Scott Brown again raising money for New Hampshire GOP

Former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown, ramping up his flirtation with a New Hampshire Senate race, sent his second fundraising email in as many weeks on behalf of the Granite State GOP.

Brown, who this week posted a “coming soon” tease on his website, used the email to rip Democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen, his potential opponent, saying she “blindly takes orders from Washington politicians instead of standing up for the people of New Hampshire.” Shaheen and her Washington allies, Brown said, were getting “nervous.”

Last week’s missive described them as “scared.”

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In the new email, which asked for small donations to the state party, Brown cycled through the best practices of Republican fundraising literature, mentioning “ObamaCare,” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

Brown also name-checked Norris Cotton, Styles Bridges, and Warren Rudman, all late former senators from the Granite State.

On Thursday night, Brown was scheduled to be in Hyannis, helping raise money for Republican congressional candidate John Chapman, who is challenging Democratic US Representative William Keating.