristaldi to TBI LLC, $745,000

612 Salem St. Marc S. Belliveau and Allison D. Belliveau to Michael J. Bryan and Anderli S. Bryan, $732,500

30 Jay Rd. Wendy L. Gale to Eric T. Mclean and Maureen M. Mclean, $425,000

24 Hewitt Ave. Rock Valley Realty LLC to Rodrigo Ballon-gumucio, $320,000


6 Stonecleave Rd. Michael P. Phillips and Jennifer J. Phillips to James J. Boviard and Jennifer L. Boviard, $1,270,000

16 Turner Drive Honner B. RT and Jean B. Boccelli to Kurt C. Romano and Daria L. Romano, $519,000


16 Emily Lane Gerald Drumm and Melissa A. Drumm to Jeffrey Dacy and Julie Dacy, $505,000

2 Stark Circle Jeffrey Dacy and Julie Dacy to Ryan J. Morrison and Tricia E. Morrison, $404,000

12 Crane Ave. Sumner S. Greenberg to Daniel S. Obrien, $340,000

8 Sachem Rd. Vincent Gullotto and Denise Gullotto to Brian J. Parker, $330,000

2101 Pheasant Creek Lane David J. Kingsley and Jane E. Kingsley to David W. Hamilton and Susan S. Hamilton, $310,000

8 Blair Ter Luigi Schirripa and Angelina Isibro to Peter Morgante and Ellen Morgante, $300,000

3 Howard Ave. Ryan Morrison and Tricia Libby to Brian K. Roy and Sarah Roy, $285,000

8 Juniper Rd. #4 Laurie Hershberg FT and Judith Ferrara to A. Mahoney, $272,000

31 Joy Rd. Nicholas J. Tsaparlis and Nicholas J. Tsarparlis to Karin L. Bielecki, $261,900

6 Oak St. Charles Sakkas and Carrington Mtg Svcs LLC to Edward Hogan, $165,000


10 Lilah Lane John A. Centrella RT and Lillian Montalto to Michael S. Papp and Katerina Papp, $577,800

191 Chapel St. Dolores Peruzzi and Janet R. Deluca to 191 Chapel Street LLC, $532,500

20 Forest St. Lance Tryder and Stephanie M. Tryder to Christopher Serino and Timna O. Serino, $531,000

9 Abigail Way #4001 Pulte Home Of New England to Giuseppe A. Cantacesso and Maria Cantacesso, $395,875

9 Abigail Way #4007 Pulte Home Of New England to Adams RT and Carol A. Adams, $389,235

9 Abigail Way #3006 Pulte Home Of New England to Maysabel Aponte-rivera, $386,085

9 Abigail Way #4010 Pulte Home Of New England to Christine M. Coughlin, $371,345

9 Abigail Way #4011 Pulte Home Of New England to Roberta W. Mellen T. and Roberta W. Mellen, $368,450

9 Abigail Way #4008 Pulte Home Of New England to Richard H. Curtis T. and Richard H. Curtis, $363,630

9 Abigail Way #3009 Pulte Home Of New England to Yang Yu and Lijuan Yang, $362,225

9 Abigail Way #4009 Pulte Home Of New England to Richarc E. Gillis and Diane M. Gillis, $355,000

9 Abigail Way #4004 Pulte Home Of New England to Paul D. Murphy, $266,065

9 Abigail Way #3002 Pulte Home Of New England to Eleanor A. Mcphee, $265,140

2 Summit Drive #258 Prekop RT and Tracey A. Pastrana to Alan Parsons and Patricia Parsons, $215,000

9 Abigail Way #3008 Pulte Home Of New England to J. A. Abruzzese, $156,200


53 Main St. Fairlawn Props LLC to Dennis A. Dyer, $850,000

5 Danvin Court #5C Debra Norton to Mary E. Santapaul and Lawrence F. Santapaul, $154,500

3 Eden Rd. Paul Rogers to Susan E. Rogers, $132,000

57 Mount Pleasant St. #2B Regina M. Powers to Lynn K. Ohara and Roderick K. Enos, $128,000

12 Holbrook Court Thomas E. Budrow to Brian C. Budrow, $95,000


641 Haverhill St. Boberin LLC to Philip Stickney, $302,000


73 Essex St. Debra A. Green to Jerusha Hall, $371,000

9 Vista Ave. Rose J. Rodas to Abila Benazea, $350,000

10 Phelps St. Joseph Williams and Andrea M. Williams to Linda Mcgrath, $341,300

160 Ocean Ave. W Donald P. Danjou and Ann M. Spak-danjou to John W. Radziewicz and Mary L. Radziewicz, $339,900

11 Fowler St. Zbigniew Kantorosinski to Kyle C. Burnham, $270,000

389 Essex St. #1 Scott C. Mountain and Emilia R. Poppe to Angela D. Williams, $264,000

125 Derby St. #C Christopher P. Hufstader and Catherine L. Hutchison to Christian Haselgrove, $260,000

8 Bedford St. Murray R. Lee and Kristen E. Lee to Tamara M. Dearborn and Peter M. Dearborn, $250,000

28 Symonds St. David D. Mathews to Wesley A. Green and Debra A. Green, $249,900

17 Lemon St. #17-2 Herbert Whiteley and Yvette P. Whiteley to Kevin M. Mcdonough and Susan G. Lillis, $247,500

1 Stillwell Drive #9C Bryan K. Daigle and Brenda J. Daigle to Christine E. Turner and Jason P. Bergeron, $215,000

2 Bow St. Constitution Prop LLC to Angela Eze and Chukwunyere Eze, $179,400


275 N End Blvd #3 Anthony J. Mirabito to John G. Chapman and Colleen A. Chapman, $220,000

52 N End Blvd Frank R. Russo to Christopher A. Matte, $60,000


35 Taylor St. Barbara Wallraff to Jocelyn S. Ken and Sophetra Ken, $385,000

17 Juniper Drive Carmine Napolitano and Everett Cooperative Bank to Andrew W. Philbin, $375,000

10 Bow St. Flaminio Lanzillo to Anh N. Duong and Hem D. Le, $372,000

26 Bridge St. Demboski Ann M. Est and Stephen Spano to Michelle Talluto, $329,000

33 Bristow St. #2 Jan Marten to Nancy F. Difranco and Valcrie J. Simpson, $168,000


7 Rock Ave. Michael H. Desimone to Peter J. Spinney, $330,000

13 Elmwood Rd. Donald Webster and Barbara Webster to Deborah E. Jacobs, $312,000

1008 Paradise Rd. #E3B Paruli T. and Ruth Rappaport to Jairo De Lima, $145,000

1008 Paradise Rd. #E2A Jairo G. Delima and Jairo G. Lima to Deborah R. Winsor, $125,000