Markey far outspent Gomez during US Senate race

In politics, money matters. And in his successful bid this year to become a US Senator, Democrat Edward J. Markey spent more than twice the cash as his opponent, Gabriel E. Gomez.

Through Election Day, June 25, Markey spent $10.7 million, far outpacing Gomez, a Republican, who spent just under $3.8 million in his effort, according to the Federal Election Commission.

Markey raised $9.4 million over the course of the campaign, compared to Gomez’s $4.7 million haul, which included $900,000 in loans from the candidate. Markey began his Senate bid with millions in the bank.

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The totals, from FEC filings, include spending and fundraising over the course of both the primary and general elections in the race to fill the seat held by John F. Kerry, who stepped down to become Secretary of State.

Candidates often pay some bills after Election Day, so spending continues. Between June 26 and July 15, the last day for which records are available, Markey spent an additional $910,000 while Gomez spent an additional $435,000.

Markey, who faces voters again in November, 2014, had $951,000 remaining in the bank on July 15, while Gomez had $518,000.

Gomez has said he is considering another bid for office and is open to both state and federal runs. The $518,000, a not insubstantial sum, would, under the law, only be available to him for another federal bid — if he decides on a rematch with Markey, for example.