A touch of Vegas in Everett

By Christina Wallace, Metro Boston Senior Reporter | August 26, 2005

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When you walk into Joey Nicotera's Everett loft, you feel like you've been transported to a Vegas lounge - and that's exactly how he wants it.

After first purchasing the condo in 2003 at the old Charleston Chew candy bar factory, Nicotera spent the next two years while it was being renovated infusing color-kinetic lighting throughout the whole apartment. He personally installed the small LED lights, which change to 16.5 million different colors, inside his glass kitchen cabinets, in panels on his large bookcase in the living room, even on the bathroom ceiling. He can control the lights through his laptop computer which is hooked up to his 42-inch plasma screen television.

'In a hotel lounge'

With the lighting, stereo and television system and a digital piano that serves as a small recording studio, the loft looks like the Jetsons' pad. Even the gas fireplace is controlled by a remote control.
"I've always liked things that lit up and made noise," said the 31-year-old Everett native who works in the IT industry. "I wanted people to come in and feel like they were in a hotel lounge."

The apartment was originally constructed to be a two-bedroom, but Nicotera - with the help of an architect friend - tore down the walls to create a traditional loft space. The ceilings are 11 feet-high with exposed wood beams and aluminum piping. He painted the walls five different shades of gray to match the concrete posts that run through the middle of the unit. The wood floors are light maple to contrast the dark walls and dark furniture.

"I wanted to create the sense it was the original space," Nicotera said.

'Will dull the knife'

When you walk into the condo, the bedroom is located immediately on the left and is sectioned off by see-through cube shelving that is illuminated by the color kinetic lights. There are no lamps, bedside tables or furniture in the bedroom space (except the bed) because Nicotera wanted to create a minimalist look with little clutter.

The kitchen has stainless steel appliances, sleek white cabinets with glass fronts and a combination quartz and plastic gray countertop on the island in the middle of the kitchen.

"They say not to cut on it because it will dull the knife," Nicotera says.

The bathroom was styled after a suite in the W Hotel in Manhattan with a chrome pedestal sink and clear basin, color kinetic lighting on the ceiling and a glass-encased shower with six body jets.
Nicotera's next project is finishing up his newly constructed stone patio.

"I don't know exactly what I'm going to do with it but I can tell you it's definitely going to include lighting."

Christina Wallace

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