Senator Ted Cruz urges House Republicans to `stand strong’ in fight over `Obamacare’

WASHINGTON—Hours before he and other Senate Republicans were scheduled to meet with President Obama at the White House on Friday, Senator Ted Cruz, the Tea Party firebrand from Texas, called upon Republican House members to stand strong in their fight against “Obamacare.”

Federal power has exploded under the Obama administration, Cruz declared at the Value Voters Summit at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, a gathering of social conservatives.

“None of us knows what is going to happen on this Obamacare fight right now. In my view the House of Representatives needs to keep doing what it’s doing, which is standing strong!” Cruz exhorted to wild applause.

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“That is the model for every other fight,” Cruz said. “We need no more Washington solutions. We need to go back to the American people.”

Cruz pumped up the crowd from the stage, telling them that they – not him or any other elected official – have the power to stop the health law. “It is because of you that the House of Representatives has been standing strong, because the House has been listening to the people,” he said.

“The nice thing is the left will always, always, always tell you who they fear, and they fear you,” Cruz said. “They fear the American people. The fundamental problem in Washington is Washington is not listening to America.”

Cruz blamed the White House for the impasse as the shutdown entered its 11th day and the government is less than a week from the Oct 17 deadline to raise its borrowing limit or face a government default and resulting economic calamity .

“The Democrats are feeling the heat,” Cruz said. Noting that he planned to head to the White House Friday with other Senate Republicans to meet with the president, he joked: “If I am never seen again, please send a search and rescue team.”

Others scheduled to speak to the faith-based activists include Senators Paul Ryan, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio, as well as Representative Michele Bachmann. The summit is often seen as a platform for potential Republican presidential contenders.