Real estate home sales/North


21 Vine St. Barbara J. Leary to Stephen R. Costes, $225,000

23 Macy St. Martha L. Teague to Carl C. Chytla and Gretchen Chytla, $170,000

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5 1st St. Tremblay Norman R. Est and John A. Wojcicki to Peter M. Sudak, $152,000

9 Beech Lane Burrell Donald J. Est and Natalie D. Labby to Dawn E. Munroe, $80,000

75 Cynthia Lane Kim M. Kane and Stephen E. Kane to Shannon E. Turbity and Raymond J. Gauthier, $76,000


12 Paulornette Circle Tammy S. Chan and Rosana S. Chan to Kellie J. Lally, $641,250

3 Standish Circle Palm Grove Rt and Peter N. Scheinfein to James M. Sousa and Bonnie K. Sousa, $460,000

58 Red Spring Rd. Odalis O. Rosano and Anthony J. Rosano to Samuel E. Smith and Catherine L. Smith, $445,000

1 North St. Kellie J. Kalagher and Kellie J. Lally to David A. Poirier and Maureen Poirier, $430,000

203 Haggetts Pond Rd. Dispensa Martin T. Est and Maura J. Nicholson to Karla Gunther and Christopher Sullivan, $410,000

19 Cuba St. Kathleen C. Grieco to George P. Borstell, $407,500

8 Cassimere St. David C. Berube and Douglas R. Berube to David C. Berube, $125,000


39 Ashton St. E M. Skrabut to James M. Arcadi and Allison J. Arcadi, $310,000

312 Elliott St. Binh Trinh and Chau Truong to Edis Karic and Marizela Karic, $300,000


6 Forrest St. John Driscoll and Deborah A. Driscoll to Richard A. Tabor and M. H. Tabor, $357,400

46 1st St. Jackie W. Sharry and Bonnie R. Foley to Christopher Cumberland, $294,900

Galloway Rd. #1 Andrew F. Sheehan and Donna J. Sheehan to Michael A. Lupoli and Kerry L. Lupoli, $222,500

215 Chelmsford St. #15 Steven E. Byrne to Sothea Phaen, $110,000


28 Colby Rd. Frank V. Tanzella to Td Rt and John M. Thomson, $360,000

7 Buxton Rd. Henry P. King and Frances P. King to Nicole M. Tetrault and Peter A. Tetrault, $347,600

59 Village Post Rd. #59-8 Arthur W. Forrester Jr T. and Rachel J. Forrester to Mary K. Carideo 2012 Irt and Elizabeth G. Cunniff, $325,000

10 Irving St. Lorene E. Schmidt to Rona Weinburg, $296,000

26 Carriage Way National Grand Bank Marb to Bill-lee T. and William C. Weir, $290,000

11 Lafayette Ave. #2 Michael Belyea and Michael Baker to Julio Vinas, $192,000

194 Pine St. #C4 Peter E. Mchugh to Carmen Tammaro, $129,000

20 Fowler St. #1 Alyssa Kymalainen to Christopher J. Klessens, $98,500


77 W Main St. John W. Luleich to Christopher A. Roy and Ginamarie P. Roy, $315,000


1 Island Rock Lane Frank Vinci and Maria T. Vinci to Tracy Dickson, $739,500

4 Great Ledge Lane Cornelia J. Murphy to John N. Benchoff, $485,000

31 Reynard St. Helen H. Madison to Robert J. Jones, $320,000

10 Granite St. Salvatore T. Favazza and Donna M. Kyrouz to Tiffany M. Anderson, $265,000

6 Old Ford Rd. Norma Anderson to Dag K. Anderson and Eve L. Anderson, $165,000

48 Fort Hill Ave. Gabriel J. Leonard Swift T. and Eliza B. Baer to Eliza B. Baer, $145,316

48 Fort Hill Ave. Stella Maria Bearlila T. and Eliza B. Baer to Eliza B. Baer, $145,316

16 Keystone Rd. Mary A. Godwin to Peter S. Albano and Stacey L. Albano, $87,500


15 Groveland Commons Way #15 Anthony L. Divincenzo and Debra A. Divincenzo to Alyssa L. Dodge and George H. Langlais, $210,000

15 Cannon Hill Rd. Ext FHLM to Kenneth P. Rhudick, $200,000


1 E Bartlett St. #E Brian B. Hall to Michael Whitehead, $131,400

440 North Ave. #210 FDIC to Hong Y. Lei, $68,800


24 Mount Pleasant Ave. Kellye Y. Testy and Tracey A. Thompson to Walter P. Woodward and Ana Laguarda, $328,000

9 Lanes End Thomas R. Kmiec and Deborah Kmiec to Robert E. Sievert and Melissa M. Sievert, $286,900

401 Colonial Drive #19 Frances M. Kulak to Ellen Kuja, $286,500

21 Fairview Ave. #1 Jason R. Davis to John Schiebelhuth and Daila Schiebelhuth, $207,500


34 Mount Pleasant St. Joseph B. Surrette and Alice M. Surrette to Richard J. Nouse, $157,500

134 Methuen St. Wayne R. Santos and Cecile F. Santos to Kostas Dimou, $145,000

126 Willard St. #A Rust Sparks to Yury Kantorovich, $106,000


6 Elizabeth Way Six Elizabeth Way 2002 Rt and William J. Thibeault to Frank Minichiello and Tanya Minichiello, $1,660,000

17 Village Row Albert J. Mozzetta and Rochelle M. Mozzetta to Albert J. Mozzetta and Melissa D. Mozzetta, $450,000

20 Bancroft St. Suzanne Diplacido and Cesidio Diplacido to Michael Aloise and Nicole Aloise, $445,000

37 Clark Rd. New England Colonial Prop to Suresh K. Venkatan and Darlene S. Kumar, $393,500

185 Salem St. Bank Of America Na to Andrew Perkins, $182,100


4 Nashua Ave. Jenny S. Morton and Michael J. Wilson to Kevin Duddlesten and Victoria Duddlesten, $1,150,000

40 Chestnut St. Eliot W. Rothwell and Theresa S. Rothwell to Scott R. Marcus and Kathryn A. Marcus, $760,000

82 Village St. Peter Finan and Clare Finan to Jason Sidman and Renne E. Sidman, $510,000

24 Glendale Rd. Henny Margoshes and Herbert M. Margoshes to Jack C. Schecter and Sara F. Schecter, $425,000

52 Stony Brook Rd. #4 52 Stony Brook Rt and Kenneth E. Martin to Eliot W. Rothwell and Theresa Rothwell, $252,500

17 Hawkes St. #1 Baumrucker Donald B. Est and Kristin M. Cashman to Larry J. Simpson, $63,123

17 Hawkes St. #2 Baumrucker Donald B. Est and Kristin M. Cashman to Larry J. Simpson, $54,777


101 River Rd. Enright FT and Harold F. Enright to Thomas Kaeppeler and Annette Krawietz, $960,000


14 Jackson St. Twin City Real Estate LLC to Marvel Rt and Ladd M. Martin, $6,185,000

11 Huse Rd. Bicknell Assoc LLC to Horne Street LLC, $3,100,000

21 Horne St. Bicknell Assoc LLC to Horne Street LLC, $3,100,000

81 Sherwood Drive Toll Ma Land LP to James J. Tanin and Arlette L. Tanin, $441,339

27 Old Homestead Rd. Thomas E. Richardson and Wendy L. Richardson to Dina Dellicolli, $335,000

15 Saint St. Two Saints LLC to Jonathan A. Nicosia and Ashley M. Nicosia, $324,900

12 Saint St. Two Saints LLC to Edmund J. Daher, $319,900

19 Presidential Lane Andrea M. Cutts and Andrew P. Croteau to Susan Ekstrom and Megan Kiser, $302,120

50 Gill Ave. William F. Conant and Nicole F. Conant to Timothy Murchison, $297,000

18 Lisa Lane Michael A. Clifford and Nancy J. Clifford to Linda Agu, $269,000

296 Pelham St. Donald P. Royston to Erik A. Day, $250,000

180 Jackson St. Edward J. Rauseo to Karl R. Armano, $210,000

107 Pelham St. Therese I. Maple to Orlando S. Rivera and Iraida P. Cintron, $195,000

6 Carroll St. Gerard L. Marion and Susan D. Marion to Juana I. Jimenez, $182,000

9 Ferry Rd. #2 Bank of New York Mellon to E&G RT and George Nacopoulos, $132,000


68 Mill St. Ralph J. Lebel and Noreen M. Lebel to Briana Grieco and Richard Grieco, $404,000

54 East St. Robert E. Forney and Joanne C. Forney to Jonathan R. Vanderwoude and Jill Vanderwoude, $321,000

1409 Ferncroft Tower Michael J. Fitzpatrick and Joanne M. Fitzpatrick to Steve T. Robbins, $269,000

20 Webb St. #2A Christine A. Clemenzi to Kevin E. Mcdonald and Andrea J. Mcdonald, $210,000


104 Pine Island Rd. Lafayette Woodlawn LLC to Richard J. Siemasko and Juile C. Siemasko, $425,000

29 Old Rowley Rd. Edward Waldron to Thomas M. Hand and Amelyn James, $400,000


16 Tremont St. Browns Square Rt and Alfred G. Clifford to Charles Maymon and Susan Maymon, $810,000

6 Broad St. #B Thomas Kaeppeler and Annette Krawietz to David Best and Lynne Best, $545,000

3 Upland Rd. Karen Anderson and Karen J. Anderson to Bret Butler and Annemarie Butler, $475,000

19 Ship St. Weylin Symes to Anne Mcclelland, $380,000

5 Atkinson St. Annemarie M. Butler to Ritchie Thomson and Julia Thomson, $363,000

6 Orange St. #5 Bridget M. Sheehan to Kathleen Moore, $250,000

4 Greenleaf St. #B Anne Mcclelland to Camille J. Garro, $245,000


795 Great Pond Rd. Ian Carrera and Jill Carrera to Yizu Zhu and Jianping Chen, $660,000

7 Chatham Circle Stephen P. Martin to Beverly Shea, $595,000

215 Hickory Hill Rd. Keith E. Young and Caryn S. Young to Daniel S. Fay and Valerie J. Fay, $493,000

2003 Dogwood Circle Vrd Acquisition LLC to John J. Sloyan Iii FT and Maureen Sloyan, $480,000

500 Chestnut St. Shannon Cronin to Richard L. Bready, $475,000

261 Hickory Hill Rd. Daniel S. Fay and Valerie J. Fay to Eric J. Magennis and Tammy Magennis, $473,000

11 Richardson Ave. James C. Williams and Lisa S. Williams to Bridget R. Cook, $389,000

73 Linden Ave. James M. Sousa and Bonnie K. Sousa to Eric Sewade and Deborah Makucin, $357,000

223 Massachusetts Ave. Lauren B. Estes and Peter B. Estes to Jesuette C. Tobeth, $206,000

33 Upland St. Kmk Sun Rt and Virginia Knowlton to Daniel Hakim and Anne M. Dimatteo, $182,500

10 Kingston St. Sandra A. Elimeleck to Patricia A. Aloisi, $140,000

165 Rosemont Drive Mitesh P. Godhani and Sejal M. Godhani to Sudha P. Patel, $110,000


3 Tomah Drive Kimberly Kent and Christopher Kent to Tanya R. Grocki and Justin B. Phels, $387,500

4 Antonelli Way Primecap LLC to Almedin Katadzic and Jelena Katadzic, $350,000

119 Lake St. Vicki L. Cormier and Michael S. Cormier to Bonnie J. Sordillo, $335,000

14 Margaret Rd. Cecylia Swiderski to Charles C. Calareso and Joseph Calareso, $275,000

42 Fulton St. Maria L. Machado to Kate M. Comfort, $250,000

10 Kingdom Ter John P. Cliffe and Maurice J. Cliffe to James G. Cliffe, $240,000

3 Clement Ave. Michele L. Balcacer to Nexhip Sulejmani and Zhevaire Sulejmani, $232,000

5 James St. Priante Regina L. Est and Angela A. Hermsdorf to Richard Jones, $210,000

13 W Diane Rd. Donna M. Early and Christopher R. Early to Nicholas M. Gerakaris, $208,000

35 Margin St. Richard A. Heath to Jessica Balbo, $202,000

3 Avon St. Susan E. Bixbee to Anne M. Gallant, $180,000

1 Willard St. #11 BMC Dev LLC to Mandoulidis Props LLC, $120,000

1 Willard St. #12 BMC Dev LLC to Mandoulidis Props LLC, $120,000


Marmion Way Joan M. Dee and Norman E. Dee to Armand D. Aparo and Cheryl A. Aparo, $195,000

192 Granite St. Joel M. Reiter T. and Joel M. Reiter to Rapp Rt and William R. Rapp, $91,000


340 Wethersfield St. Thomas M. Trudel and Pamela M. Trudel to 24 Newburyport Tkp, $475,000


101 Marlborough Rd. Patricia F. Britton Irt and Daniel E. Britton to Michael J. Smith and Kara M. Cheever, $317,000

20 Savoy Rd. Shane P. Franklin and Kim K. Franklin to Kristian H. Hanson and Susan M. Hanson, $300,000

46 Cedar St. Chanthy Kim and Thien S. Kim to Michael A. Lausier, $295,000

28 Williams St. Corliss E. Thornhill and Francine Thornhill to Damien W. Echols and Lorri A. Echols, $290,000

35 Flint St. #110 Laurie A. Gerschwiler to Patrick Hayes, $280,000

15 Patriot Lane Elayne M. Hart 2011 T. and Donna E. Wholley to Denis Corol, $244,900

23 Appleton St. Munroe Elizabeth Est and Michael J. Munroe to Lynn E. Fletcher, $240,000

15 Northey St. #4 Lisa A. Foster to Anne M. Callachan, $230,000

3 Warner St. Sterling Ventures Inc to Lisa Callis, $228,000

29 Planters St. James J. Grocki to Adam J. Craig and Kristi-Lynn Craig, $220,000

1 Broad St. #8 Paul J. Moran and Onorame M. Chuna-moran to Laila Kott and Steven Brook, $219,000

100 Wharf St. #3 Carol Digregorio to John W. Woods, $205,000

52 Pickman Rd. #C Ann M. Whittemore to Richard B. Whittemore and Nancy M. Whittemore, $176,500


5 Partridge Lane #B Patricia M. Deorocki to David M. Watts, $233,000


1 Eustis St. 1-3 Eustis Rt and Carmine M. Mazarella to George Robinson, $410,000

18 Cottage St. Patricia Milley and Charles E. Milley to Simone Nouissi and Asma Sharif, $275,000

25 Eustis St. Martin&Frances Noonan LT and Frances L. Noonan to Stephen A. Smith, $239,000