Real estate home sales/North


12 Ridgemere Way Ananian Childrens Gift T. and Denyse A. Richter to Jorma Maki and Joanne Maki, $285,000

2 Back River Rd. Jeffrey R. Marrs and Paula J. Marrs to Amy Brandin, $265,000

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21 Winter St. #21 James A. Beers to Marissa Pagnotta, $265,000

485 Main St. Richardson 2008 FT and William L. Richardson to Chester Conant and Cynthia R. Conant, $250,000


26 Stoneybrook Circle David W. Flynn and Kerry Flynn to Brian M. Baker and Amy E. Sereno, $758,000

370 High Plain Rd. Brian M. Baker and Amy E. Serino to Karen M. Moscarito, $607,000

27 Cheever Circle Donald W. Dee and Joanne D. Dee to Elisha B. Gallaudet and Caitlin C. Gallaudet, $585,000

16 Johnson Rd. Mark S. Collins and Joanna M. Collins to Matthew G. Fisher and Stephanie C. Fisher, $575,000

23 Korinthian Way Ingram RT and Patricia M. Ingram to Thomas A. Plunkett and Jennifer L. Plunkett, $575,000

5 Blood Rd. Sharon A. Lazzaretti to Daniel S. Flanigan and Tina S. Flanigan, $500,000

105 Chestnut St. Karen E. English and Edward H. English to Jason Messinger and Jocelyn Messinger, $495,000

76 Center St. James L. Sheldon and Shirley A. Veenema to Karen E. English and Edward H. English, $427,000

32 Rutgers Rd. Charlene Dupaul to Mark D. Care and Hsiu-ling H. Care, $408,300

27 Rockridge Rd. Paul M. Rindone and Margaret J. Rindone to Paul J. Theberge and Barbara M. Theberge, $359,900

91 Ballardvale Rd. Batchelder Ruth E. A. Est and Gwen L. Kimball to Red Tail Dev Corp, $351,000


733 Hale St. Gerardo Difazio and Rosalie M. Anastasi to Alan S. Blumner, $535,000

1 Middlebury Lane George Gilpin and Michelle Gilpin to Carolyn Grassick, $525,000

173 Lothrop St. Joshua B. Holbrook and Julia S. Holbrook to Robert L. Sette and Judith Sette, $357,500

217 Lothrop St. White Horse Productions to Joanne M. Bogert, $320,000

48 Amherst Rd. Bailey RT and Anita Kaufman to Christina L. Torode, $312,000

Whitehall Circle Manor Homes Dev LLC to Daniel F. Mayo and Jennifer E. Mayo, $294,000

416 Elliott St. #1 Roger L. Halle and Cheryl L. Halle to Shawn Langlois and Sarah R. Ossoff, $230,000


23 Amble Rd. Chad M. Cabral and Danielle C. Cabral to Matthew W. King and Elizabeth J. Shepherd, $395,000

104 Garrison Rd. Theodore R. Staplin to Gary J. Barnes and Alison K. Barnes, $365,000

186 High St. Jennifer S. Pagani and Brett H. Pagani to Jennifer R. Sarkis and Christopher David, $332,000

18 Abbott Lane Anandaraj Velmurugan and Shanmugapriya Anandaraj to Prabha Baid, $325,000

191 Mill Rd. Joan C. Cutrumbes and Nancy Fyten to James Cutrumbes, $176,000

189 Littleton Rd. #65 Donna M. Sammarco to Demetrios Lignos and Raynette J. Lignos, $122,000


15 Strawberry Hill Lane Michael A. Camarro and Tracy V. Camarro to Kevin T. Rourke and Karen M. Rourke, $515,000

29 Wadsworth St. William Macgregor and Tracy C. Macgregor to Sandra L. Connelly, $350,000

7 Wadsworth St. John P. Bettencourt and Deborah L. Persson to Michael R. Irgens and Holly B. Irgens, $344,500

119 North St. Boudreault FT and Lawrence G. Boudreault to Shane M. Kavanagh, $300,000

57 Sylvan St. #1C Jennie M. Maciejewicz to John Dindia and Toni Dindia, $122,600


4 Icehouse Lane John P. Zarella to Trescott L. Dewitt, $585,000

22 Main St. Joseph B. Ahearn and Amy B. Ahearn to Anna M. Fullerton, $475,000


113 Thurlow St. Horne Thurlow St Georgeto and Jeffrey S. Horne to Robin E. Olson, $545,000


634 Washington St. Matthew W. Strobeck and Carey S. Strobeck to David L. Glancy and Stacia S. Glancy, $2,725,000

28 Riverside Rd. 28 Wheelers Point RT and Mary Ryan to Douglas Hanson and Linda Rowe, $1,275,000

1046 Washington St. Richard Sapper to Rebecca E. Douglass, $1,050,000

36 Atlantic St. #18 W Gloucester Capital to Janet Dest-Dodge, $866,322

11 Pilots Hl Floyd FT and Peter L. Floyd to Amy B. Ross and Richard P. Mills, $675,000


203 Diane Circle #203 Kenneth C. Colby and Dorothy L. Colby to Candence E. Shimmin and Candice A. Bucchiere, $252,900

4 Lindsay Way #4 Michelle Blanchard to Laura Burridge, $178,000


6 Back 9 Drive Premiere RT and Michael J. Maroney to David J. Middlemiss and Joyce A. Middlemiss, $456,693

29 11th Ave. Shawn Miller and Citimortgage Inc to Citimortgage Inc, $353,916

6 Magnavista Drive Magnum Partners LLC to Tracy L. Montpetit and Gracan M. Montpetit, $344,900


34 Buttonwood Lane #34 E Donald White and Karen A. White to David F. Holland and Linda F. Holland, $844,000

2 Post Rd. Lane Daniel Tessier and Linda L. Tessier to Cynthia M. Fisher and Graeme A. Fisher, $540,000


277 Hildreth St. Edward J. Delisle and Helene Delisle to Rhoda Realty LLC, $250,000

108 Merrill Ave. Jef Cullen to Davan Chap, $187,000

430 Hildreth St. Ion Zanogeanu to Josephine Gitahi, $162,000

246 Aiken Ave. #3 Heliotis Sarah Est and Ann M. Stelman to Roger L. Larose and Dianne C. Larose, $110,000


12 Westminster Rd. Sean B. Colman and Stacey Colman to William H. Walters and Elizabeth T. Walters, $635,000

102 Elm St. Anthony J. Iafrate and Willy Suwoto to Daniel J. Brown, $517,000

4 Thomas Circle E T. Hannaway and Ashley R. Hannaway to William J. Watt, $470,000

107 Lafayette St. Eric S. Erickson and Jennifer Erickson to Robert Roncevich and Natalie Chipolone, $300,000

18 Central St. #6 Ann M. Leverone RET and Ann M. Leverone to Mark Healey and Katherine Healy, $234,800


7 Attitash Ave. RKACO LLC to Lisa Carroll, $269,900

18 W Shore Rd. Kevin M. Larnard and Cindy G. Larnard to Mark George and Kathleen M. Doherty, $233,000


5 Alderbrook Lane Joseph L. Hobbs and Maryanne F. Hobbs to John J. Santarpio and Colleen D. Santarpio, $341,000

15 Tiffany Lane 15 Tiffany Lane RT and Michael Oconnor to Will D. Piantini and Alison Piantini, $327,700

6 Woodland Circle James Fiore and Melanie Fiore to Elizabeth M. Demarco and Marie D. Sabino, $251,500

81 Rolling Ridge Lane Roberta Wilson to Roland G. Langlois, $240,000

15 Burrill Ave. Arthur J. Broadhurst to Kristen J. Webster, $217,000

61 Ashland Ave. Joseph T. Murach to Sofia I. Rojas, $208,000

66 Riverdale St. Smith Adela A. Est and Jeffreson R. Smith to Mario Nehme, $191,000

6 Edmond St. #6 Hope R. Dery and David A. Dery to Hector Medina, $185,000

101 Arnold St. #101 Jessica L. Johnson and Matthew W. Johnson to Christa M. Covino, $140,000


5 Flying Fox Circle Mutual Realty LLC to Laurie S. Bradshaw and Jeffrey S. Bradshaw, $688,644

4 2nd Ave. Genowefa Krzeminska and Andrzej P. Wozniak to Mark Salvanelli, $535,000

29 Maple St. Purdy Joan A. Est and Jodi L. Heger to Anastasia Roukliotis and Evangelos Roukliotis, $261,000


17 Harbor View Rd. Brendan P. Coffey and Jeanne E. Coffey to Timothy J. Harris and Josephine M. Harris, $510,000


5 Dorothy E Lucey Drive Erin K. Hudson to Daniel R. May and Leslie M. May, $615,000

12 Neptune St. Charles W. Conn to Walter Gillespie and Gail Gillespie, $605,000

22 Cushing Ave. Jorma T. Maki and Joanne M. Maki to Lawrence A. Thoreson and Christine J. Thoreson, $599,900

15 Broad St. Christopher T. Howe and Kristina E. Howe to Jonathan Beaulier and Melanie Beaulier, $570,000

21 Barton St. Geoffrey E. Bruno and Melissa E. Bruno to Michael Thomas and Rebekah Stafford, $549,900

189 High St. #2 John F. Knowels and Kelly S. Knowles to Debbee L. Carter, $462,000

9 Menut Circle F K. Littlefield and Charles M. Horton to Jessica A. Burke and Christopher D. Burke, $290,000

48 Kent St. #9 Kathleen M. Melanson to Janet Richey, $255,000

5 Woodman Way #302 Matthew J. Daigle to Joseph N. Paolini, $246,000

12 62nd St. Elizabeth L. Black LT and Elizabeth L. Black to Gilmore RT and Harry W. Gilmore, $118,000


10 Milk St. Overlook RT and Thomas H. Burkardt to Christopher J. Scarpa and Jennifer A. Scarpa, $1,786,000

50 Rocky Brook Rd. Peter J. Catalano to John C. Caron, $720,000

74 Sherwood Drive James Polino and Suzanne Polino to Patrick Gallagher and Heather Mcsween, $674,000

365 Boston St. Thomas M. Clancy and Kristen E. Clancy to Ahmed I. Elbetanony and Samar A. Hegazy, $570,000

10 Colonial Ave. Schofield RT and Noelle C. Schofield to Daniel J. Gill and Lana T. Gill, $535,000

194 Amberville Rd. David Lapsley and Ira Lapsley to Ramachandran Krishnan and Rathi Ramachandran, $475,000

15 Meadowview Rd. Palmese RT and Robert Palmese to Claire Driscoll, $405,000

30 Norman Rd. Michael J. Addesa and Martha M. Addesa to Jeffrey P. Wieczorek, $337,000

21 Cleveland St. #21 Karen Blank to Erica L. Megrew, $305,000

421 Stevens St. Tom Patenaude Homes Inc to Matthew Schiff and Natalie Kindred, $245,000


1 Herold Rd. Shawn P. Moore and Andrea M. Moore to Scott A. Carriere, $445,000

9 Norfolk Ave. Robert J. Langley and Elizabeth M. Langley to Nicholas A. Pepe and Colleen M. Pepe, $318,500

12 Emery St. Laurie A. Constantino to Jamie Harrop, $318,000

6 Glen Drive Graeme A. Fisher and Cynthia M. Fisher to Ryan Mulvey, $275,000

8 Mandalay Drive Eastern Bank to Jessica R. Fitzgerald, $253,900

52 Clement Ave. Tricia Hasbrouck to Scott Omalley, $244,000

19 Daniel Ter William T. Walsh and Michelle L. Walsh to Mario RT and George M. Megaloudis, $225,000

4 Ledgewood Way #24 Barbara Romeo to Timothy Mcmahon and Diane Mcmahon, $150,000


101 Phillips Ave. Thomas A. Pandolfi and Patsy L. Pandolfi to Denis P. Madden and Kelly L. Madden, $575,000

12 High St. #A Michael P. Clarke and Norman M. Jenkins to John J. Siano and Amanda J. Siano, $260,000


61 Emily Lane Debbee L. Carter to Scott D. Rymsa and Carrie Cassidy-rymsa, $535,000

30 School St. Craig A. Campbell and Nicole D. Campbell to Frank W. Miller and Ruth A. Miller, $452,000


26 Hardy St. Mark F. Connelly and Sandra L. Connelly to Todd A. Waller, $950,000

66 Derby St. 66 Derby Street RT and Jay Levy to Thomas Czahor and Tracy Czahor, $475,000

56 Summit St. David M. Bettencourt and Balbino T. Bettencourt to Son Q. Le and Thuan T. La-le, $330,000

4 Arnold Drive #A Michael P. Taylor to Laurie Constantino, $230,000

49 Whalers Lane #49 Dionne FT and Ronald L. Dionne to Maureen L. Buckley, $218,000

5 School St. #6 Maureen L. Buckley to Kathleen Dailey, $215,000

63 Butler St. Daniel L. Goldberg and Ann M. Nocente to Ariadne A. Nevin and Heoung K. Joung, $167,200

14 Foster St. #14 Lindsey Bricklemyer and Todd Bricklemyer to Carlos M. Nunez, $144,000


55 Beach Rd. Miroslav Miocevic and Senada Miocevic to Loretta A. Kushner-Mooney and Larry D. Mooney, $245,000

3 Spring St. William D. Speicher and Anne M. Speicher to Christopher J. Thurlow and Jennie M. Thurlow, $214,000


73 Atlantic Ave. Sandra Colman-Lerner to John Rizzo and Carole Rizzo, $1,090,000

26 Pine Hill Rd. Tay S. Trout to Michael Kelleher and Jennifer Kelleher, $240,000


80 Aprils Way Topnotch Homes LLC to Jonathan J. Parisi, $539,840

85 Aprils Way Topnotch Homes LLC to David L. Macmurdo and Jill Macmurdo, $502,600

425 Pinnacle St. #12-13A Cirino Salvatore S. Est and Jeffrey C. Cirino to David A. Richardston and Elaine M. Richardston, $345,000

78 Coolidge St. Daniel F. Power and Elena M. Power to Norvelyne Berrouet and Fritzner Cedat, $310,000

34 Victor Drive Jose C. Rocha and Carol Rocha to Mark P. Rocha and Erin K. Rocha, $300,000

858 Old Shawsheen St. Nancy M. Sutton and Peter D. Sutton to Christopher Palmerino and Erin Lloyd, $290,000

506 North St. Jamie Severnace and Anne C. Cuffe to Andrew Joly and Bonnie Joly, $283,000

66 Decarolis Drive #66 Jennifer Forgione to Andres Espinoza and Janice A. Espinoza, $197,000

1830 Main St. #19 Staphine C. Thomas and Stephanie Celata to Kelli Skinner, $196,000


42 Lake Shore Drive James D. Badgio and Susan B. Badgio to Tao Xu, $400,000