A Republican walks into Doyle’s...

Representative Daniel B. Winslow, the Norfolk Republican with a penchant for attention-grabbing political hijinks, is back at it.

Winslow, who placed third in this year’s Senate Republican primary, has offered to buy the first two rounds at Doyle’s Café in Jamaica Plain, a Democratic stronghold, for denizens of the Massachusetts Left’s favorite online gathering spot, bluemassgroup.com. On August 28, Winslow wrote on the website, “any BMG poster/commenter who dares show up to disagree with me” is entitled to two rounds.

Winslow inserted a caveat, mindful of the grief he has taken for donating to the campaigns of, among others, Attorney General Martha Coakley: “[I]f anyone hosts a Democratic fundraiser in the same venue at the same date, I ain’t paying for drinks; Lord knows I got into enough trouble writing the occasional check to Martha and my other unopposed Democratic friends in the past, as I was frequently reminded during my GOP primary.”

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Asserting that “beer is the lubricant of political discourse,” Winslow told the Globe, “It worked for Ronald Reagan to have a drink with a couple Democrats. Why not me?”