Globe West: Real estate transactions

ARLINGTON 92 Hemlock St. Malcolm Roberts and Greta E. Roberts to Tomohisa Funabashi and Rieko Funabashi, $520,000 154 Pheasant Ave. Alexander B. Wilson and Margaret M. Wilson to Christopher Carlson and Amy Carlson, $449,000 ASHLAND 2 Dale Road Steven J. Walsh and Patricia A. Walsh to John Bemesderfer and Nicole Bemesderfer, $529,900 41 Brimstone Way Robert Mccauley to Michael Currier and Nicole Currier, $355,000 167 Trailside Way Patrick D. Donoghue to Richard E. Macfarlane and Linda A. Macfarlane, $227,500 AYER 45 Partridge Run Crabtree Dev LLC to Nicholas Mancini and Deanna Dimastrantonio, $399,900 BEDFORD 36 Glenridge Drive Raj K. Tiku and Pran N. Tiku to Shuguang Wang and Qing Hang, $835,000 48 Pine Hill Road Brandon W. Webster and Matthew S. Jones to Jon E. Mallinson and Alissa K. Mallinson, $428,000 34 Loomis St. Roberta M. Weller and George J. Genetti to Kiriyoshi Hakamoto, $340,000 BELLINGHAM 86 Mechanic St. Marjorie A. Negus to Donald Mimande and Sarah Bouchard, $167,000 BELMONT 48 Stone Road Herbert H. Gowen and Wendy A. Gowen to Gabriel Elchler and Chiara Conti, $1,260,000 56 Lewis Road Janet M. Peterson to Laura Jacox and Donna A. Jacox, $681,000 187 Beech St. Walter J. Morris and Janet M. Omahony to Mariola Magovcevic and Kai Angermueller, $425,000 BROOKLINE 58 Euston St. Steven E. Kapfhammer and Anthony G. Catalfano to Michele Toscani and Mina Okochi, $4,200,000 359 Tappan St., No. 3 Martin Bourlot and Maria F. Gosalbez to Jonathon Sillman, $736,000 60 Glen Road, No. 203 John L. Clinton and Rochelle A. Clinton to John D. Cave and Peggy Cave, $390,000 CARLISLE 68 Virginia Farme Lane Robert J. Leblanc and Bernadette D. Leblanc to Christopher W. Conwan and Jesicca R. Conwan, $584,000 54 Judy Farm Road George H. Bishop and Nadine F. Bishop to Qingling Zhang and Sheng Xu, $532,000 CONCORD 13 South Meadow Ridge Lucia D. Runyon to Jon S. Richardson and Margaret E. Richardson, $795,000 5 Concord Greene, No. 4 Sally Livingston to Nancy W. Hendrie, $282,305 DUNSTABLE 57 Lowell St. Janet T. Mckenney RET and Janet T. Mckenney to Mark A. Atwood, $250,000 FRAMINGHAM 8 Barnbridge Circle Gregory W. Malloy and Barbara B. Malloy to David J. Connolly and Scott C. Mcmanus, $810,000 11 Colonial Drive Jason A. Borawski and Christine W. Chow to Kevin B. Harris and Jennifer M. Harris, $490,000 25 Spruce St. Peter L. Rossetti and Patricia J. Rossetti to Beth A. Murray and Michael R. Obrien, $361,100 1083 Edgell Road Ronald A. Clements and Beverly A. Clements to Gary J. Agnello, $267,000 FRANKLIN 4 Vintage Way Randolph S. Hay and Stephanie J. Hay to Amie L. Decosta and Brandon L. Keough, $490,000 17 Howard Place Mark R. Andersson and Erin M. Andersson to Benjamin J. Konieczny, $193,000 72 Alpine Place Caroline D. Mailloux to John B. Davidson and Jessica Issa, $139,900 HARVARD 60 Sawyer Lane Irving G. Morgan to Dean Sampson and Audrey L. Sampson, $145,000 HOPKINTON 13 Meserve St. Kendra A. Weldon to Peter W. Dugan and Angela Fortuna, $377,500 132 Spring St. Dedham Institution Svngs to Steven M. Molnar and Adel M. Molnar, $357,000 HUDSON 28 Zina Road Kathy M. Nicholl to Jacob A. Petterson and Deirdra H. Petterson, $493,000 1 Martin Circle John J. Silva and Janet Silva to Andrew Panagotopulos and Lauren K. Stebbins, $350,000 11 Rolling Lane Byron E. Provines to Jonathan Moura and Nicole E. Moura, $215,000 LEXINGTON 21 Appletree Lane Manmoham Singh and Ritu Singh to Gnanasambanda Kurmaravel and Padmalatha Kurmaravel, $1,225,000 29 Sherman St. Robert A. Morrison and Charlene E. Morrison to Mark Kapij and Heather Stephenson, $773,600 20 Justin St. Stacey R. Dore to Mark Leahy and Liana Leahy, $338,000 LITTLETON 60 Bulkeley Road Ernest L. Frohring to Matthew T. Lewis and Nikole K. Lewis, $297,500 MARLBOROUGH 165 Dartmouth St. Edward M. Philmon and Gwendolyn S. Philmon to Edward Vega and Evelyn Maldonado, $395,000 20 Madison St. Timothy C. Lane and Sabrina F. Lane to Samantha Uttaro and Kevin Moulton, $272,000 20 Essex St. Andrew K. Roberts and Amanda E. Roberts to Ryan S. Braswell, $236,000 MAYNARD 8 Demars St. Dorothy Babcock to David C. Bowman and Dawn M. Bowman, $139,000 MEDWAY 13 Hemlock Drive Frederick Nastri and Michaella Nastri to Clive Tysoe and Kavita Tysoe, $298,000 MILFORD 4 Rosebud Lane William A. Doiron and Theresa M. Doiron to Philip J. Vittali, $352,500 4 Teresa Drive Carol E. Mcavoy to Harry Ohannesian, $285,000 60 Pine St. Melvin I. Gross and Ada Gross to William G. Baraiolo, $158,000 MILLIS 702 Main St., No. G Frances Harcovitz RT and John P. Harcovitz to Aida H. Agayby, $169,900 NATICK 108 Woodland St. Adams P. Carroll and Janet Y. Wu to Christopher J. Supple and Mary K. Supple, $769,900 28 Coachman Lane John A. Mcdonough and Robin L. Mcdonough to Kerri Ann Tobin and Matthew D. Tobin, $650,000 6 Murdoch Road William P. Petrone and Jeanne M. Petrone to Brant A. Caraberis and Jennifer C. Caraberis, $480,000 11 Thoreau Court, No. 2 Keith A. Pabian to Sai K. Munikuntla and Aparajitha Muddagouyi, $230,000 NEEDHAM 30 Putnam St., No. 5 Craftsman Vlg Needham 2 to Jill B. Rosenthal, $625,000 415 Dedham Ave. David M. Callahan and Kil J. Callahan to Reinaldo Gutierrez and Caroline Chui, $387,000 NEWTON 219 Old Farm Road Shari D. Shocket to Sven G. Olsson and Katina B. Olsson, $1,125,000 27 Eliot Ave. David Spertner and Cindy W. Spertner to Jason T. Kaufman and Jennifer L. Lemire, $985,000 418 Wolcott St. Lizotte Richard Est and Peter Fenn to Matthew E. Carey and Greta E. Feinberg, $929,000 59 Puritan Road Stanley R. Herwitz and Hanh N. Herwitz to Frank Neumann and Marlene Neumann, $925,000 209 Commonwealth Ave., No. 2B Gorodetzer Eleanor Est and Gail A. Haftel to Victoria A. Ching and Kerwin W. Ching, $490,000 1269 Boylston St. Jonah Pollard and Aileen Pollard to Jeffrey G. Morin and Christine L. Morin, $478,000 137 Walnut St. Margaret J. Morey to Carline M. Durocher and Jean Durocher, $461,500 9 Higgins St. Nazzaro Higgins Street RT and Luisa Nazzaro to Ella Melanson and Alexander Melanson, $435,000 51 Pettee St., No. 24 Michelina Daniele to Yekaterina Gershman and Liliya Lantsman, $242,000 NORFOLK 10 Kingsbury Road Gerald J. Simmer and Shalyn A. Monahan to Katherine R. Lioy, $300,000 7 Old Populatic Road Norfolk Mun Afford Hsng T. and Scott Dittrich to Timothy R. Donoghue, $120,000 NORTHBOROUGH 349 Brigham St. Patricia Tyborowski to Yolande D. Cournoyer, $90,000 PEPPERELL 29 Brookline St. Christine E. Morrissey to Ian R. Sarbacker and Elizabeth H. Sarbecker, $330,000 9 Bancroft St. Mary G. King to Gregory J. Hart and Dawn A. Hart, $296,000 SHERBORN 43 Kendall Ave., No. 202 Sylvia Mccann RT and Patricia L. Gray to Jean Goganian, $250,000 SHREWSBURY 26 Hutchins St. Brendon Props 4 RT and Leslei S. Carey to William A. Doiron and Theresa M. Doiron, $534,000 131 High St. Peris&Sons Builders Inc to Ronald Peris, $505,000 535 Main St. 535 Main St Shrewsbury NT and Robert G. Lotuff to Salim A. Lotuff, $500,000 32 Trowbridge Lane Michele A. Delaney and William F. Delaney to Ryan M. Wallace and Rebecca L. Wallace, $436,000 10 High St. Janet Daniels to Jonathan Gaudette and Stephanie Smith, $295,000 15 Brookdale Circle William Hynes and Joanne R. Frank to Muzhar Khokhar and Mausma Khokhar, $245,000 114 Harrington Farms Way Serge H. Dingelhoff and Debra A. Dingelhoff to Peter B. Lucier, $27,000 STOW 93 Maple St. Vance R. Pomeroy and Judith J. Pomeroy to Jason B. Stewart and Emily T. Stewart, $565,000 64 Heather Lane Perry Edward R. Est and Edward R. Perry to John J. Sullivan, $313,400 SUDBURY 95 Bridle Path Codjer Pines LLC to Clayton Jones, $823,983 57 Old Lancaster Road Michael P. Gray and Christine M. Gray to Daniel M. Seudder and Sabrina S. Chau, $575,000 25 Summer St. Zachariah Stewart and Julie K. Stewart to Xiaohua Hu, $363,000 UPTON 16 Cider Mill Lane Wilfred E&M A. Moineau LT and Wilfred E. Monieau to Christopher E. Demerjian and Jessica L. Demerjian, $350,000 55 Plain St. Mary E. Easter to Nichola Hollis and Daniel Lewis, $227,000 WALTHAM 42 Marivista Ave. Beaton Dev LLC to Jake Axford and Laura Henderson, $440,000 35 Gregory St. Andrea F. Seaberg and Michael A. Bernardi to 41 Columbus Ave RT and Thomas M. Gildea, $175,000 243 Lake St., No. 1 Nahan Darbinian to Cuong Huynh and Truyen M. Thai, $47,500 WATERTOWN 67 Dexter Ave. Peter J. Doucet and Marie Doucet to Edward A. Davison and Karen F. Davison, $570,000 54 Winter St. Timothy L. Shannon to James C. Fitzgerald and Nancy Fitzgerald, $563,000 38 Sparkill St. John A. Pizzi and Jane Mcgregor to John Gebeyan and Karolin Gebeyan, $537,000 82 Pierce Road Ricci FT and Richard C. Ricci to Artur Nergaryan and Jennifer J. Bonislawski, $256,000 WAYLAND 45 Lake Road William Freebersyser and Elizabeth West to Maia J. Miskin and Matthew D. Miskin, $414,511 WELLESLEY 78 Sheridan Road David A. Silverstein and Lori W. Silverstein to John A. Gordon and Perri D. Gordon, $1,325,000 3 Woodland Road Jane C. Reif to Lilson LLC, $750,000 16 Columbia St. Yong Li and Yan Zhuo to Martha R. Bragdon, $580,000 30 Washburn Ave. John F. Brown and Dorothy M. Brown to Shea M. Kelly and Tarek Abou-Assali, $103,000 WESTON 4 Somerset Place Weston Highland Meadows to Ned A. Joachimi and Bette M. Joachimi, $1,651,002

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